Architects around the world are creating homes that move and rotate

The d*haus
The D*Haus, Germany

These rotating homes can unfurl in the summer to let in light, and living areas can be programmed to follow the sun throughout the day

Imagine living in a house that follows the direction of the sun when it’s hot.

Or one that offers a different view out of your bedroom window every day of the week.
For some bold homeowners this is becoming a reality, thanks to an innovative wave of architects who are re-imagining the concept of the house.

Once something firmly routed to the ground, homes are now becoming moving entities that can rotate, change shape, and even adapt to the seasons.

Sustainable living
Rotating homes are not simply about trying to catch the best view, or change for the sake of it.

They can have serious environmental advantages.

“Creating buildings that can adapt (to their environment) is a much more sustainable way of living,” UK-based David Ben-Grunberg tells CNN.

With fellow architect Daniel Woolfson, Ben-Grunberg created the Dynamic D*Haus concept — a shape-shifting property, which was initially designed to cope with the extreme season swings of Lapland, where summers are scorching and winters are freezing.

Although still a concept, when built the house would be comprised of four modules, which could morph into eight fixed positions.

As the seasons heat up the home would unfurl “like a flower” — when the outer rooms roll out on rails, previously internal walls become external and doors become windows. […]

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