A Loft For Children / kirsch zt gmbh

A loft for children / kirsch zt gmbh

The compact two-story building offers a distinctive identity in a heterogeneous urban environment and blends in harmoniously with its surroundings.

A loft for children / kirsch zt gmbh

The rectangular core is designed as a spatially open system. A “filter layer” consisting of secondary rooms, outer stairs and a patio area with plants for shade from the sun and secure play areas mediates between the interior and exterior space. Exciting insights and views are created by open and closed façade elements.

Functional Openness – Spatial Intimacy
In addition to the administration, a therapy room and a bistro, the ground floor houses two group rooms for toddlers. The corridor between the rooms is used as a play and communication area between the groups. The play berths were designed to be spatially differentiated and provide the children with opportunities for play and a relaxation retreat.

A loft for children / kirsch zt gmbh

In accordance with the specifications of the operator, a spacious, open space was designed on the first floor, which enables the free division into play areas and areas for creative arts. The flexible furniture was specially designed to complement the concept and provides the children with different options for combination. Thus rooms and areas are (re)created time and time again. The group rooms are also assigned play berths on this level. The secondary rooms are designed as annexes and thereby result in an exciting façade structure.

A loft for children / kirsch zt gmbh

Due to the short construction period (six months), a rapidly producible design was chosen: a composite construction of in-situ concrete and prefabricated wooden elements.

The two-story nursery which consists of the central structure (22.00 x 22.00) and the secondary rooms as annexes is built on a reinforced concrete slab with a circumferential ice wall.

A loft for children / kirsch zt gmbh

The main structure has two different ceiling systems. The ceiling above the ground floor is a massive in-situ concrete ceiling (h = 28 cm), the wooden beamed ceiling (h = 12.5 cm) above the first floor rests on a joist support system.

The additional rooms are made of laminated timber and are horizontally connected to the main body. They direct their vertical forces into the foundation slab.

The bracing of the building is achieved via a central core and a wall on the inside stairs which are both of massive reinforced concrete.

A loft for children / kirsch zt gmbh

Building Equipment

The nursery was implemented as a passive house construction. An air-water heat pump was installed on the flat roof for the required heating load. During the summer months, support cooling via the ventilation system is provided through the heat pump.

The minimum required hygienic change of air is ensured by a ventilation system with heat recovery and summer bypass. The climate control of the entire building during the summer occurs through the ventilation system by cooling the incoming air.

A loft for children / kirsch zt gmbh

The passive house construction ensures the residual heat supply during the operating time via the ventilation system. The ventilation system is based on heat recovery with a cross flow plate exchanger without moisture recovery and heating and cooling coils.

Project Details:
Location: Vienna, Austria
Type: EducationPublic
Client: City of Vienna, Magistratsabteilung 34, 19, Vienna
Architects: kirsch zt gmbhwww.ckirsch.at
Gross floor area 1,225m² // Floor space 1,150m² // Covered area 830m² // Plot area 1,575m²
Photos: Hertha Hurnaus, Vienna – www.hurnaus.com

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