A’ Design Awards & Competition – Celebrating Winners

The A’ Design Award provides a competitive platform to architects, designers, and innovators across all design and architecture fields. They get to be in the spotlight and showcase their skills in front of a global audience. Although there are several other awards in the design world, the A’ Design Award is one of its kind because of its unparalleled scale and breadth. In 2021-2019, there were over 2,000 individual designs from a total of 106 countries that received awards in 98 unique design disciples. Designers wishing to submit their work for this year’s edition can do so here.

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Structured to highlight exceptional designers from all countries and in all disciplines, the A’ Design Awards rely on an influential jury comprising experienced professionals, important press members, and accomplished scholars for anonymous judgments and peer reviews. Furthermore, the coveted A’Design Prize system offers publicity, prestige, and international recognition to all the A’ Design Award Laureates. Know more about the entire process here.

On April 15 every year, the results of the A’ Design Competition are announced. The very best projects, products, and services from across the globe that show superior creativity, design, and technology receive the A’ Design Award, symbolic of sheer excellence in design innovation. The A’ Design Awards in all disciplines are categorized among five levels of distinction – Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Companies, institutions, and individual designers from all countries are invited to participate each year by nominating their best projects for consideration. Click here to learn more about the results announcement.

Chinese Culture Exhibition Center

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A’ Design Awards jury consisting of hundreds of experts worldwide, including media members, scholars, and professionals, is responsible for judging the entries. Each member must sign a jury agreement and adhere to a code of conduct. To avoid any conflicts of interest, employees of participating companies cannot be jurors. And that’s not all; no jury member can exercise undue influence to affect the results. Overall, the jury has been formulated to ensure an equitable and fair awards process. You can get more information about the jury here.

The A’ Design Award and Competition boast a network that can reach a design-oriented audience of millions worldwide. Winners of the A’Design Awards have been viewed on the website over 80 million times. Apart from that, they have 35,263 project submissions and 97,274 users on their platform. See more numbers about the awards here.

Every winner of an A’ Design Award receives a trophy, as well as a wide array of benefits: inclusion in a yearbook publication, inclusion in an exhibition, inclusion in the world design rankings, participation in an extensive PR campaign, a certificate, a winner’s badge, feedback notes from the jury, an exclusive interview that’ll be featured on the A’ Design Awards website, and an invitation to a gala night for networking. But that’s not the full list of benefits; click here to see what else comes with the Award.

Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel

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On February 28, every year, the submission period for the A’ Design Award closes. You may submit your designs here. After the announcement of the winners on April 15, a select few architecture-related winners will be featured as part of a post on Architecture Lab.

We have enlisted our Top 20 A’ Design Award Winners below.

A’ Design Awards Winners

Shenyang Hunnan Exhibition Center

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Samaranch Memorial Museum

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Taizhou Mansion Commercial Architecture

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The PolyCuboid Office Building

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Langting Mansion Exhibition Center

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Casa Lupita Residential House

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Xi’an Fengqi Chang’an Aesthetics Museum

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Muh Shoou Xixi Hotel

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The Peach Garden Homestay

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We Share Public Welfare Architecture

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Treasure Box Sales Office

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