5 Best Copper Spray Paint Of 2022 [Reviewed]

You would surely agree that copper, as a color, has a charm of its own. 

So, how about painting your favorite décor items with copper paint? It could impart the much-desired elegant touch to your rooms and even the outdoors.

However, ease of use is also a major factor when you’re planning to do the painting work by yourself, isn’t it? Hence, going for a high-quality copper spray paint will be the best option. But then again, all the products out there are not equally reliable and efficient with tons of them up for grabs.

As such, you might find choosing the right option a bit confusing. But don’t worry as we’ve carefully picked the best 5 options for you in this guide. Each option also has its pros and cons mentioned, which would help you make a well-informed decision. 

With all said and done, let’s dive in!

Best Copper Spray Paint



Our Top PickOur Top PickArchilb-table__image Rust-Oleum 286525
  • Oil-based formula
  • Contains metallic flakes
Archilb-table__image Krylon K01020A
  • Metallic accent
  • Lustrous finish
Archilb-table__image Rust-Oleum 1937830
  • Reflective finish
  • Comes with metal flakes
Archilb-table__image Martha Stewart 42926
  • Pearl rose copper shade
  • Acrylic-based paints
Archilb-table__image Pintyplus Evolution Spray Paint
  • Water-based paint
  • Matte finish

Macro photo of aerosol paint

  1. Rust-Oleum 286525

Keep all your beautiful décor items as good as new with this paint from the leading brand Rust-Oleum. Its strong formulation provides adequate protection to the surfaces, ensuring that they never lose their charm over the years. So, let’s move on and have a look at the various features on offer.

Rust-Oleum 286525 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint, 11 oz, Dark Copper
  • Weather and corrosion resistant coating protects...
  • Oil-based formula provides a durable protective...

Why Did We Like It?

What we liked the most about this paint is its original metallic flake content, which provides an extremely shiny finish to any copper item. So, whether it is a copper flower vase or a beautifully crafted showpiece, this paint would bring back its bright and beautiful look.

Another great advantage is its oil-based formula, which helps provide a highly durable coating with a good rust-preventing ability. Additionally, it ensures that the surface is protected from fading, chipping, and abrasion arising due to changing weather conditions.

This paint also needs just about 20 minutes to dry out, so you wouldn’t have to wait for long to apply a recoat. Lastly, it provides a considerably good coverage of about 15 sq. ft. 

41bpa0empyl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This paint works effectively to protect copper items and maintain their shine. However, some customers complained that it arrived with the cap damaged, which made it difficult to fasten tightly. They pointed out that it was probably due to improper packaging. 

  • Lends a shiny finish to all copper items
  • Provides a highly durable coating
  • Prevents rust, fading, chipping, and abrasion
  • Short drying time
  • Cap might arrive damaged
  1. Krylon K01020A

This Krylon spray paint is another high-quality product to opt for, as it can elevate the look of any copper surface. For those engaged in DIY home improvement projects, this one is a perfect addition to their painting supplies. What’s more, it doesn’t include any harmful chemicals and is hence totally safe for use. 

Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint Resembles Actual Plating, Copper...
  • METALLIC FINISH SPRAY PAINT – Embrace a sleek,...
  • DEEP, LUSTROUS FINISH – With a very smooth, high...

Why Did We Like It?

The most noteworthy feature of this paint is the smooth, glossy, and lustrous look that it provides on any surface. In fact, this finish resembles real metallic plating; and you can imagine how stunning that would look!

Added to this is a metallic accent that complements any décor and lends the perfect finishing touch. Plus, this paint adheres effectively to a range of surfaces, including metal, paper mache, plaster ceramic, wood, and many others. 

Speaking of the drying time, it’s as short as 10 minutes, a factor that puts this paint at an advantage over many other products. And finally, it comes with an oil-based formulation like our previous pick, which enhances its durability considerably. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only downside of going for this paint is that its lid might arrive cracked, which might cause it to leak sometimes. If you face a similar issue, you would probably get a smell from the packaging before unpacking. Anyhow, it’s best to inform the manufacturer and request a replacement in such a case. 

  • Resembles real metallic plating
  • Complements any décor
  • Adheres effectively to a range of surfaces
  • Very short drying time
  • Bottle might arrive with leaks
  1. Rust-Oleum 1937830

Here’s another product from Rust-Oleum that you’ll love, as it can add the much-desired brilliance and shine to most interior spaces. Its rich finish has the ability to transform the dullest of surfaces, which has made it a popular choice among many DIY lovers. Notably, it comes in a bottle of 11 oz, but you can also purchase it in a pack of 6 bottles.

Rust-Oleum 1937830 Specialty Leafing Paint Metallic Spray, 11 Ounce...
  • Creates a rich metallic shine on interior surfaces...
  • Formula contains actual metal flakes in the paint...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, this paint can be used to add a bright, reflective finish to a range of interior decor items, including picture frames, customized holiday decorations, candle holders, and many more. This way, you can ultimately enhance the visual appeal of any room. 

Additionally, its hard lacquer formula extends its application to many surfaces, including masonry, wood, plaster, and metal. 

Not only that, but it also comes with metal flakes, much like some of the other high-performing paints from the brand, which helps create a shiny and ultra-bright metallic look. Plus, the coverage of 12 sq. ft. lets you complete small to medium-sized painting projects with ease. 

Another great benefit of this paint is the high durability on offer that ensures the color remains intact for the years to come. Finally, the efficient spray-tip helps in providing a consistent paint flow for all surfaces. 

41rfqto5mis. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This paint might take slightly longer to dry out when applied to relatively larger surfaces, so you will need to be a bit more patient in such cases. That said, this product performed quite well, providing a much more attractive and long-lasting finish than ordinary paints. 

  • Adds a bright, reflective finish
  • Hard lacquer formula lends great versatility
  • Helps create a shiny and bright metallic look
  • Color remains intact for the years to come
  • Takes slightly longer to dry when applied to larger surfaces
  1. Martha Stewart 42926

Next in line is this efficient paint-primer combination from Martha Stewart that simplifies your work considerably. Coming in a beautiful shade, it thoroughly enriches the surface and ultimately uplifts its look to a great extent. On the whole, it’s a good option to go for.

Martha Stewart Paint & Primer 8oz Spray Paint, 8 Ounce (Pack of 1),...
  • PAINT & PRIMER IN ONE: Skip the extra step and get...
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: The durable formula in...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, the Martha Stewart 42926 has a highly durable acrylic-based formulation which ensures that the coats are long-lasting and are least affected by natural elements. This rules out any chances of chipping, cracking, or abrasion and also provides adequate protection from rust. 

What’s more, the inclusion of a primer in the formula makes it more damage-resistant. This paint even offers considerable versatility as it can be used on plastic, metal, wood, and several other surfaces. 

51hrqvrqc8l. Sl500

Furthermore, the copper shade that it provides is lighter than other paints yet very attractive, thanks to its shiny metallic finish. Another benefit is the short drying time of 10 minutes, which lets you apply a recoat soon after. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The spray tip of this paint might sometimes get clogged when you’re using it for a longer time. As the normal flow may not be restored immediately, this might result in an uneven coat. This issue can be dealt with by using a brush afterward to make the coat uniform. 

  • Provides a long-lasting coat
  • Provides protection from natural elements
  • Primer component makes it more damage-resistant
  • Lends a shiny metallic finish to the surfaces
  • Spray tip may get clogged sometimes
  1. Pintyplus Evolution Spray Paint

Towards the end of this list, we’ve picked this paint from Pintyplus, which offers considerably good performance and also ensures maximum user convenience. Equipped with a strong formulation, it provides a smooth coat on a variety of surfaces and has been appreciated by many DIY lovers. Move on to the next few sections to know more about the product. 

Pintyplus Evolution Spray Paint - 11oz, Solvent Based, Acrylic Spray...
  • MULTI PURPOSE! Looking for a spray paint that has...
  • INDOORS AND OUTDOORS! Pintyplus Evolution adheres...

Why Did We Like It?

The most interesting and beneficial feature of this paint is that it can cover unusual shapes and rough surfaces quite easily. This is made possible by the efficient spraying action, which helps provide a uniform coat on most surfaces. 

Furthermore, this paint dries out in just about 10 minutes, which makes it perfect for projects that need to be finished quickly. The versatility on offer is also appreciable as it can be used on stone, cardboard, metal, wood, and many other surfaces. Plus, it can provide a great makeover to many décor items, furniture, and even chandeliers. 

Beyond that, it adds a subtle, shiny matte finish to the surface, which is quite durable and long-lasting as well.

41kkbimbtvl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only drawback of going for this matte paint is it produces a strong odor that persists for quite a long time. As such, it isn’t an ideal choice for users who are sensitive to any smell. But it does its job quite well, so we have no complaints regarding its efficiency. 

  • Can cover unusual shapes and rough surfaces easily
  • Dries very quickly
  • Offers appreciable versatility
  • Adds a subtle, shiny finish
  • Produces a strong odor

Copper balloons bunch on orange wall background. Horizontal banner. 3d illustration render

Buyer’s Guide

For purchasing the right copper spray paint, glancing through a few high-performing products can never be enough. Considering some vital features characteristic to such paints is essential, as it influences their performance substantially. 

On that note, we have compiled a list of the important factors that you need to keep in mind before proceeding to make a suitable choice.  

  1. Finish

The finish that you want to create on a surface is a crucial point to consider, as copper spray paints come with a variety of finishes that can create unique effects. For instance, if you prefer the metallic copper finish that’s shinier, you should pick a paint that provides a greater shine. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to apply a finish that’s more hammered or matte, it’s best to go for a product that offers a more subtle shine with lesser luster. 

  1. Formulation

Needless to say, the formulation of a paint product plays a key role in determining its performance. And when it comes to copper spray paints, oil-based formulations are generally more effective and long-lasting. 

The weather resistance offered by such a formulation is praiseworthy indeed, and so is its durability. However, in case the surface is indoors, you may choose to go for water-based paint. While going through the details of a particular product, don’t forget to go through the information about the formulation and its durability. 

  1. Primer Content

Not all copper spray paints include a primer in the formula, so it’s a major differentiating factor in this case. The presence of a primer element in the product would provide further protection and durability to the coated surface. 

But since spray paints are already equipped with damage-resisting components, some DIY lovers don’t consider it essential to use a primer. Hence, the choice of a primer or a no-primer paint would entirely depend upon your preferences. 

Retro kitchen interior with set of old pans



We hope that by now, you must have found it easier to choose a suitable option.

In case you have any doubts, we’d suggest going through the buyer’s guide once more to form a clearer idea about the essential factors that should contribute to your purchase decision. 

But before wrapping up, we would like to take you quickly through our top favorites. The Krylon K01020A is the perfect choice to go for if you want to add a more lustrous finish to your décor items. However, the Rust-Oleum 286525 offers a more protective and durable coat along with a beautiful metallic finish, so it’s our overall favorite.

Let us know whether you agree with our verdict in the comments section down below. Till next time, see you soon! 

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