10 Best Stylus Pens For Drawing Today

Best Stylus Pens For Drawing Today

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In this day of ever-growing technological innovation, it has become a must for smartphones and tablets to have a big screen.

For the artist, on the go, a big screen may provide a larger surface to draw on. But there is always the fear that the screen might just be ‘too big’ for the average illustrator.

QUICK COMPARISON: Our Top 3 Picks For Stylus Pens for Drawing

  • Compatible with most touch screen devices
  • No battery required
  • Comes with extra tips
21apzgk5ktl. Sl300
  • Comes in three color schemes
  • Supports palm rejection
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Small, precise tip
  • Conductive microfiber tip
  • Comes with tether for headphone jack

What happens when your thumb doesn’t reach all the way? Awkward finger positions while drawing will lead you to drop your phone or accidentally ruin your sketches.

Now, without further delay, let us dive in. 

9 best stylus pens for drawing today

Image via Brooke Cagle@brookecagle

Perhaps it is time to give the stylus a try!

The smartpen stylus will help you do it all. From artistically expressing yourself in the form of digital art to charting an accurate statistical graph for office work. Nothing will feel impossible anymore.

And today we bring you 9 of the best stylus pens which are a must for every traveling illustrator.

Featured Image via Glenn Carstens-Peters@glenncarstenspeters

Now, without further delay, let us dive in.

Best Stylus Pen For Sketching & Drawing

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Adonit PRO 4
  • Comes in three color schemes
  • Supports palm rejection
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
414qb6ixfpl. Sl300
Digiroot Universal Stylus
  • Compatible with most touch screen devices
  • No battery required
  • Comes with extra tips
Lynktec TruGlide Mesh Fibre Stylus
  • Small, precise tip
  • Conductive microfiber tip
  • Comes with tether for headphone jack
41yjmfbh9ql. Sl300
Heiyo iPad Active Stylus
  • 100% compatible with iPads
  • Up to 30-day standby time
  • Comes with 3 replaceable rubber tips
3155eskppyl. Sl300
Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen
  • No bluetooth required
  • Compatible with most touchscreen devices
  • Provides 8 hours of active use
31ybeeltv9l. Sl300
Ormosia Precise Point Stylus Pen
  • Works with all capacitive touch screens
  • Flexible tip
  • Super sensitive
31ghw8rrsil. Sl300
E-SDS Active Stylus
  • Durable thermoplastic tip
  • No bluetooth required
  • Compatible with most capacitive touch screen devices
51jpqwk2lql. Sl300
Meko Stylus Pen 2nd GEN
  • Comes with 3 pairs of replacement tips
  • 100% compatible with capacitive touch screen devices
  • Made of aluminum
31 6lnhirsl. Sl300
Zspeed Active Stylus Pen
  • Rechargeable
  • No bluetooth required
  • Includes a microUSB charging cable
21qhos6mwbl. Sl300
Sensu Digital Artist Brush and Stylus
  • Digital brush and stylus in one
  • Conductive synthetic bristles
  • Compatible with most touchscreen devices

1. Adonit PRO 4

Adonit Pro 4 (Black) Luxury Capacitive Stylus Pen, High Sensitivity...
  • Fine Point Precision Engineered as a singlular...
  • Soft Touch Precision Disc PET material designed...

A neatly designed stylus opens up our line-up, the Pro 4 from Adonit recently surfaced, the 4th reiteration now improving on the already extraordinary performance of the Pro 3, in short, the Pro 4 is stunningly beautiful crafted and efficient.

The pen comes in three color schemes, it supports palm rejection to emphasize precision and it comes worry free of possible scratches, smudges or other physical trails due to the state of the art materials used in the process, the sculpted aluminium body is in a league of it’s own entirely.

The soft touch precision disk  ads great stability in movement yet at a certain, albeit unnatural angles, it restricts movement a tad taking a bit of getting used to.

2. Digiroot Universal Stylus

Digiroot Universal Stylus,[2-in-1] Disc Stylus Pen Touch Screen Pens...
  • √Compatibility - The Digiroot stylus is...
  • √Precision - The stylus pen for ipad transparent...

In case you are like many people who are victims of OCD, then you too might be a germaphobe.

Hence, touching your device screen or accessing the public ATM with grimy fingers can turn out to be a gruesome task indeed.

This is where Digiroot’s Universal Stylus comes in handy. From typing on touch screens to capturing the beautiful world around in digitised sketch, the transparent disc of the stylus tip will allow you to see exactly where the mark is pointing, thereby providing you with great accuracy.

3. Lynktec TruGlide Mesh Fibre Stylus

Lynktec TruGlide Universal Stylus with Microfiber Tip for iPhone,...
  • Capacitive Stylus Tip Glides Smoothly for a...
  • Small, Precise Tip Perfect for Texting, Drawing,...

Lynktec puts their customers before anything else, and that is why they have come up with the microfiber knit tip for their stylus pens.

This patented conductive fiber tip glides smoothly along any surface, making it ideal for writing, drawing, texting and gaming.The pocket clip attached to the pen makes it easier for you to carry the stylus around.

Additionally, the fiber tip will not stick or skip like the ordinary rubber tips, and they last longer than the rubber tips also.

4. Heiyo iPad Active Stylus

Heiyo Active Stylus Pens Supporting 40 hrs Playing Time 30-Day Standby...
  • ✅ EXCELLENT SENSITIVITY: Amber stylus with the...
  • ✅ POWER-SAVING FEATURE: The active pen with a...

If you are looking for a way to digitize your art in your iPad, then Heiyo has just the right stylus for you.

Their Amber iPad active stylus feels as smooth and comfortable as any ink pen. It comes with a USB cable and supports a 30 day standby time and 40 hours playing time with a 4 hour charge.

The fine point stylus comes with 3 rubber tips which makes it easily replaceable when damaged and saves you from damaging your iPad screen.

5. Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen

Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen with Ultra Fine Tip Stylus for iPad...
  • 【About Active Stylus】Fine, Light, Brief...
  • 【Upgraded Compatibility】It is compatible with...

The heavier stylus in the best of times can feel clunky and ineffective, even in the most experienced hands. And more often than not, the usual marketed digital pens tend to be on the heavier side.

But Evach have created a solution to that problem with their active stylus pens. The barrel supported by the stylus is very light, thus allowing you to have a firm grip. The 1.5 mm tip provides you with the much needed accuracy if you are attempting to digitize intricate patterns.

The long lasting battery life lets you keep working indefinitely; you won’t be needing to worry about frequent charging anymore.

6. Ormosia Precise Point Stylus Pen

Ormosia Precise Point Stylus Pen Version 1.0 [Ultra Slim] for Touch...
  • Easy Replaceable Tips (1x Extra Tips Included.)
  • Smooth Sliding Materials&Ultra Slim Design

The Ormosia brand of Stylus works optimally with all capacitive touch screens, making it one of the best stylus for your smartphones and tablets.

If you are into calligraphy, then the precision disc tip installed into the pen will indeed bring a smile to your face. It lets you see exactly where your mark will be made, helping you achieve that smooth digital stroke on any illustration.

Unlike most rubber tips which tend to be fat and stiff, the flexibility of Ormosia’s precise point lets you freely draw from any angle.

7. E-SDS Active Stylus

E-SDS Stylus Pens for Touch Screens with Fine Point Tip, Active Stylus...
  • Precise and Sensitive: Active Stylus with 1.45mm...
  • Pratical 2 in 1 Design: 1.45mm copper tip + mesh...

What most substandard Styli miss out on, is giving the user a smooth writing experience one has when using a simple pen and paper.

E-SDS, with their range of active stylus, have aptly addressed that problem. With a 1.45 mm durable thermoplastic tip, E-SDS promises their customers the classic feel of writing with a pen on paper.

9 best stylus pens for drawing today

Image via Jye B@jbeckett

The Active Sensing technology lets you put the pen to use whenever and wherever, without the help of any additional receivers or a Bluetooth device. Just touch the tip to the screen and you are good to go.

8. Meko Stylus Pen 2nd GEN

MEKO (2nd Generation) Disc Stylus-1 and 3 Piece (3 pcs, Black/Rose...
  • [About The Stylus]- ***【1】. This elegant...
  • [The 2nd Gen Precision Tip]- *** The upgraded...

The aluminum barrel and sleekness of Meko’s stylus pens will make you feel confident among your office peers.

The addition, clings on well and gives out an overall luxurious feel as you smartly take it out for use during board meetings and presentations.

The curved design of the rubber paint groove and the fiber disc tip help you get the right amount of accuracy to seamlessly draw out your pie charts and statistical graphs.

The upgraded 2nd gen disc is thinner than the previous versions, thus allowing you to see where exactly you are pointing giving you a more precise drawing experience.

9. Zspeed Active Stylus Pen

Zspeed Stylus Pen for Apple iPad, Active Stylus Rechargeable Fine Tip...
  • 【Rechargeable & Stand-Alone】Built in lithium...
  • 【Compatibility】Works with most capacitive...

What is unique to Zedspeed and their stylus pens alone is the use of a double tip. A 1.45 mm point tip at its head and a blunt tip at the bottom.

The blunt tip is an ingeniously designed magnetic closure cap which protects the USB port from damage and dirt.

As the fine tip is copper based, the magnetic cap on the other hand is comprised of fiber mesh with a rubber tip.

Active stylus technology reduces the offset and lag times between motion and digital trace.

10. Sensu Digital Artist Brush and Stylus

Sensu Stylus Brush (Chrome)
  • A brush and stylus all in one for your digital...
  • Conductive synthetic bristles glide across the...

The two-in-one Sensu is both a digital brush and a stylus, which seamlessly works on any capacitive device.

With a patented pending technology, Sensu gives their pens let’s this brush function like a real artist’s brush on your device. If you pull at the nib of the fine tip end, the protective cap gets removed, thus revealing the brush.

This dual feature will no doubt give you the most authentic painting experience on any digital platform and help you create even the hardest of digital illustrations with the most complicated color contrasts.

9 best stylus pens for drawing today

Image via Brooke Cagle

Final Thoughts

We hope our catalogue today was able to convince you in choosing the right stylus by lighting some of the way if not all of it.

Till next time!

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