6 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Space

6 ways to winter-proof your outdoor space

Whether or not you’re a Game of Thrones fan, winter is no longer coming – it has well and truly arrived. For some, this means saying a sad goodbye to the happy memories of outdoor entertaining. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! We’ve put together 6 clever ways that you can winter-proof your outdoor space, so the fun doesn’t have to end!

1. Create shelter

The main thing you want your outdoor area to do in the winter time is to protect you from the harsh elements. This means creating sturdy and reliable shelter that can hold out the wind, rain, hail and snow. Pergolas, verandahs, patios and cafe blinds are all fantastic ways to shield you from the elements whilst providing a cosy and comfortable place in the outdoors.

2. Improve lighting

In order to boost the feeling of warmth in your outdoor space, it’s vital to encourage as much natural light as you can. However, with the sun setting earlier every day, you find yourself retreating indoors where it’s nice and bright. If the natural light in your outdoor area is limited, try incorporating candles, heaters, or soft, warm lighting options such as lamps to give off a toasty glow.

3. Heat the space

Although there are many things you can do to superficially warm your outdoor space – such as candles, pillows, furniture – if you live in a colder climate, you should consider investing in some good quality heating. If you have the space, time and money, a fireplace can be a very efficient heating option. However, if you want a more versatile warmth, consider the wide range of cost effective and minimalist Heatstrip outdoor heaters.

4. Add a spa

The perfect spot to relax and warm your creaky, wintry bones is in a spa or hot tub. It might seem silly to try and coax guests into a spa on a winter’s day, but once you mention heated water everyone will be keen!

5. Cosy decor

Texture adds visual warmth. Add texture to your outdoor space through tablescapes and mantle decorations. Even the look of rattan furniture helps to warm up the space. Use candles, plants and warm-coloured palettes to heat you and your guests even in the coldest depths of winter.

6. Blankets and pillows

Another sure fire way to add a snuggly winter feel is to invest in soft blankets, throws and fluffy pillows. The best winter outdoor furniture should replicate your indoor style – plump, plush and cushioned. Decorate your space with these items, so that if someone’s toes need warming all they need to do is toss a blanket over them!

There’s no reason to fear a bit of crisp winter air, especially when improvements in outdoor design mean you can venture outdoors without feeling the cold at all. Keep these 6 crafty tips close to your chest next time you’re thinking of entertaining outdoors this winter!

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