Architecture firm uses virtual reality to help clients make design decisions

Architecture firm uses virtual reality to help clients make design decisions
TEG’s rendering of a operating room can be viewed in 360 degrees

Indiana-based architecture firm TEG puts clients inside buildings that haven’t been built yet to help them plan projects

Virtual reality is often touted for its ability to take people to places they can’t go for any number of reasons. Maybe it’s a place that doesn’t exist anymore, or one that never will. Or, a place that doesn’t exist yet.

It sounds fanciful, but for one architecture firm in Jeffersonville, Indiana, it’s the perfect use case.

TEG Architects is using Samsung Gear VR headsets to show clients 360-degree renderings of building projects.

Virtual reality first made its way to TEG because 3D illustrator Charles Crochet had been interested in VR for a while, even requesting an Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 for Christmas two years ago.

In August 2015, he and fellow 3D illustrator Jason Gibeault attended the computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH, where they learned more about the technology and started thinking about how they could use it.

They began the process of figuring out what they needed to do to put clients in buildings that hadn’t been built yet. That included making a pitch to buy equipment. Crochet and Gibeault showed off Google Cardboard to a higher up in the company without knowing he had a depth perception problem. […]

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