A Vacation House Designed to Be a Fantasy Jungle Gym

A Vacation House Designed to Be a Fantasy Jungle Gym
A vacation house designed to be a fantasy jungle gym
When this Bangkok vacation home needed renovating, Thai architecture studio Onion decided to turn it into a sleek, indoor jungle gym

For some parents, Chuck E. Cheese is an inescapable fact. And that’s not good. No matter how starry-eyed your kids are about the plastic ball pits, it’s Saturday afternoon and you’re still stuck in a bacterial indoor playground that serves crackers with ketchup that’s euphemistically called ‘pizza.’

The occupants of this beach house have no such worry. When the Bangkok vacation property needed renovating a couple years ago, the owners asked their architecture studio, Onion, for something playful. They have four children, so they proposed a playground. Nothing off-the-wall—the expectation was for something outdoors. But, says Onion design director Arisara Chaktranon: “We thought that was too timid. There was a swimming pool, but there would only be enough space for a slide.”

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