2nd Universal Light Surfaces | How Unios Is Driving the Importance of Light

After launching Universal Light to success in September 2022, Australian lighting designer, Unios have published the second edition of the educational lighting-based magazine.

The voice of Australia’s leading designers, consultants and lighting experts have spoken in the bi-annual magazine, which is a profound study and celebration into the world of light in the built environment.

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The publication originated in 2022 from a shortage of education on the importance of light and the critical role it plays in our daily lives. Amy Sala Tenna, Copywriter at Unios says the publication aims to seek out a range of perspectives on the changing and fast-paced nature of the lighting industry. “It is embedded in our nature to seek new knowledge and provide this invaluable insight back into the lighting community – this is the philosophy of Universal Light, and what drives the publication.”

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As one of the only lighting-based magazines in the country, the second edition brings forward ten industry leaders who choose to drive innovation and progression in the built environment. With insight from an award-winning lighting designer, an expert on lumen depreciation and an analyser of lighting codes within Australia; Universal Light comes as an asset to the industry that brings new passion, knowledge and insight in a time of ground-breaking changes.

Unios are a lighting manufacturer and designer based in Perth, Western Australia. Curated by Unios, Universal Light comes together in collaboration with some of Australia’s leading voices in lighting and design. More than a collection of case studies and products, the magazine moves the conversation towards advancing technologies, the changing nature of specification and the maturation of digital innovations. Distributed to every corner of Australia with an initial circulation of 2000 copies, Universal Light seeks to spread a unified passion for light for all environments.

For Universal Light print enquiries contact +61 8 9248 1888 or email sales@unios.com.
For online publication, visit: unios.com/universallight

After launching universal light to success in september 2018 australian lighting designer unios have published the second edition of the educational lighting based mag

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