34 dwellings / Pasel.Kuenzel architects

34 dwellings / Pasel.Kuenzel architects

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34 dwellings / pasel. Kuenzel architects

Located at the fringe of the medieval city of Goes, the Netherlands, the project comprises 34 dwellings and accomplishes the first phase in a large scale urban transformation process of the city’s former port area.

34 dwellings / pasel. Kuenzel architects

Low rise and high density, as well as clear orientation and an individual address for all inhabitants were the guiding parameters for the architects, in order to enhance the residents identification with the new neighborhood.

34 dwellings / pasel. Kuenzel architects

The issue of typological authenticity within the traditional Zeeland housing context was pivotal throughout the whole design process. Without imitating, this housing scheme strives to reinterpret local building techniques, by translating them into a piece of contemporary architecture. Establishing a firm connecting between the historical references and a modern society.

34 dwellings / pasel. Kuenzel architects

The series of houses by Ralf Pasel and Frederik Kuenzel are based on simple, yet carefully chosen architectural principles such as a homogeneous clay brick materialisation, a rigid repetition of the facade structure, deeply recessed windows and an unusual precision of detailing.

Project Details:
Location: Goes, The Netherlands
Type: Residential Housing
Architects: Pasel.Kuenzel architectswww.paselkuenzel.com
Client: Heijmans Vastgoed BV
Team: R. Pasel, F. Knzel, F. Sack, H. Vollmuller, L. Paschke
Photos: pasel.kuenzel architects, Rotterdam, NL


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