11 Simple and Efficient Ways to Prepare Your Household for Spring

Rebirth, renewal, rejuvenation,regrowth, and resurrection. These are some of the words you can associate with spring. And that is exactly the theme we will follow with this article. We have prepared 11 ways to ensure that your home is ready to bathe in the glory of spring. So read along to find out which tips will help rejuvenate your household.

Bring In New Scents

With fresh flowers and leaves blossoming all around, there is no dearth of tantalizing aroma during spring. And that is exactly why you should update your candles to fill your home with new scents. We suggest using something fresh, like a breezy laundry scent or something citrusy.


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Now, that is not the only way to introduce scents in your home. You can also bring in freshly cut flowers which reflect your taste. Not only will the flowers add a wonderful aroma, but they will also create a welcoming vibe wherever you place them. Make sure to replace them before they wither.

There is yet another way to make your home smell nice and fresh. And that involves boiling several cinnamon sticks or powdered cinnamon. If you are not a big fan of this spice, you can also boil cloves with apple, orange or lemon peel.


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Use Light Colored Upholstery

This is a no-brainer. Converting the furniture upholstery to light colored options like beige, sky blue, will surely give your home a warm, welcoming feel. And that is exactly the theme you want to set for spring.

Now, there is no need to upgrade every room with light colored fabrics. Instead, you should just focus on the living space.

Remember, just upgrading the upholstery is not enough. You must ensure that your living space is well lit. Also make sure that you allow a lot of natural light to enter through the windows.

For reference, take a look at the illustration below. It looks rather lovely, doesn’t it?


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Embrace Floral Patterns

Although you might think that furniture with floral pattern upholsterybelongs in an era long gone, you could not be more wrong. Sure, we are not talking about the tacky floral pattern sofas you would find in your grandmother’s home. Rather, we are talking about something subtler, like the one featured in the image below.


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Now, if you are not convinced by the image above, you might want to check out floral pattern pillows and cushions. Just take a look at the illustration below. It seems quite fitting for spring, doesn’t it?


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Remember not to go overboard with this concept. As long as you keep things subtle, your interior will look refreshing just like spring.

Update Your Art Collection For Spring

Wall art can be a great way to welcome spring in your home. Check out the image featured below. Although it is quite minimalistic, it surely livens up the wall. If you look closely, you will notice that these are not paintings. Instead, they are actual leaves or flowers which have been framed on the wall. If you want something which does not become unusable in a few days, we suggest you go for a painting.


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In case you have overflowing pockets, you might want to consider a unique art installation like the one featured in the illustration below. It looks lovely, doesn’t it?This particular wall art was made by Bradley Sabin.


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Keep Allergens Away

One great way to ensure that your house feels fresh for spring is by decluttering your home to keep dust, mold,and pollen at bay. Just take a look at the illustration below. This decluttered room looks quite welcoming, doesn’t it? The lovely colors further elevate the refreshing feeling.


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Now, it is not always easy to declutter your space. Not only do you have to remove a lot of stuff, but you also have to give your house a thorough cleaning. And if you live in the urban area, then it makes even more sense to invest in an Air Purifier. A high-quality Air Purifier will help keep the air in your house healthy and fresh.

Fixup That Furnace

Now that winter has gone and your home furnace is ready to go into hibernation mode, make sure you do furnace repair before letting it rest for the next few seasons. That’s the best way to ensure that the furnace has a long life. If you can’t do the repair and maintenance work by yourself, get some professionals on the job to make things easier.

Adorn Your Home With House Plants

What better way to welcome the essence of spring into your home than with some lovely houseplants? These plants not only liven up the interior, but they also provide a host of benefits.

Houseplants can reduce carbon dioxide levels. Moreover, they are responsible for lowering levels of pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide. In addition to that, they help keep temperatures down.

Houseplants provide even more benefits than the ones we have listed, and if you want to learn more about them, we suggest you click on this link.


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Add A New Statement Piece

A statement piece can really elevate the look of your home. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to draw your attention to that furniture. And one of the ways to do so is by keeping the area around it decluttered.

One of our favorite statement pieces is oversized furniture. Just take a look at the huge metal clock featured in the illustration below. It looks quite bold and stunning, doesn’t it?

Now, an oversized wall clock may not be the most appropriate thing to represent the spring theme. And if you want something which will do so, then we suggest you go for a large painting which captures the essence of spring.

If you want to learn more about statement pieces, then click on this link.


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Give Your Walls A Makeover

Painting or wrapping your walls with wallpaper is a great way to refresh your home for spring. We suggest using earthy colors as they are not only welcoming, but they can also induce a calming vibe. If you want to learn more about painting your home with these soothing colors, then follow the link mentioned below the illustration. The article goes into great depth in explaining which colors work for which rooms. It is surely worth a read.


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Now, as for wallpapers, we suggest following the same color scheme but with subtle floral patterns.

Rearrange Your Existing Furniture

Not always do you have to spend a ton of money to make sure your home looks fresh and welcoming. Sometimes, the simplest solution can work wonders. Just move around the furniture of your living room until you are satisfied with the new arrangement.

Once you are done, make sure you clean up the room. Also, try to declutter the area if possible.

Furniture Repair And Maintenance

This is yet another low-cost solution to keep your house looking fresh for spring. Take your tool box and start repairing any wobbly legs you can find. Don’t just stop there. Make sure that every drawer functions like new. Reupholster any damaged or torn upholstery if need be. You can also be smart and cover it up with an attractive cloth.

Repairing your old furniture will not only help you save a ton of money, but you can also ensure that your home feels fresh and welcoming for spring.

Give Your Home A Good Ol’ Cleaning

Last but not least, give your home a thorough cleaning. Start by scrubbing the walls, baseboards,and all your power outlets. To stay on the safe side, make sure that you switch off the main power supply before you start cleaning the power outlets.

Then, move on to replacing your filters. By filters, we mean every kind of filter, including water, range hood,and air vent filters.

After you are done with filters, start cleaning your faucets and showerheads. For cleaning these, you will need to unscrew them first and soak them in an equal parts vinegar and water solution. Keep them soaked for an hour or so and rinse with warm water.

Once you are finished with cleaning all the things in your home, move on to the exterior. Start by washing the windows and then get on with your outdoor furniture. If you have an outdoor grill, make sure you clean it too.

And that should be enough to get your home fresh and ready for spring. If you want to learn more about cleaning and maintenance tips, then click on this link.


That brings our article to an end. How many of these tips are you going to follow? Do let us know about your experience. We would love to hear from you. And remember, you do not need to empty your wallet to bring freshness into your home. Sometimes, the simplest solutions work best.

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