5 Interior Design Tools to Help you Create the Perfect Home

5 interior design tools to help you create the perfect home

Is there such any such thing as a perfect home? After all, even a stunning French chalet will have the unfortunate drawback of astronomical heating bills during the winter months. But we think, with the right help, there is, so we’ve put together the 5 interior design tools you can use to create your own little piece of domestic bliss!

1. The Pillow Picker

The what? Well, if you spend hours agonising over the perfect combination of cushions then this is the tool for you. This cushion arranging tool allows you to mix and match a variety of cushions on a 2D sofa to give you a better idea of the colour and textures that’ll work in your home. Most importantly, it’s completely free and there are hundreds of different cushions you can try, giving you potentially thousands of cushion combinations to choose from, and hours upon hours of fun!

2. 3D Modelling Software

One of the real challenges of interior design for the hapless amateur is having to visualise how you think everything will look in your head. Thankfully, there are a range of modelling tools on the market that allow you to design your online room, selecting everything from wallpaper and flooring, to furniture and a range of design accessories. There are a number of free and paid for options available, including Google SketchUp and Floor Planner. Ikea even has its own range of floor planning tools.

3. The Dulux Colour App

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when decorating your dream home is the colour. There are so many colours and shades available that it can be difficult to know where to start. Dulux’s Colour App has an impressive library of 4,500 colours, which certainly gives you more than enough of choice. But if that’s not enough, it can also match any colour that you take a photo of with your phone. There’s also a list of current colour trends if you need a little help.

4. Autodesk Homestyler

This design tool allows you to drag-and-drop thousands of real furniture products and accessories so you can plan and decorate your home. The designs you choose can then go straight from the planner and into your home. This tool is also incredibly easy to use, much more so than some of the other modelling software packages available, so you can get down to the business of decorating your home in minutes.

5. Garden Planner

Finished perfecting your indoor space? Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and get to grips with that overgrown mess outside. The Garden Planner from SmallBluePrinter allows you to plan your garden from the ground up, landscaping the garden first before placing trees, paving, flowers and ponds to create the perfect finishing touch to your dream home.

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