Alpine Foothills House / Deamicisarchitetti

Alpine foothills house / deamicisarchitetti

The intervention takes place on what can be considered as a single tile within a very specific building typology, situated along areas with the highest degrees of declivity. An opening in the perimeter block reveals the magnificent chestnut woods on the back become visible and cuts out a new private space for the house. The room on top of it is suspended on the highest level and allows for a precious view of the plain below.

Alpine foothills house / deamicisarchitetti
Alpine foothills house / deamicisarchitetti

The vertical distribution, developed on a single side, plays with the ambiguity of the limits between interiors and exteriors and releases and opens up the spaces of this relatively small volume. The materials are the typical ones in the area (Lucerne stone, bricks, heat-treated larch wood, plaster), although used in an innovative manner.

Project Details:
Location: Borgiallo (Turin), Italy
Type: Residential Houses
Conditions: Landscape protection regulation impose the presence of white columns as a characteristic element of the building typology (made of fragments aligned side by side).
Architects: Deamicisarchitetti
Photos: L. Bartoli, G. Leo

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