A’ Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winners and Call for Entry

It is only when artists take the first steps to realize their dreams by unleashing their creativity that the world gets to have its true wonders.

And if you think that the time has come for you to stun the world with your masterpieces, then get set with all your arrangements right away, because the A’Design Awards 2021-2019 has come to town again!

The A’Design Award is a recognized international award that aims to provide architects, designers, and creative heads from all types of designs and architectural fields with a competitive platform that enables them to present their work to a global audience.

Featured Image – Life Extension Residential House by Pin-Chi Yu

The A’Design Award stands apart from several other honors and awards in terms of its incredible populace of participants who turn over numerous spectacular designs and products each year!

So much so that there has been a count of more than 2000 individual designs from almost 106 countries of having received awards in 98 different design categories.

The edition for this year is now open, and all aspirants can register their submissions right here.

The A’Design Awards is organized and managed as a supportive construct that enables all artists and designers from every field to acquire global recognition for their creativity. The A’Design Awards are anonymously judged and presided over by a prestigious jury panel consisting of influential press members, reputed scholars, and esteemed professionals.

Each member of the jury is required to abide by a certain code of conduct and sign a jury agreement. In order to make it an absolutely fair, flexible, and just, the jurors may not be selected amongst the employees of the participating companies that can otherwise lead to conflicts of interests.

The jury is formed in a way that seeks to promote an equitable and fair awards process without giving any scope to any member of exercising undue influence on the awards results.

You can learn more about the A’Design Awards jury here.

The Award promises widespread publicity, media exposure, and prestige along with international recognition to its winners through a desirable A’ Design Prize system.

A’ Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winners

House of Light Residence by Cheng-Yu Yang

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You can learn all about the call for entries procedures right here.

The results declaring the winners of the A’Design Competition are announced each year on April 15th.

The best projects, products, and services chosen above all others in the world could be expected to come equipped with superior technology and demonstrate the best designs.

These will be rewarded with the coveted A’Design Award, which stands to be the icon of excellent design and innovation.

There are five separate levels of distinction presented in the award, which include Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum A’Design Awards. These are annually distributed in all design categories.

Puls Workplace Design Office Design by Evolution Design

Puls workplace design office design by evolution design

Companies, institutions, and designers from all over the world are invited to participate in the accolades every year by nominating their best projects, solo works, and products for the awards. You can learn more on the results announcement here.

The A’Design Award & Competition also possesses a widespread network to get in touch with millions of artists and design-oriented audience worldwide. The winners of the A’Design Awards have been viewed on the Awards’ website more than 80,000,000 times.

The number of users that are there on their platform is around 97,274, and that of project submissions stands at approximately 35,263 but more about the awards in numbers here.

The A’Design Award trophy is given to all the winners of the competition, along with several other benefits. These include a certificate, winners’ badges, an inclusion in an exhibition, an exclusive interview that will be featured on the A’Design Awards website, inclusion in the rankings for world design, and an inclusion in a yearbook publication. It further includes an invitation to a gala night hosted for networking by the Awards, participation in a massive PR campaign, and feedback notes from the jurors and so much more!  

Post declaration of the winners of the A’Design Awards on April 15th, a selection of winners from the category of architecture shall be featured in a post on Architecture Lab!

Flexibility Residence by PartiDesign Studio

Flexibility residence by partidesign studio

Baisheng garden Interior design

Baisheng garden interior design

Pallet Restaurant and Micro Brewery by Ketan Jawdekar

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Forest and Greenery Private House by Arthur Ho

Forest and greenery private house by arthur ho

BACK TO GLORY Residential House by Lo, Fang Ming

Back to glory residential house by lo fang ming

Umbrella Canteen by Yiming Li

Umbrella canteen by yiming li

ROU by T-HAM Concept store

Rou by t ham concept store

theDesk Coworking Space by Cocoon Architecture Ltd.

Thedesk coworking space by cocoon architecture ltd.

Mu-Mu Studio Photography Studio by Ming-hung Tsai

Mu mu studio photography studio by ming hung tsai

Interaction Residence by PartiDesign Studio

Interaction residence by partidesign studio

Pleasure of Relaxation Interior Design by Chien-Kai Ma

Pleasure of relaxation interior design by chien kai ma

Glass House Residential by Cristina Menezes

Glass house residential by cristina menezes

Inside Out Residential Interior Design by Tommy Hui

Inside out residential interior design by tommy hui

Lane 19 Art St. Residential Apartment by Johnson Huang

Lane 19 art st. Residential apartment by johnson huang

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Anton joined Architecture Lab in 2017 and ever since the platform grew exponentially becoming the global reference point in design for creatives around the world, ranging from DIY enthusiasts to interior designers, architects, engineers illustrator and design amateurs.
Anton G.
Anton G.
Anton joined Architecture Lab in 2017 and ever since the platform grew exponentially becoming the global reference point in design for creatives around the world, ranging from DIY enthusiasts to interior designers, architects, engineers illustrator and design amateurs. Highlights Anton joined Architecture Lab in 2017 Founder of Homesthetics Magazine | 2012 RIBA licensed architect with a background in online marketing Co-founder of the sculpta.ba architecture practice Experience As sheer idealist architect, Anton founded in Homesthetics Magazine to save his favorite, inspiring architecture and design projects, post by post the website slowly grew into an authority in the niche, shaping years of marketing experience for the architect. Since 2017 his expertise has pushed Architecture Lab to new highs, greatly increasing the area of expertise of the website by inviting certified experts into the team and refreshing the curatorial process in his commitment to ensure the most trustworthy advice possible in the realm of architecture and design. Education Anton received UAUIM's Master of Architecture in 2017 with an emphasis on Restauration and Industrial Heritage.
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