19 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

We usually choose not to declutter our homes since that includes lots of throwing away stuff. But how about if I can show you ways where you do not have to throw anything away, and yet you can declutter your place?

That seems like a good idea. Well, here are several ways in which you can increase storage and declutter your home instead of throwing anything away, because who knows when you need that!

Ways to Declutter Your Home

  1. Innovative Closets


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Innovative closets are one of the trendiest ideas when it comes to decluttering your home. You can build up closets under your bed or hidden behind walls so that the closets do not take up storage, but instead they provide more space for you to huddle up your stuff inside them.

Also, you can build a storage under your stairs or a unit with several drawers. It will be beneficial for you to organize your home and reduce the mess. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to throw anything away. That sounds like a perfect plan! So, go for it!

  1. Knee-Wall Dresser

How about turning unused spaces into hidden storages? That is a pretty innovative idea, and the knee-wall dresser is even a better deal. You can get dresser and storage; two in one. So, let’s put an end to all your stuff cluttering the house and build some space to store them in an organized manner.


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This dresser wouldn’t take a single space in your room, but instead increase room for materials. How’s that possible, you ask? Well, it’s built by carving into a wall, and the cost is not even that expensive. So, grab the idea. You don’t want to miss it!

  1. Use Sticky Notes

The purpose of using sticky notes to declutter your home might surprise you to some extent. Firstly, the idea came to light when I were rushing to find a notepad to note down a doctor’s address during an emergency. And right then, I thought what if we put bunches of sticky notes hidden in the storage to good use.

So, we stuck them on a wall in a particular pattern and that way we got an arty touch to the wall including the fact that in an emergency, you already know where to note things.

  1. Tips for Clothes

Are you messy about your clothes and just do not know where or how to store them instead of creating a pile on the sofa? That’s precisely why you need several drawers where you can roll your clothes and store them. It’s a two-in-one plan.

This way, you can increase storage and declutter your home at once. It’s a mere suggestion, but please do not build those tiny drawers; build the big ones like several rows of huge drawers. And sort your clothes vertically to increase space. That’ll do the work I suppose.

  1. Inspiring Desk

A clean and tidy desk at your home is a must if you want to declutter your place. But make sure of one thing: do not buy a desk without several drawers, it will be a waste of money. You can organize your stationary materials on the desk and keep others in its drawers.


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And once you see how easy it becomes for you to find them, you will feel inspired to keep your home tidy all the time. Apart from this, the drawers of the desk will increase storage. So, once your stationary stuff is kept intact, you can also store other things within them.

  1. Storage, Insurance and Organized Maintenance

In a household things simply pile up in time, without a proper plan things easily clutter in a couple of years and here segregation come in.

One can conveniently use a dedicated storage solution to deposit the things that he uses on yearly basis or he simply keeps for sentimental value, in this process too another filter will be introduced and more things should have its face decided.

As you will have your home flawless and clutter free organizing the future could be a great idea, having an insurance cover the perfect state of your home and one to cover the storage alike would do, dreams and ideals simply need to be protected.

Your home and your belongings are now safe, protected, in a perfect condition and to keep them that way, properly organized and scheduled maintenance has to be setup, just like a perfectly trimmed bush will not freeze its state, your home will not either, make sure you schedule a trimming session every now, it will be far easier to maintain it.

  1. Playful Books

If you have kids at home and they like to read, probably their room is cluttered with books. This situation can be handled if you build a home library. Just pick a wall, make wooden shelves, and cover the whole wall. Paint the shelves and once you are done, arrange the books in them. Your home will look tidy, and it will be much easier to find books.


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Also, a new makeover for your home isn’t such a bad idea. Adding a home library will not only help you declutter, but also give that space a complete makeover. That’s a perfect plan. And once you are done placing the books, if there is storage left, you can put utensils, antique showpieces, clocks, etc. on the shelves.

  1. Boxes for Clothes

Having plenty of boxes for clothes is a very trendy idea for increasing storage and also decluttering your home. You will get various boxes with side pockets or chained covers intended to store clothes. Many of them even have handles on both sides so that we can carry it around.

Since I bought four of them, my place is tidier than ever. Also, get them of several sizes; one for t-shirts and shirts, one for jeans, one for towels and so on. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t regret this idea at all.

  1. Organizing Utensils and Condiments

Does arranging your kitchen seems like a big deal? Well, not anymore! I am sure your kitchen already has enough space to store the utensils and condiments, but still, there are always piles of things left around. First, you need to take care of that mess, clear them out and sort things accordingly.

Once you are done with that, you need to make some rearrangements. Try to keep your utensils close to the oven and stack them in the rack according to their categories. That’ll increase storage space in the kitchen area. In this way, you will not have to search for them in need, and it will consume less time making the whole process fast as well as effortless.


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  1. Storage Ottoman

We have always been big fans of ottomans. But have you ever thought about storage ottoman and how it could increase storages at your place? I’m guessing, no! An ottoman is always served well as an extra seat or a footrest but this creative idea comes with an open lid.


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As you open the lid, you’ll find enough space to store books or blankets that are scattered here and there, taking up a whole lot of area over the room. Feel free to customize them in your way and add one to each of your rooms. That’ll declutter your home perfectly.

  1. Wall Hung TV Cabinet

A wall hung TV cabinet; that plan sounds cool. Well, extra storage equals to declutter. Now, all you need to do is build a cabinet along with a TV space in it. Once you are done with that, place the TV within it freeing up space and store the required items in the cabinet.

That way, your home stays tidy, and your television remains protected behind the cabinet. Do not delay even a minute anymore! Start assembling the cabinet.


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  1. Wall Pockets

The small fidgety things take up a lot more space than one can imagine because we tend to scatter them around the room. That’s why the wall pockets came to light. Wall pockets are a very efficient way to increase storage as well as keep your home tidy.

Wondering how that works? All you need to do is get the pockets and hang them on the wall. Keep one thing in mind: they cannot hold much weight. So keep the light stuff inside them like postcards, mails, keys, etc. Hang few of them, and you’ll get to see how those little things can be of enormous help.


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  1. Use a File Organizer

Are you wondering what help can file organizers probably do? Well, they are of a lot more help than you think them to be. I’m sure your home has a study or a den, and the work process is messy down there. Firstly, file organizers can help you increase storage.

How? By stacking the files inside them, you could free up a lot of storage area that can be put to good use. Secondly, they will help you to organize your tasks and documents more efficiently.


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  1. Ingenious Hanging Idea

The ingenious hanging idea is a pretty good one when it comes to decluttering your home and increasing storage at the same time. Keeping the containers and liquids on the bathroom floor or sides of the basins can take a lot of space.


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That’s why use the ingenious hanging idea to hang all the liquid bottles on the strands and thus, keeping it clean. And you can also hang your dust cloths on it. This way, you’ll have access to more storage space on areas that these were hogging upon. So, make a plan and get a move on it.

  1. Storage Beds

Have you ever thought about storage under your bed? Well, that’s the new trend. This plan comes in various categories depending what kind of storage you want, and you can build it yourself. It’s not a big deal at all.


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The storage can be accessed by removing the mattress; it can be like drawers or can be open spaces with shelves in few of them. That’s entirely your call what kind of storage you would prefer, but this would put an end to the cluttering of clothes, blankets, and books all around your bedroom.

  1. Fancy Nail Polish Organizer

Nail polish organizer is a wall hanging storage which can be of great help in need. It’s in human nature to scatter around small things that we need on a daily basis or so. Now, although these organizers are made just for nail polishes, you can use them to store more than that.

You can put all your small accessories inside them categorically and in that way, it won’t take up much space and you can find them easily as well. Do not waste a minute anymore! Go, get them!


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  1. PVC Pipes

Do your rooms look messy with all the hanging wires and they just take a whole lot of space? That’s why we are here with PVC pipes as a method or idea to declutter your home and increase more storage area. Personally, I have faced this problem in my living room.

The wires of the tube-lights were hung all over the space engaging a beautiful wall, and then this thought came to my mother’s mind. That’s when we decided to cover those wires with PVC pipes. Once we were done, the wall seemed empty enough to hang pictures and give our living room a whole new makeover.

  1. Kids Food Organizer

Kids food organizer can be of more importance than you can imagine. Trust me when I say that! It’s like a buffet system. You must be keeping different kinds of cereals in various boxes for your kids, and they get confused, correct? Well, not anymore! Now, you can buy a plastic case known as cereal dispenser which holds different kinds of foods in various sections or partitions, and your kids can get it by themselves.


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It’s comfortable and convenient to use but just keep one thing in mind: do not put it on a high-level counter, keep it on a low case so that your kids can reach it right away and they do not try to stand up on a tool to get it. And also, this method can free up a lot of space on the other counters. So, go; get it now!

  1. Convenient Wall Coat Rack

A convenient wall coat rack is a very creative idea to declutter your home. We tend to pile up our coats on sofas or chairs. And when we keep them in closets, they take up a lot of storage.


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That’s why a coat rack on the wall is a very convenient option to avoid both these problems. Do not worry! You would not regret this plan even for a second since this method will bring a solution to both your troubles.

De-cluttering one`s home by increasing storage is an excellent solution but filtering has to be present in the process. Choose one of these ideas or several of them and get started with the plan. Do not delay any more!

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