5 Ways to Get Prepared for Professional Movers

When you are moving to a new home, professional movers will make the task easier and faster. They can help you to move all the heavy items and assist you with packing and unpacking. But when you are dealing with professional movers, adequate preparation can help you to save time and cost. Here are some tips to help you get the best from your next move.

5 ways to get prepared for professional movers

1. Find Out What Can Be Moved

Professional movers usually have a list of items that they will move for you. Most companies will avoid moving cash, jewellery and similar valuable items. For safety reasons, they will seldom transport liquids, paint and household chemicals. To reduce their liability, they will decline moving items like food, medicine, framed photographs and important documents. If you intend to move these items, you may need to pack them and transport them by yourself. Check the website of the company to know what is on their list of movable items. For instance, a company like Alberta-movers.com in Airdrie will provide a comprehensive list of the type of items they can help you to move.

2. Create a Plan for Your Packing

You should decide whether the movers will help you to pack or unpack before the moving day. If you intend to do the packing yourself, be sure to add a generous amount of bubble wrap, newspaper and blankets to pad and secure your belongings. This will minimize breakage during transport. You should have as many boxes as possible and label appropriately so you can keep track of the place where you want them to be in your new home.

3. Get Insurance Cover

Protect your belongings with insurance. Remember that accidents may occur during your move so it is better to have sufficient insurance coverage to reduce your liability. Some moving companies like Calgarymovers.net Airdrie can help you to insure your belongings in transit. Insurance coverage may either be comprehensive or provided by the weight of your belongings. Comprehensive insurance coverage is relatively more expensive but it will take care of virtually all breakages and losses. On the other hand, the insurance by weight is much cheaper but it will only offer you a little compensation based on the weight of the item that gets damaged.

4. Prepare Adequate Snacks and Drinks

Moving is a tedious and physically demanding task that saps the energy of the movers. During summer, the packed schedules of most moving companies also makes the work more strenuous. Since most of the movers will not have the time to eat lunch or go out to get a drink, you should make sufficient arrangement for refreshments. A few energy bars and some beverages will help the workers to replenish their lost energy. Get as many bottles of water or sports drinks ready to help the workers to stay hydrated.

5. Make Arrangement for Cash Tips

Giving your movers tips is a way to show that you appreciate their hard work. Most moving jobs take the whole day and require the workers to pack your belongings from the old house, travel over a long distance and then unpack them at the new location. In some cases the movers may have to put items belonging to several households in a single trailer before setting out for a long-distance trip. If the movers do a thorough and efficient job, you should reward them with a little tip. 

These are some of the preparatory steps you should take before your movers arrive at your home. With these tips you can ensure that the move is less stressful for you and the moving company.

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