Aspect Studio’s nautically-inspired playground for Elizabeth Quay

Aspect Studio’s nautically-inspired playground for Elizabeth Quay

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Aspect studio’s nautically-inspired playground for elizabeth quay
Elizabeth Quay playground designed by Aspect Studios, Nature Play and Anne Neil

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority in Western Australia has unveiled the design of a new playground on an artificial island in Elizabeth Quay.

The playground, designed by Aspect Studios in collaboration with Nature Play, and artist Anne Neil, will be an interactive, learning-oriented space that integrates the concepts of nature play and adventure.

Inspired by the maritime history of Western Australian, the playground will feature a sandpit with landscaped boulders, a shallow pond with creeks, water pumps and channels, climbing ropes and frames and a ship’s mast with a bell.

The playground will provide children with the opportunity to explore and learn through nautically-themed imaginative and active play. […]


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