Baebang Black Box / ‘Snow AIDe

Baebang black box / 'snow aide
© Jungmin Seok

Project Details:
Location: 14-16 Galmae-ri, Baebang-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Type: Commercial – Offices
Site Area: A (495.00M2)/B (960.00M2)
Gross Floor Area: A (492.00M2)/B (957.84M2)
Building Area: A (174.00M2)/B (355.58M2)
Architects: ‘Snow AIDe – Hohyun Park + Hyunjoo Kim
Photographs: Jungmin Seok/Hohyun Park

Architect’s Statement:
Baebang is a new town in between Cheonan city and Asan City. This area was developed rapidly by opening of the high speed
railway station in 2004. Since 2004, large scale apartment complex has been built.

Baebang black box / 'snow aide
The first building // © Jungmin Seok

The client asked us to design two retail buildings for rental. The site is right next to the semi classical style gate, which is located at the end of entering the bridge to the apartment complex. There is an existing retail building in front of our site and the building is covered by many signs of shops. Also classical colonnades are located alongside a pedestrian walk.

Baebang black box / 'snow aide
© Jungmin Seok

Under this crowded environment, our design strategy was making a simple black and white box. It works as a canvas during daytime and a screen of shadow at night. Two buildings are located alongside a pedestrian walk and perceived as one linear building by locating the elevator and staircase core at the backside of the first building of the bridge. These two buildings are non-identical twin.

Baebang black box / 'snow aide
Side view of the second building // © Jungmin Seok

The first floor has high ceilings (5M) with transparent windows. The second and third floors are cantilevered about 1M to the pedestrian walk. 1024mm translucent polycarbonate panels were used for front façade and 1000 x 900mm windows were installed at every third panel on each floor. These panels were framed by black aluminum panels and become floating clouds during daytime and lighting box at night.

Baebang black box / 'snow aide
The second building / © Jungmin Seok

On the third floor of the first building, Brun institute for primary school students is located. Design requirement was to make 6 classrooms and 1 teacher’s room and each classroom should be watched from the corridor by parents and teachers.

Our design idea was making waving holes in various scales on the wall. So, the natural and artificial lights could penetrate through the holes from the classrooms. At the same time, using vivid colors such as orange, yellow, and blue maximize light pattern playing on the walls.

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