9 Best Label Makers of 2023 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

It would be difficult to tidy up places but for simple gadgets like label makers. We give you plenty of reasons to choose one today! 

Labels can be stuck onto files and folders, bottles, vegetables, cut-fruit containers, etc. In fact, a place can be organized quickly with the help of a label maker to locate things with ease. Labeling can save you time and increase the efficiency of the tasks you do every day. 

For example, categorizing primary supplies and stationery with labels and storing them away for later use increases task efficiency. A label maker has many features and fonts to choose from in order for you to select different labels! 

The best label makers offer excellent keyboard features, battery power, storage, and memory. Browse through the 9 best label makers now to organize your supplies as per requirement. 

Best Label Makers

Paper stack, pile of unfinished documents on office desk related to business functions. Stack of business papers for annual report files, document is written,drawn,presented. Business offices concept.

Here’s the list of the 9 best label makers to help you get organized.

1. Brother ‎PT-D210 Label MakerBest for Personalized Stationery

This label maker uses thermal technology to print on fabric and labels. It has a one-touch key feature and is available in white. The connection to a power source is established using a simple USB port.

Brother P-Touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker, One-Touch Keys,...
  • Quick access to fonts, frames, symbols and more
  • Prints up to 2-lines on labels up to 12 millimeter...

Why Did We Like It? 

The label maker has a display that can assess what is to be printed before you hit the print button to make a label. Add a personal touch to the labels with the added features that include ten unique styles and several fonts, frames, and symbols. 

Moreover, explore the templates included in the label maker and look through the pattern designs to make a fun and colorful label. The printed labels are great for use as stationery, gift tags, and more! 

Finally, this label maker can be used at home, office, or even on the go as it can be powered in two different ways. While sitting on the desk, attach it to an AC power adapter to print your labels. And if you have to carry the label maker to another location, simply slip it into a nice storage case and put batteries inside to start making labels.  

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The gadget has quite a few distinct features but disappoints when it comes to saving tape. A 1” label has to be printed on 3” of tape due to the design of the label maker. Such problems could hamper your buying choices, especially if you are conscious about saving tape. 

  • Easy to use
  • Lets you create personalized stationery
  • Multiple uses at home/office
  • Use as an on-desk device or on-the-go
  • No additional accessories available
  • Possible tape wastage
Main Features: Thermal technology, one-touch key, USB port | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: ‎‎‎AC power adapter, batteries | Compatibility: Not specified | Additional Features: Templates, multiple font styles, frames, and symbols

2. DYMO 1790415 Label Maker– Best for Outdoor Use

The DYMO label maker is WiFi enabled and uses thermal printing technology to print labels in monochrome. You can buy DYMO D1 labels to facilitate easy and compatible printing with this label maker. Also, the LCD display is large and gives a perfect preview of the label.

Why Did We Like It? 

The label maker lets you enter the text for a label, edit it and then design it for printing with the help of the latest keyboard and quick-formatting technology. It also has font sizes, text styles, clipart, and symbols to make the perfect label. 

You can easily learn the distinction between text and font styles to increase efficiency while working on the label maker. The device runs either on a power supply or batteries to give you the ease of printing on a desk or on-the-go. 

Also, the batteries can last long as there is a default shut-off, and correct use can also enhance battery life. It includes a memory feature that remembers the last label settings. There is no need to retype a label that might require printing again. 

The AAA batteries and adapter can be bought separately, giving you the option of selecting your preferred brand. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

You have to be particular about the kind of batteries you use to power the label maker. It could drain out regular batteries, even rechargeable batteries, sooner than wanted. Choosing quality rechargeable batteries would keep the device going for a long time. 

  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Exact preview displayed
  • Automatic power-off
  • Only one font type
  • Drains alkaline batteries soon
Main Features: WiFi enabled, thermal printing, large LCD display | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: ‎‎‎Power supply, batteries | Compatibility: DYMO D1 labels | Additional Features: Keyboard, quick-formatting tech, memory feature, various font sizes and styles

3. Brother PTH110 Label Maker Best for Portable Use

The label maker is easy to use in different kinds of locations in order to create labels that are well-designed and perfect to use. Whether at home, office or outdoors, it has many useful features for printing labels to organize all your things.

Brother P-Touch, PTH110, Easy Portable Label Maker, Lightweight,...
  • Lightweight and portable: Brother makes printing...
  • Easy type keyboard: To make typing text simple,...

Why Did We Like It? 

The PTH110 uses thermal power technology to print labels by connecting to a wireless medium for operation. Once connected, the QWERTY keyboard and one-touch keys allow you to quickly access the multiple features available in this lightweight device. 

You can carry this label maker anywhere and make the most of its portability to print labels in any place- whether indoors or outdoors. The gadget has around 14 frames, 250 symbols, and three font styles. That may seem fewer than other label makers but can serve your purpose quite well. 

Also, it is most compatible with the Brother P-Touch TZe tape from the same brand. The tape is durable, smudge, and fade-resistant. It comes in three varieties as well to give you the best-printed labels from this label maker.  

The TZe tape has a split back for easy use. Its many features make it usable at home, office, or even in an industrial set-up. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

While this label maker is a great gadget that can be used anywhere, you might have to be careful about it on rough terrain. The product has a one-year warranty that is insufficient for the portability it offers. 

However, using the label maker in safe environments will ensure its longevity. 

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Personalize labels with multiple-features
  • Free lifetime customer call support
  • One-year warranty
  • Tape wastage
Main Features: Thermal technology, wireless connection, QWERTY keyboard | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: ‎‎‎Not specified | Compatibility: Brother P-Touch TZe tape | Additional Features: 14 frames, 250 symbols, 3 font styles

4. DYMO ‎1955663 Label Maker– Best for Home Organization

The label maker weighs only one pound and is extremely easy to carry anywhere when you want to print labels for organizing things. White in color, it comes with three bonus labeling tapes. The label maker can print both labels and transparencies.

DYMO Label Maker, LetraTag 100H Handheld Label Maker, Easy-to-Use, 13...
  • PORTABLE LABEL MAKER: Compact and lightweight for...
  • PRINTS CUSTOM LABELS: Choose from 5 font sizes, 7...

Why Did We Like It? 

The compact and lightweight label maker has many features to print just the kind of labels you want. It has five font sizes, around eight box styles, and seven print styles. You can see all these effects on a display screen in order to print the perfect label. 

Also, the device is sleek and designed for handheld use. It is battery-powered, portable, and easy to carry around. All the above features make this label maker ideal for organizing your home efficiently. 

The best features of this label maker include an alphanumeric keyboard, 195 symbols, and a date stamp. There is also an internal memory that supports the storage of up to nine labels. Text formatting such as underlining, bolding, font styles, and different colors can be combined to give the perfect label designs at the touch of a few buttons.

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The labels printed with this label maker may be nice to look at, but they do not stick well enough on several materials. Plastic and glass, in particular, do not seem to carry them well sometimes. Check the device for operations thoroughly before you put it on your buying list. 

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Insufficient adhesive on labels
  • Fewer features on keyboard
Main Features: Compact, lightweight, handheld, bonus labeling tapes | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: ‎‎‎Battery powered | Compatibility: Not specified | Additional Features: Alphanumeric keyboard, 195 symbols, date stamp, internal memory

5. Brother ‎PTD600 Label Maker– Best for Professional Use

Once you connect this label maker with a USB port, the latest thermal power technology will assist you in making the best labels for arranging and organizing your life. It can print labels in monochrome and comes in black or black/gray colors.

Brother P-Touch Label Maker, PC-Connectable Labeler, PTD600, Color...
  • Smart compact design with large keyboard and...
  • Full color, high resolution display with backlight

Why Did We Like It?

This label maker is perfect for business and professional use where labels are required for frequent official work. Professionals can benefit from the QWERTY keyboard and the graphic display. 

The screen has several advantages, and in particular, it has a backlighting function that helps you see the labels clearly before printing. It can show the text and formatting as you type on the easy-type keyboard. 

Also, it detects the color of the tape to give you the exact image for the label to be printed. Just connect this label maker to a Windows or Mac computer and design labels with the included software, called P-touch Editor Label Design. 

The software is available free with the label maker. You can easily combine the editor’s features with fast printing speeds and a built-in automatic tape cutter on the label maker for larger labeling jobs. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The label maker carries plenty of frames but lacks sufficient images to use on the labels. There are around 900 frames to choose from, which could also be daunting for someone who does not have a reference in mind. 

These features could be more well-balanced to provide the right output. 

  • Compact design
  • AC adapter/batteries included
  • Connect to Windows/Mac
  • Fast print speed
  • Unbalanced features
  • Different tape sizes could be confusing
Main Features: Thermal technology, USB port, QWERTY keyboard, graphic display | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: ‎‎‎AC adapter, batteries | Compatibility: Windows or Mac, P-touch Editor Label Design software | Additional Features: Automatic tape cutter, backlight, tape color detection

6. Phomemo-M110 Label Maker

The M110 connects with either wireless or Bluetooth technology to print excellent labels. It is powered by thermal technology to give you colored labels for all your work at home or office. It is primarily used for printing labels for mailing, jewelry, retail, and clothing.

Phomemo M110 Label Makers - Portable Bluetooth Thermal Label Maker...
  • Easy Use Label Maker Printer- Mini Bluetooth...
  • Powerful APP- Phomemo-M110 Bluetooth label maker...

Why Did We Like It? 

The label maker has a paper holder that is adjustable and also prevents unwanted deviations. Paper jams are a thing of the past with this paper holder installed in the gadget. It also does ink-free printing and works best with Phomemo thermal paper. 

Also, the label maker has a feed button that can read the label’s properties that you are using as a reference. It can tell the gap size, label size, and other properties that would be useful to know in order to print the labels required. 

Moreover, the label maker prints continuous fixed-length labels. It can also print various labels, such as address labels, product tags, clothing labels, organization labels, cable labels, and jewelry labels. 

The label maker has a strong adhesive, and durable colors that get printed clearly, along with the fonts and frames that are available with the gadget. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The M110 is full of features and functions that can make your label printing experience a delightful one. However, to bring about perfection and joy in printing, some initial learning and patience are required to put the gadget to full use. 

  • Excel batch printing included
  • Easy to use label maker
  • Great design
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • May require time to learn settings
  • Printing might be hazy
Main Features: Wireless, Bluetooth, thermal technology | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: Not specified | Compatibility: Phomemo thermal paper | Additional Features: Adjustable paper holder, feed button, various label types

7. Brady BMP21-PLUS Label Maker

The Brady handheld label maker uses USB connectivity to print monochrome labels. It is equipped with rubber bumpers and gives a range of 6 to 40-point font in size. Also, add accessories like a printer kit from the same brand to multiply the number of features for your benefit.

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Color Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers,...
  • Handheld printer with keyboard creates multi line...
  • Keyboard contains letters A to Z and numbers 0 to...

Why Did We Like It? 

The label maker is made of tough materials and can last for around 8-10 years in an outdoor setting. It also has a strong adhesive feature that can especially be useful when you have rough or irregular surfaces to label. 

Also, the label maker uses drop, lock, and print technology and has superior chemical resistance. The body of the label maker is tough and is capable of taking on heavy industrial labeling jobs, including wires, cables, machine parts, and other equipment. 

The label maker has been tested for vibrations and shocks as per MIL-STD-810G. The Li-ION battery used for the product has a lifelong usage capacity that is not sold by the label maker. 

Finally, some of the pertinent features of the label maker include printing continuous-only labels which are about ¾” wide. Rubber bumpers are designed for impact resistance, and there is a backlit display for low-light areas. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The label maker can print only four lines within a defined space on the label. If there is a lot of information that needs to be printed, then this limitation could be a problem for your work. It leaves blank spaces on the edges when printing on a ¾” wide label. 

  • Can handle tough labeling jobs
  • Fast printing
  • Automatic formatting
  • 2-year warranty
  • Insufficient label space for information
  • Outmoded keyboard
Main Features: Handheld, USB connectivity, rubber bumpers | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: Li-ION battery (not included) | Compatibility: Not specified | Additional Features: Drop, lock, and print technology, 6 to 40 point fonts

8. Phomemo Label Maker

This label maker saves you unwanted expenses as it is compatible with any thermal label, including free UPS labels. Compounded annually, the label maker can cut costs amounting to hundreds of dollars. The Direct thermal printing technology works without any ribbons, inks, or toners.

Why Did We Like It? 

The Phomemo label maker is compatible with major shopping and delivery platforms. Some of them include Amazon, FedEx, Etsy, Shopify, eBay, DHL, etc. It is a high-speed label printer that works at 150mm/s. The label maker has the technology to automatically learn the label you want to print through the feed. 

Its printing capacity is one single sheet printed per second. It is supposed to be twice as fast as most label makers. The label maker can also print multiple labels such as barcodes, warehouse labels, ID labels, bulk mailing labels, etc. 

Moreover, the label maker is easy to set up and use as a USB flash drive and is included in the delivery package with short how-to videos. The flash drive also contains a printer driver. You can easily install a label maker with a desktop upon getting the package all by yourself.

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The label maker gives excellent quality printing and works exactly as the manual suggests. However, it is a sensitive gadget and can give poor-quality printing when dust or adhesive sticks to the printer. When this happens, just wipe it with alcohol pads by opening the cover.  

  • Compatible with Windows/Mac
  • Works with any thermal label
  • High-speed label printer
  • Easy to set-up
  • Could be heavy at 3.94 pounds
  • Dust and adhesive interfere with printing
Main Features: Thermal label compatibility, direct thermal printing | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: Not specified | Compatibility: Compatible with major shopping and delivery platforms | Additional Features: High-speed label printer, multiple label types, USB flash drive included

9. NIIMBOT Label Maker

The NIIMBOT handheld label maker prints labels using smart thermal technology. This minimizes the usage of ribbons and inks. The label maker’s battery is rechargeable with a 1200 mAh capacity. It can work for four hours and be on standby for three to four days after a single recharge.

NIIMBOT D11 Label Maker Machine All-in-One Handheld Rechargeable Label...
  • 【New Technology】Lighter, quicker and smater....
  • 【Rechargeable built-in battery】With 1200 mAh...

Why Did We Like It? 

The palm-sized label maker is very lightweight at 290g. It can print labels that can be used in daily life, such as the office, children’s school, kitchen, and retail stores. Modern gadget is ideal for organizations and labeling things. 

Also, the label maker is easy to use, and the adhesive is strong enough to stick on various materials, including mason jars. It is simple to charge and start, with the option of printing test labels before you begin the actual job. 

Finally, the app can easily be downloaded on the phone, and the Bluetooth connection on the label maker is simple to calibrate with the app. The size and weight of the label maker ensure the device is portable, convenient to store, and easy to use anywhere you want.  

The label maker can be fun to use once you have noted the specifications and learned the gadget properly. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The app that comes with the label maker has a range of features, but some could pose a problem when you try and apply them to your work. For instance, the app shares your location to connect to the printer, and it could feel uncomfortable to do so.  

  • Lightweight
  • Prints multipurpose labels
  • Saves ink/rubber cost
  • Multiple languages supporting app
  • App requires location ID
  • Difficult text editor functions
Main Features: Smart thermal technology, rechargeable battery | Portable: Yes | Power Source Options: Rechargeable 1200 mAh battery | Compatibility: Not specified | Additional Features: Bluetooth connection, app available for design

Best Label Maker Comparison Table

Products Main Features Portable Power Source Options Compatibility Additional Features
Brother ‎PT-D210 Label Maker Thermal technology, one-touch key, USB port Yes ‎AC power adapter, batteries Not specified Templates, multiple font styles, frames, and symbols
DYMO 1790415 Label Maker WiFi enabled, thermal printing, large LCD display Yes ‎‎‎Power supply, batteries DYMO D1 labels Keyboard, quick-formatting tech, memory feature, various font sizes and styles
Brother PTH110 Label Maker Thermal technology, wireless connection, QWERTY keyboard Yes ‎‎Not specified Brother P-Touch TZe tape 14 frames, 250 symbols, 3 font styles
DYMO ‎1955663 Label Maker Compact, lightweight, handheld, bonus labeling tapes Yes ‎‎‎Battery powered Not specified Alphanumeric keyboard, 195 symbols, date stamp, internal memory
Brother ‎PTD600 Label Maker Thermal technology, USB port, QWERTY keyboard, graphic display Yes ‎‎‎AC adapter, batteries Windows or Mac, P-touch Editor Label Design software Automatic tape cutter, backlight, tape color detection
Phomemo-M110 Label Maker Wireless, Bluetooth, thermal technology Yes Not specified Phomemo thermal paper Adjustable paper holder, feed button, various label types
Brady BMP21-PLUS Label Maker Handheld, USB connectivity, rubber bumpers Yes Li-ION battery (not included) Not specified Drop, lock, and print technology, 6 to 40 point fonts
Phomemo Label Maker Thermal label compatibility, direct thermal printing Yes Not specified Compatible with major shopping and delivery platforms High-speed label printer, multiple label types, USB flash drive included
NIIMBOT Label Maker Smart thermal technology, rechargeable battery Yes Rechargeable 1200 mAh battery Not specified Bluetooth connection, app available for design

Buying Guide For The Best Label Maker

Label makers are gadgets that fulfill all the organizing needs of your life – be it at home, work, or outdoors. There are various label makers available that serve different purposes of organizing supplies and arranging things in order. 

However, at the core are a few features that determine the performance and output of the label maker. These factors are essential to keep in mind while choosing the label maker best suited for your needs. 

Consider the keyboard features, the fonts available in the gadget, the technology used in printing labels, and the kind of power to make the best selection. Use the device to organize your life and plan everything at home, office, or even outdoors. 

Keyboard features

Some of the best keyboards that are available from label makers usually utilize QWERTY technology and one-touch key functions. Both keyboard features give you a range of characters and symbols to use with ease for printing the label you want.  


The more the fonts, the better your label design. Always look for the kind and variety of fonts available in the gadget before making any buying decision. When there is a range available, you can broaden and specify your organizing work easily.  

Latest technology 

A label maker is a small, handheld device as opposed to cumbersome printers that were difficult to consider earlier for your odd jobs. Contemporary label makers can fulfill all your organizing requirements wherever you go. 

The technology used in a label maker is customized to suit your requirements, be it official or at-home jobs. 


A label maker with a power adapter cannot be moved around as easily as a battery-operated handheld device. Some of the best label makers give the option of portability by providing battery operation, along with including an AC power adapter sometimes. 

It might be a good idea to consider battery-operated gadgets for your work, keeping in mind the device’s usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a label maker?

A label maker is a device used to create and print custom labels for organizing and identifying items.

These machines use thermal printing technology to print text, symbols, and graphics onto adhesive label tapes in various colors and styles.

How does a label maker work?

Label makers work by using thermal printing technology, which creates a printed image by selectively heating coated thermal paper or labels. The heat activates the ink on the label, resulting in a clear and durable print.

Users can customize their labels by selecting various text sizes, styles, and symbols on the device or through compatible software.

Are label makers easy to use?

Most label makers are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and QWERTY keyboards for easy text input.

Some models also come with built-in tutorials or software that can help guide users through the process of creating and printing labels.

Do label makers require ink or toner?

No, label makers use thermal printing technology, which doesn’t require ink or toner. Instead, the devices rely on heat-sensitive label tapes that change color when heated by the label maker’s print head.

What are the main features to consider when purchasing a label maker?

When shopping for a label maker, consider factors such as label tape compatibility, connectivity options (e.g., USB, wireless), ease of use, available fonts and symbols, battery life, portability, and any additional features unique to specific models that may be useful for your needs.

Cutting unfinished to finished paper sign with scissors on a white background. 3d rendering.


It’s always exciting to discover new and innovative products that make our lives more organized, convenient, and efficient. Our extensive research and testing have allowed us to present you with the top 3 expert recommendations on label makers that cater to different needs and preferences.

the Brother PT-D210 Label Maker is an ideal option for those who prioritize personalization and versatility, with its numerous style options and dual power sources for both on-desk and on-the-go use.  

The DYMO 1790415 Label Maker is a good option for those looking for convenience and efficiency, thanks to its user-friendly keyboard, quick-formatting technology, and versatile power options. 

Finally, the Brother PTH110 Label Maker is the right choice for users who require portability and adaptability in a compact and lightweight device. 

That’s it for now. Happy printing!+

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