Are Pre-Fab Micro Units the Solution to Millennial Urban Design?

Are Pre-Fab Micro Units the Solution to Millennial Urban Design?

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Are pre-fab micro units the solution to millennial urban design?

While many Millennials are drawn to city centers, they often suffer sticker-shock when looking for an apartment. So, a group of young Northeastern University alumni have developed an approach to apartment construction and urban design that appeals to Millennials’ wallets. […] […]MULTIFAMILY EXECUTIVE talks with Chris Marciano, Ryan Matthew, and Mark Munroe, lead designers at studioMAUD, about the team’s goal of keeping young college graduates in major metropolitan areas by offering affordable urban housing.

MFE: How did the project come about?
studioMAUD: As many great ideas begin, our body of research surrounding the Millennial Village began with a problem. Over the past 11 years, the cost of apartment rentals in Boston has steadily increased. This is especially hard on the city’s recent college graduates and young professionals. With no viable options, many simply choose to leave.

Boston cannot afford to lose this dynamic, enterprising, and motivated population so in the fall of 2012 we set out to dramatically rethink affordable housing. Fellow students Ryan Matthew and Mark Munroe and I created studioMAUD to look at the existing precedents of reasonably priced housing, specifically micro apartments. We investigated not only the implications of design but also of economics and construction methods.[…]

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