Asbestos Is No Laughing Matter

Asbestos is no laughing matter

Throughout the years, we have learned about some harmful chemicals and substances that we have been using for centuries. One such example is asbestos, which was once used in many different construction and industrial facilities. In fact, the building you are in right now may be exposed to asbestos. Why is this a problem? Well, we have discovered that prolonged exposure to these tiny natural fibers can lead to certain types of cancers, breathing problems, and more. This is why professional asbestos testing in Calgary is so important; no one should have to inhale these carcinogens for another minute.

Why You Need an Expert

If you think that you can test for asbestos in your own home or office building, think again. These microscopic fibers are just about impossible to spot, and their miniscule size makes them extremely easy to inhale. Once that happens, the fibers will cling to your lungs and breathing passages, progressively making inhaling and exhaling more difficult. It takes the right gear and expertise to test for these harmful substances, which is why asbestos testing in Calgary is something everyone should look into. Sometimes it is very hard to determine whether or not asbestos is still present, so turn to the experts to get the job done right.

How the Test is Done

In order to test for the occurrence or presence of asbestos, the right equipment and expertise is needed. Thorough background knowledge in asbestos is also necessary in order to pinpoint areas of perceived greatest risk. For instance, the professionals will want to know when the building was constructed, and then they will take a look at an rusted, disintegrated, or dusty insulation and construction materials. These are oftentimes signs of asbestos breakdown. All air circulation in the area will be turned off, plastic covers will be placed over everything, and the professional will spray and cut to dismantle the asbestos, contain it, and have it brought in for further inspection.

Keeping Yourself Safe

You must ensure that your safety and health (and that of others) is a top priority. If you know anyone who does or has worked in the shipping or auto industry, or in construction, consider having their workplace tested. Do not enter a tested area until the test results have come back, and voice any concerns or questions to the experts. Everyone can do their part to keep themselves protected.

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