13 Best Carbon Monoxide [CO] Detectors for Your Safety

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One of the most important home appliances to ensure the safety of your beloved ones is a carbon monoxide detector.

In case you are not aware, carbon monoxide is a gas whose presence humans cannot easily sense but it is deadly and can lead to a hazardous turn of events. Getting one installed in each room can help notify everyone in case there is a leak in the house.

That being said, we have here a list of 13 carbon monoxide [CO] detectors which we, as well as many other users, found to be the best ones at the moment.

Best Carbon Monoxide [CO] Detectors

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1. ADT Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The carbon monoxide detecting device has been brought to us by Samsung with a variety of in-built characteristics and features that prevent your family from the harmful carbon monoxide present around us.

It comes along with an in-built LED light that displays the status of the device at regular intervals to help the customer be in a peaceful state of mind as they can leave their home’s safety up to these detectors.

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From a personal point of use, we can give assurance and vouch for the detector’s performance and usefulness to maintain the safety and happiness around the family. These detectors help us to control the unwanted consumption of the harmful gas carbon monoxide, which makes it claustrophobic to breathe whilst being in a room.

We all care for our loved ones and want to assure their safety and care, ADT brings us this easy to install and use device which is available at an affordable price. It is a small investment for the positive health and it cares for your family.

On any occasion that the device detects carbon monoxide present in the room, an alert is received on the owner’s phone to inform him or her about the presence of the gas in the room. This is a useful system that can be accessed through the ADT pulse app available on the phone.

  • The device is connected to a company or ADT’s system of home security at all times in order to provide the customer with a modern and safe home
  • With the help of this device, even the lowest levels of carbon monoxide present can be detected through the in-built electrochemical sense tool 
  • Some people may not find this detector to be an option among other products with comparable prices prevalent around them

2. Kidde Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm

The Kidde Carbon Monoxide and Smoke alarm comes with an all cool voice warning that makes the customer aware or warns them of danger with clarity and loudness. This detector is easy to operate as it runs on battery power as well as it is convenient to install in the house.

Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery Powered, Combination...
  • Fire and CO detector in 1 unit with alert modes,...
  • Ionization sensor technology - smoke detector...


From one’s own experience, we can say that this detector and alarm is another option to consider among the many other products available although its functionality is very basic. It is what the customer exactly needs and fits the budget of most customers and convenient to install as well.


The LED light helps the customer to detect danger or know when the battery of the system needs to be replaced. This is an all in one system as it makes available to us a detector of the dangerous gas as well as an alarm to aware us of it.

The cool and modern technology used in this device allows the device to make us aware when the carbon monoxide levels are high within the room as well as if there is fire. The voice system does comprise of the alerts, “Fire” and “Warning Carbon Monoxide”.

One of the cons is that it lacks a display screen of its body as it would be convenient for the customer to know his or her information.

  • The hush functionality enables the device to shut off false alarms immediately
  • Whilst the carbon monoxide levels hit their peak, the device rings a loud 85-decibel sharp alarm to alert the customer of this happening
  • Its size is much smaller than the other alarms, although in some cases it might be preferred due to its size

3. Ring Alarm Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Listener

The existing detectors of Carbon Monoxide that are traditionally used devices, work alongside the carbon monoxide listener and Ring Smoke alarm. This is to provide mental peace and safe surroundings in the house for the user through the use of this modern and efficient technology.

Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener
  • Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener alerts you on...
  • This device does not detect fire, smoke or carbon...


More than satisfied would be our review of this product after being users of it for the best part of the last year.

The detector served us well for it detected the slightest amount of Carbon Monoxide present in the air prevalent inside the house and at regular occasions made us aware of this through their system by sending an alert on our phones.


Its display screen serves well and the battery lasts for a good six months. We can say this is a must-buy appliance for the sole reason that it performs its job with perfection as well as doesn’t fail to voice out through its alarm system when an alert needs to be communicated.

It also comes at a reasonable price and if being considered to buy, as a customer you can trust the device and let it work.

The detectors are monitored regularly and continuously even when the owner isn’t at home as the system keeps a check and monitors the functioning of the detectors.

  • There is a seamless connection, irrespective of the brand, to any existing smoke or carbon monoxide detecting device that is less than a decade old
  • With the help of the Ring App, the user can receive automatic messages or warnings on their phones to make them aware of the presence of the gas
  • The presence of a digital display helps nullify the cons of this device, though one could argue with the fact that this carbon monoxide detector lacks an LED light, unlike its competing products

4. Nighthawk Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This device can be used by being plugged into the wall while we also have the option of extending it due to its six feet long cord or it could just be elevated to avoid tampering with the device.

The latest level of carbon monoxide present in the air can be detected and displayed on the digital screen used to display new and updated levels of the same. It is easy to install and convenient to operate.

Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detector, AC-Plug-In with Battery...
  • Protects during a power failure - carbon monoxide...
  • Easy installation - plug can be installed in any...


Much like the previous device, this product also accommodates a battery backup that could be used in the event of power shortages to continue detecting the gas present in the atmosphere.

The Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide detector proves to be a value for money device as it serves all the purposes and needs of the customer. It accommodates a digital screen, along with an alarm and LED detecting light that supplements our knowledge of the carbon monoxide levels present in the air.

It’s loud alarm is useful whilst informing us about the level of carbon monoxide present, overall a handy device that is really simple and easy to install as well as maintain, for the good health and safety of our family, this is a good investment to undertake.

  • To alert the customer of the rising carbon monoxide levels present in the air, the device sounds an 85-decibel bell or alarm loud and clear
  • The latest level changes in the level of carbon monoxide present can be detected and checked through the digital screen
  • In order to assure the proper and systematic working and functioning of the device, an LED light blinks at the corner of the present alarm in the device
  • This device here is particularly bigger in size compared to the rest of the devices

5. Alert Plus Carbon Monoxide Detector

Through this detector, we are aware of the prevailing carbon monoxide levels at all times as the alarm accommodated in the device includes a PPM display at any time that is really simple to read and understand.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector - with Digital LCD Display and Voice...
  • ✔️ Unit Comes With with Long Live Batteries


The batteries need to be changed regularly with intervals of a couple of months though that doesn’t become an issue as it is a nominal effort undertaken to see our family happy. It has a nice trendy look and a must-buy for those considering to install these little but very important devices.


It also possesses a bright red LED light and louder than the normal standards of an 85-decibel alarm system that alerts us about the carbon monoxide levels present. The carbon monoxide detector is battery operated and energy saving as well.

Maintenance is also very affordable for anyone as the battery system is powered by three AA batteries that are easily available in the outside market, this helps it to be easily maintained as well as provide continued service during power shortages.

So, do you want a fancy looking device which is useful to be a part of your home decor? This is the detector for you as it has proved to be more than useful in its functionality and really convenient to maintain.

  • Levels reaching 50 PPM are detected and the customer is warned up to 90 minutes prior to the point of danger
  • Once again if the rising levels of carbon monoxide are detected in the room, a bright red LED flashlight is flashed by the device and a louder than normal alarm is sounded
  • The NEST looks though beneficial might in some cases prove tough to maintain and clean although the positive side is that it supplements the gas in detecting the gas around with greater ease

6. First Alert CO710 Carbon Monoxide Detector

This variety of carbon monoxide detecting devices are quick and easy to operate, they also meet all the Universally Listed Standards for safe use and installation.

First Alert CO710 Carbon Monoxide Detector with 10-Year Battery and...
  • Keep your family safe with this easy to use...
  • Easy-to-read backlit digital display shows...


All in all this device serves are basic purpose of detecting the Carbon Monoxide present in the air and sound the alarm for the same. It isn’t too fancy in its looks as it is made for the economy to afford.

The electrochemical sensor used by this device stands it in good stead as it helps detect the carbon monoxide level present around with a better gauge.

It has a battery system on which it can depend in the event of a power shortage or blackout. A must buy for those customers who would like to stick to the basics, as a customer we haven’t faced an issue with the device and can vouch for its functionality. It serves it lifetime and proves to be an important part of taking care of one’s family part.

At the end of its lifetime period of seven years, an ‘END of Life’ alarm is sounded to the customer with the intention of warning him to purchase a new detector to replace the previous one.

It is easy to install as it is a plug-in and play system, the customer doesn’t find it difficult to operate it, the maintenance for it is close to negligible as well.

  • The device relies on a battery backup of 9V whilst the customer might be experiencing a power failure or an outlet outage
  • In order to gauge the carbon monoxide level in the atmosphere, the device uses an electrochemical sensor to do so
  • The device does not come with any added features such as an LED light or a fancy look
  • It is for basic use and not catering to the standards of the higher society

7. Instecho CO Carbon Monoxide CO Detector Alarm

The alarm accommodated in this device is 85-decibels, the standard sound level and also chimes every thirty seconds until the batteries are replaced by the customer. The device is easy to read as it possesses an LED screen in its body.

No products found.


It is a simple device to use and install as well, which removes much of the hindrance customers possess in regards to the device.

It performs the basic functions of detecting the carbon monoxide levels present in the atmosphere of the house and then following it up by displaying the gas levels present as well as alerting the customers if the levels exceed the standard rate of the gas being present.

The installation procedure of this device is really simple and easy to do, its battery-operated machinery makes it a low energy consuming device that proves to be an affordable option for the customers present in the market.

The display screen is blue and thus easy to read from though if the screen would be a little bigger it would be quite beneficiary.

Coming back to the maintenance of the carbon monoxide detector, its life-span is good and gives good value for the money spent on it, whilst finishing its service tenure, the device alerts us to get a new detector at the earliest.

Both the conditions, of either danger or normal signals are signaled or alerted through the use of LED lights that clearly signal to the customer what is required.

  • To remind or alert the customer for the need of a new carbon monoxide detector, the device includes an ‘End of unit’ alarm of its life span that proves convenient
  • The carbon monoxide levels prevalent in the air can be easily detected and read through the blue display screen that displays the levels
  • It lacks that NEST outer body cover
  • The device is display screen is smaller than other devices which look more modern

8. First Alert CO605 Carbon Monoxide Detector

The First Alert CO605 Carbon Monoxide detector accommodates an alarm that can be silenced with the push of a single button, especially in the cases of nuisance alarms that go off from time to time, this helps the customer to test the device regularly as well.

No products found.


With first-hand experience, we can clearly highlight the pros and cons of this device.

The lack of a digital screen is a challenge as being a customer we are not aware of the carbon monoxide levels present in the room, we have to rely on the sounding of the alarm to know about the rise in gas levels inside the house.

On the other hand, the detector comes in line with all the universally listed standards accept far and wide, they are very simple to install and easy to maintain and use as well. They are fast and easy to operate as it has a plug-in and play system.

In the scenario of a power shortage, the carbon monoxide detecting device relies on its in-built battery system that consists of a 9V battery as a backup for such desperate times to continue the functionality of the device.

However, unlike other detecting devices, this one does not possess a LED light to flash and alert the customer.

  • In order to gauge the carbon monoxide levels prevalent around, the detector uses an electrochemical sensor to do so as it helps gauge more accurately
  • The device has a lifespan of roughly about seven years and at the end of which it sounds an ‘End of Life’ alarm, thus warning or alerting the customer to replace the present device with a new one
  • Detectors are small in size compared to other products in the same line
  • Detector does not consist of a display screen thus making it tough to know the carbon monoxide levels present at all times

9. OneLink Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector

An array of First alerting alarms can be connected to experience a smart safety for the home system through the smart technology adopted by this combination detecting device, this carbon monoxide detector uses Alexa as well and  make it really convenient for use by the customer.

Onelink Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector | Battery Powered|...
  • SMOKE PLUS CO DETECTION 2-in-1 smart smoke and...
  • MOBILE PLUS VOICE ALERTS Alarm sends emergency...


Here, we come across a modern age detector by One Link that helps us reset the alarm with ease, receive notifications conveniently and automatically as well as a reminder to change the batteries.

This is a luxurious device for majority customers as due to its voice command operated the system, Alexa helps make us aware of the happenings of the device and since today we all possess smartphones, the operation of this device is not an issue as such.

It is very easy to install and maintain though a digital screen or some physical element such as an LED light on the device would be helpful to signal the different events or just to be able to read the levels of carbon monoxide present in the room.


Though smart and controlled by the voice command of Alexa, the device still misses a digital screen to display the levels of Carbon Monoxide present in the air.

But we found that the OneLink mobile home app helps connect all OneLink and first alarming devices for a modern, smarter and safer system that helps bring the same to our household.

  • The device can detect exactly where the carbon monoxide or smoke has been detected and can clearly alert the customer through the voice command of Alexa which the device uses
  • The danger of prevailing carbon monoxide can be detected with ease as the device uses an electrochemical sensor to do so
  • Unlike some devices, this device also lacks an LED light that flashes and alerts the customer of different happenings rather than alerting through a phone notification

10. Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm (2nd Gen)

The Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm (2nd Gen) is a state of the art device and detector that notifies the customer automatically through the Nest Protect phone application that helps maintain a controlled, smart and safe environment around the house.

Google Nest Protect - Smoke Alarm - Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide...
  • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that...
  • Split Spectrum Sensor looks for both fast burning...


The device is designed for convenient use on part of the customer and aims at making their life easier, it uses the Wi-Fi present in the house to coordinate with the Nest Protect phone application and alert the customer.

It is very convenient to install and maintain the device. Its 10-year life span period proves it to be value for money paid.

It is one of the few devices that have an LED ring that lights up in different colors to give different signals to the customer. The Nest body supplements the detecting mechanism to detect the carbon monoxide present in the atmosphere. Overall it is a device of convenience and efficiency and a good investment to undertake for the safety of our family.


An electrochemical sensor is enclosed inside the device that helps it detect the carbon monoxide present in the room and this sensor is the best of its type as it is a 10-year best-in-class that uses electrodes to monitor fuel or electrical flows.

It is easy to read light signals and this is another advantage to us as we are easily notified of the blinking and different color changes of the device.

  • In the event of detection of the carbon monoxide present around in the air, the device uses the Nest thermostat that disables the furnace for a safe and convenient evacuation
  • Whilst detecting Carbon Monoxide in the air, the differently colored light ring at the center of the device lights up to red thus making the customer aware of the danger
  • Although the device is state of the art and can be operated through the use of a phone application, it lacks a digital display screen to view the exact carbon monoxide levels without opening the phone

11. First Alert OneLink SCO501CN-3ST

Accommodated within the device is an electrochemical sensor to detect carbon monoxide levels surrounded in the air, a reason for which might be leaking from multiple sources that include faulty appliances where fuel is consumed.

The location and time of threat are indicated by a voice alarm that has a programmable location of 11 in number, it also consists of a siren that is 85-decibel loud.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound - Smart Hardwired Smoke + Carbon...
  • About safe and sound: First Alert introduces...
  • Easy mobile controls: Get remote notifications of...


A post-usage review would be positive for this device although the lack of a digital screen to display valued information such as the carbon monoxide reading is a drawback though the functionality of the device makes up for this loss.

Smoke, as well as carbon monoxide, can be detected by the voice location facility possessed in the First Alert OneLink SCO501CN-3ST which is a combination of both Carbon Monoxide as well as smoke alerting device.

Thanks to the photoelectric sensor possessed by the device, the happenings of false alarms due to reasons like cooking are considerably reduced and maintain higher sensitivity towards real danger prevalent around.

The device is very easy to install and maintain, it has a long life span and as it can connect to all other systems present in the house, it can form an effective network around the house thus making the customer a smart household that is convenient to manage.

The alarm can connect with up to eighteen other alarms of First Alert, in the bargain forming a healthy and smart as well as safe home care system.

  • Voice alarm present detects the exact location of the danger
  • Presence of a modern photoelectric smoke sensor helps filter the occurrence of false alarms and minimize it
  • Any false alarm can be shut off with the press of a single button and the loud alarm of 85-decibels can be tried as well
  • Like some of the other devices, this detector also lacks the presence of a digital screen to display the carbon monoxide levels present in the room

12. Elvicto Combination Smoke Alarm Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Elvicto Combination Smoke Alarm Carbon Monoxide detector comprises of photoelectric sensors that are ultra-sensitive and will alert the customer within seconds of any danger related to carbon monoxide. The product can last for up to a decade or even more due to its in-built and sealed lithium battery.

No products found.


The detector comprises of two LED lights, one red and the other green that are a sign of normal functioning of the device. Customers need not worry anymore about the health of their family when exposed to carbon monoxide gas as they can leave that responsibility up to this device for a good time to come with its secure and long-lasting characteristics.

The device is the compact size and efficient design as well as its dual functionality is appreciated and commended by the customers. The detector shown here and much spoken about is a high-tech and a device of high caliber. It is easy to install and sleek in shape for it is designed to detect both carbon monoxide and smoke.

We found that the detector is also equipped with ‘End of Life’ signal chip, thus making us aware of a time period to change or replace the device, therefore, it is also easy to install and the setup for mounting it is also included.

But we can say that one single drawback of this device is that it might not suit the liking of customers that are in search for something fancy.

  • It has been the subject of rigorous testing in order to come in line with the standards of UL and also come with a 10 year warranty period
  • False alarms or nuisance alarms are controlled thanks to the intelligent technology of smoke sensing and electrochemical sensors used to detect carbon monoxide levels
  • Though modern, the device lacks a display screen through which the present carbon monoxide levels can be read by the customer

13. Pocket CO KWJ Carbon Monoxide Detector

Customers would be glad about the size and shape of the Pocket CO KWJ Carbon Monoxide detector as it is super convenient to carry along everywhere. The device is small and perfect to fit onto a keychain and be carried along with one’s self, though it is as effective as a normal carbon monoxide detector, it is functional as well as unobtrusive.

Pocket CO KWJ 72-9021 Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Loud, 85db alarm and bright red light
  • Simple, one button operation


It is a very recommended device to purchase as it can be carried along anywhere and everywhere on the person itself. It can be used to detect carbon monoxide levels in various spaces and in the bargain prove more effective than a stationary detector.

The present levels of carbon monoxide can be read of the digital display screen as well and the device accommodates a LED flashlight as well as an 85-decibel alarm that sounds the danger to the customer when the same is detected, it also comprises of a one-button sophisticated operation which makes it convenient to use.

Whilst providing protection that is reliable, the lightweight and the size which allows it to fit into one’s arm, are admired by the customers. It is the world’s smallest detector of Carbon Monoxide, it is attractive and small as well as consists of a digital screen which makes it easier to read.

The shape of the design, too, is convenient to carry around and fit into one’s pocket or hung onto a keychain as well.

  • This detector comprises a digital display screen that helps customers to read the parts-per-million (ppm) concentration of carbon monoxide present in the surroundings
  • The Pocket CO KWJ Detector reports information that is dosimetry in nature such as average and maximum exposure 
  • Some may argue that due to its portability trait, it lacks certain features that a stationary carbon monoxide detecting device would have


As we have mentioned earlier, our list contains several different CO detectors. Although they all serve the same purpose, some of these come with special performances and features. What’s left is for you to make a decision on which of the options will suit your preferences best.

And with that, we have come to the end of our carbon monoxide review. Hope to see you again soon.

Good luck!

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