25 Best Modern Desk Lamps in 2022 | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Modern Desk Lamps

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Are you tired of buying desk lamps only to find them to stop working after a short period of time?

We know we do, and that is why today we are sharing with you this list of 25 Best Modern Desk Lamps which we are sure you’ll love!

Some of these desk lamps are best at conserving energy, some come at a very affordable price, and most of them have unique designs, but one thing that every lamp has in common is amazing quality!

Best Modern Desk Lamps

Best modern desk lamps 3

If you’re already excited to know, we won’t babble more. Have a read!

1. The Newhouse Gooseneck Desk Lamp

Looking for something stylish? We have the perfect product to offer. The Newhouse Gooseneck Desk Lamp is designed to provide flexibility, so that it is convenient for the customer to turn the light it in any direction he or she pleases. 

Newhouse Lighting Black Flexible Touch Sensor Switch Energy-Efficient...
  • The highest quality energy saving LEDS provide...
  • Energy-efficient LED light that can last up to...


This light is pretty energy-efficient and  has a lifespan ranging to almost about 22.8 years. Thus, we are not worried about replacing it as such.

And the best part, it provides non-flickering light, so that its function and performance don’t hamper our enjoyment and pleasure. 


Being energy-efficient, it has great longevity and requires just basic maintenance. One can even use products like this to switch from CFL and Halogens, thereby saving energy in the process.

Based on a 3 hour per day use, its life span will be in the range of the stated span and over-usage will obviously result in a shorter span. 

Overall, it is a favorable and recommended product to purchase especially if one is in the market for something cool and fashionable along with the flexibility this desk lamp offers.

  • Its flexibility offers users the freedom for positioning the lamp however they want
  • The LED light used is energy-saving which contributes well to the environment 
  • Does not offer that much light as a bigger lamp

2. Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

We have the perfectly adjustable lamp that has a turntable base and a rotatable lamp head that offers you with the perfect angle.

The Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp has 4 different lighting modes and eight different levels of brightness to ensure better performance on the part of the product and greater convenience for the customer.

Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Fast Charging USB Port, Touch...
  • Fast Charging Port - 5V/2A USB charging port,...
  • Incredibly Adjustable - Rotatable lamp head, 180°...


This lamp has a modern and elegant design. Its arms and head have an aluminum matte finish, giving it an extremely contemporary look.

It accommodates a fast-charging port of 5V/2A USB to help charge one’s electronic appliances such as phone or tablet easily.

This state of the art product is also designed to bring some relief to the eyes as it possesses the latest eye care technology. Moreover, it protects the eye from fatigue due to the absence of flickering, ghosting, glaring and darkness.


The intensity of light can be adjusted and be made extra bright or dim as per our choice; it offers a range of different levels of light.

Overall, it’s a very sleek and affordable model that is designed to keep the user’s convenience in mind and provides better efficiency.

Its overall finish and multi-light changing feature is commendable and gives a little uniqueness to the product. We recommend this to those looking for a modern and good quality desk lamp.

  • Adjustable arm and turntable base offer enough room to adjust to the customer’s requirements
  • It has a very sturdy frame and can be placed on any tabletop
  • Due to its thin though sturdy framework, it is more prone to being damaged than a bigger lamp

3. Ikea Jansjo LED Desk Lamp

The Ikea Jansjo LED Desk Lamp is made up of aluminum, thus giving it a very sturdy and strong framework to support itself and keeps it safe from excessive wear and tear. Plus, the adjustable neck of the lamp allows us to direct the light in whichever direction we feel comfortable.

No products found.


The usage of LEDs is prevalent in this lamp as well. It consumes about 85% less energy as compared to normal bulbs and can last almost 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

This product also features an adjustable arm that once again helps in directing the light. It also accommodates an on/off toggle on a cord that measures roughly up to twelve inches from the base.

On the other hand, the adjustable neck provides added flexibility, which helps in changing the angle for focusing the light in multiple directions.

However, the lamp is fancy and accommodates a cord that implies it has to be plugged in. And lacks a battery system, which makes it dependable on electricity.

All in all, this is a very good option for those looking out for a fancy, energy-saving, and directional lamp where the light focus can be maneuvered from angle to angle. It can blend in well into any setup, whether home or official. And its durability and longevity can be vouched for as well!

  • LED light helps save 85% energy compared to other lights and lasts 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb
  • It can complement any decor and blend into the same
  • Although it uses LED, the throw of light is very concentrated and cannot cover a bigger surface area

4. Danray Snake-Arm Desk Lamp

This modern-style lamp has taken a few of the customers’ concerns and tried to come up with a new design that is more appreciated in the market. 

The Danray Snake-Arm Desk lamp is designed to blend into any setup, whether commercial or household. It features a huge light for lighting up any given surface area.

Danray Products LLC LMP-24M 24-Inch Snake-Arm Lamp with Magnetic Base...
  • Snake arm allows almost unlimited adjustment and...
  • Double-wall lampshade stays cool to the touch


The snake-arm, as can be surmised, provides close to unlimited flexibility and adjustment in order to make it movable and adjustable in its direction of light. This lamp also features a double-walled lampshade that prevents customers from getting burnt due to the heat of the bulb. 

It uses a big light and thus helps shed light on a larger surface area as compared to the spotlight lamps that have a very narrow and directed focus of light.

The use of a 100-watt-maximum light bulb is to ensure easy and cheap replacement. On top of that, the snake arm also tends to give the lamp a greater and longer-term holding power.

Plus, it’s a great product for those who require sufficient light to carry out their work. Because the throw of light by this lamp is pretty exceptional compared to other units.

However, the lamp works on electricity and not on a self equipped battery system thus drawing a little inconvenience in its mobility as it cannot be placed everywhere.

  • The snake-referred arm provides extra flexibility to face the light in whichever direction is preferred
  • Double-walled shed prevents the exterior of the shed to heat up
  • Light used in this lamp is not energy-efficient and consumes a lot of current

5. TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal LED Desk Lamp

Looking for a state of the art desk lamp? This is one of the best options available amongst the wide range of products out there.

The Tao Tronics TT-DL16 LED desk lamp is made with the latest technology and incorporates all that the modern age would expect from a desk lamp. 

No products found.


It has a one-touch personalization panel, where with the press of a single button, your favorite color, and brightness setting gets activated. This model also displays a range of multiple functions. For example, it accommodates a sixty-second timer, a 5V/2A USB port, and a night light for the convenience of the customer. 

The desk lamp featured here makes it even more convenient for the eyes as it ensures glare-free illumination, light is transmitted sideways through the light guide panel.

Moreover, the color and brightness options on offer are of much greater variety as we have 5 different color modes and 6 different levels of brightness to choose and adjust to. 

Its durable body and flexible/adjustable arm make it more at ease for the customer to operate and direct it towards his/her own convenience. A state of the art product like this is to opt for because it offers so much more than a normal lamp to the customer.

But if not taken care of properly and maintained in the same way, it will be an issue to invest so much just for a table lamp.

  • Accommodates a one-touch personalization panel
  • It is multi-functional and offers comfort to the eyes along with different color and brightness options
  • Its body is designed to last and is thus extremely durable
  • Carries a sizeable price tag due to its new functionalities and look

6. Etekcity LED Desk Lamp

We have another modern designed lamp that includes the latest state of the art technology in the workings of a simple desk lamp. 

The featured touch-sensitive panel enables the customer to change or adjust all the settings of the lamp. Moreover, it includes a timer that automatically turns off the lamp in case you fall off to sleep. This helps in saving a lot of energy.

Etekcity LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Eye-caring Table Lamp...
  • EYE CARE LED 16 Energy-efficient LED bulbs provide...
  • COLORFUL NIGHT LIGHT BASE With 256 color option...


The lamp accommodates a built-in 5V/1.5A USB port that allows the customer to charge all his/her electronic devices as long as the lamp is plugged and it will continue to do so till the lamp is disconnected. 

Lighting settings can also be customized, since it comes with 4 temperature modes and 5 brightness levels to choose from. This feature helps bring the user to an atmosphere where they have as much natural light as possible as that would not be harmful to their eyes by straining it under less light. 


Because it aims at embracing many modern features, the lamp is bound to have technical issues that will require professional help. This is a cumbersome process and not welcomed by the majority, especially for a device like a lamp.

The lamp is also multi-angle adjustable due to its partially flexible arm and head, as per the convenience of the customer it can be directed in any direction of choice. 

All in all, this is another lamp suggested for those who are open to the purchase of a modern, state of the art lamp and are willing to undertake the expenditure of the same. Its durability and performance are unquestionable, just the price point might be a hindrance to some customers.

  • Simple operation of the lamp, touch-sensitive controls, presenting the new age lamp
  • The base has a sleek finish that provides support to the structure and better durability
  • Can subject to technical issues that will require professional help

7. Sunllipe Swing Arm Desk Lamp

One of the favorites among the rest, the Sunllipe Swing Arm Desk Lamp is one of the best-designed lamps. Known for its framework that is sleek and perfect from all angles. The light shed or the head of the lamp is also designed to throw light on a wide surface area. The lamp mentioned here is energy saving as well as versatile. 

No products found.


The lightweight design and modern finish makes it easier to move the lamp from one room to another. It has built-in 7W, 3000K LED lights that are designed to consume much less energy and electricity as compared to the normal light bulbs.

It accommodates a touch-sensitive button that helps adjust the lighting intensity up and down the dimming scales, thus giving the lamp that state of the art factor.

Besides, it has a very good modern design especially that of its body and head. And the best part, both the head and the arms are adjustable thus providing sufficient flexibility to the structure. 

The black finish and the solid construction is very pleasing to the eye. Overall, it’s a must-buy for those who desire to get a slightly modernized desk lamp in either a household or corporate atmosphere.

  • Helps save tons of energy by using LED lights instead of normal light bulbs
  • Offers a touch-sensitive switch that helps dim the lights and adjust the brightness and color
  • It lacks a sturdy framework

8. Flynn LED Desk Lamp 

The Flynn LED Desk Lamp has a unique design, especially when compared to the other models. It comes with a flatter head and base structure. The lamp has a beautiful black and silver finish. And it comes with an integrated 1.0-A USB port.

It also comprises of a pullout tray that features a tap switch located within to switch between four different levels of light. 

Flynn Modern Task Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port and Phone Cradle...
  • Adjustable to 25" high. Lamp head is 12" wide x 3"...
  • 8 watt built-in LED with 4-light levels. 780...


It has a light output of 720 lumens through an integrated 8 watt LED array. The dimensions of the product can be easily adjusted as it has a semi or partially flexible frame structure that helps the customer direct the light in whichever direction he/she feels like.

Through the USB port, the charging of electronic appliances becomes very convenient and no extra effort is required.


The framework and light output of the device is to be noted and its durability makes it last for years to come, if maintained correctly. Plus, the horizontal head that sheds the light can display on a greater surface area due to the size of the same. 

But the only setback is that it lacks some of the modern technology that the other modern lamps accommodate within themselves.

Overall, it is a much-recommended product, it displays a touch of the modern generation lamps as well as maintains the subtleness of a desk lamp.

  • The lamp’s horizontal lighting can cover a large area surface
  • It has a USB charging portal
  • The finishing of the product is a little weak in comparison to others

9. Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp

The Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp includes an omnidirectional pivoting lamp head that helps improve the control of the lighting system. It features ultra-bright LED’S, which have a high efficiency and helps you save huge energy costs.

The base of the lamp includes a touch-sensitive panel that can be used to customize or adjust the light intensity and control the temperature.

Lightblade 1500S by Lumiy (Series 2) LED Desk Lamp with Best in Class...
  • Lumiy Lightblade produce a phenomenal 1500 lux of...
  • Lumiy Lightblade has a color rendering index of 93...


Much like the previous state of the art lamps, here too we can choose from a range of brightness and temperature for comfortable lighting experience. 

The lumpy blade of light produces an amazing 1500 lux of brightness that is the best in class for light output and also has a color index of 93 CRI that is close to natural perfect light. 


Its sleek design gives a very posh look, which makes it perfect for corporate use, though it could be used at home as well. A quality product with a superb finish and much recommended for use. Its durability justifies the price range it comes at and you can rest assured that the lamp will last for a considerable amount of time.

  • Includes a touch panel that helps adjust the brightness and temperature of the light
  • Usage of LEDs makes the lamp super energy efficient
  • Does not require much maintenance except for basic care
  • It comes at an expensive price

10. TaoTronics TT-DL17 LED Ultrathin Desk Lamp

The lamp features different lighting modes and three different levels of brightness that can be controlled and switched among to suit the customer’s requirement. 

With the variations in the lighting scheme, the lamp is suited for the customer’s every mood and can be accordingly adjusted. 

No products found.


The lamp is constructed out of an alloy of high-quality aluminum. It accommodates a USB port within its structure thus saving us valuable space on the wall, making it convenient to charge our smartphones.

On top of that, the modern design of the lamp is unique in itself and the extra thin structure is its USP as it can be a part of any environment either household or office. 

All in all, it’s a high-quality lamp that  has a reputation as one of the most eco-friendly products available in the market. And a good buy for someone looking for a stylish showpiece that also performs with the same efficiency. 

It reduces energy consumption up to about 75% less than the other normal bulbs we use. This, in turn, is a boon to the world, even though in a small way, it still is an effort to reduce energy consumption.

Keep in mind that extra care must be taken whilst maintaining in order to preserve it for long-term use.

  • Eco-friendly and saves up to 75% energy compared to other light bulbs
  • Has a state of the art and modern structure that looks stylish and also performs with equal zeal
  • Due to its stylish design, it comes within a high price range and might not be affordable to many

11. TaoTronics TT-DL13 Led Desk Lamp

This super-saving all-powerful desk lamp has outdone itself with an amalgamation of features that cannot be located in any ordinary desk lamp. Its composition of anodized aluminum makes it an excellent heat receptor and provides for longer durability. 

No products found.


The durability of the TaoTronics TT-DL13 LED Desk Lamp is unmatchable to other LED desk lights. Its multi-functional background makes it a must-buy lamp for your desk. 

With an inbuilt USB portal, you can connect your device to the charging point and charge it anywhere. The lamp is extremely travel- friendly due to its size, so you can complete all your reading sessions, no matter where you are, at any time. 

It’s equipped with photosensitive receptors through which the color modes can be altered according to the temperature difference. It also has an 11 level brightness settings, which makes it a reasonable form of investment.

The lamp can be twisted to any angle depending on your comfort level and seating position. 

For example, you can twist it to a complete 90 degree or a 130-degree angle depending on your seating arrangement and convenience. What makes this lamp a sound form of investment is its sight-sensitive feature, which means that even though it is LED, it does not flicker over your eyes and cause strain.

You can always expect a smooth reading experience with this desk lamp. Despite the usual button technology in desk lamps, this LED Desk Lamp has a built-in touch-technology that allows a smooth operation without having to press any buttons.

  • It is cornea-sensitive because of its in-built technology which does not cause any disturbance to the user
  • It has adjustable features through which the mode can be fixed depending on the temperature or the brightness
  • Due to its amalgamation of extensive features, this lamp retails at a highly expensive rate

12. Luxe Cordless LED Desk Lamp

This unique model is the epitome of modern lamps because of its modern technological features, which makes it a sound form of investment. It has an inbuilt USB charging technology that makes it convenient to carry it around with you wherever you like. 

Also comes with a touch control system where the 6 brightness levels can be adjusted to set the mood at will. It is a 360-degree adjustable lamp that can be bent in every direction to suit your requirements. And it emits up to 40 hours of continuous light.

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp, USB Rechargeable, Up to 40...
  • ENHANCED LIGHTING CONTROL: The energy efficient...


User experience states the convenience of using this lamp as the best source of investment because of the features it comes with. It is cornea-sensitive, which implies that the LED lights used in this lamp do not give out UV light which can damage the eyesight.

It’s brightness adjustable feature makes it the complete mood-setter. Plus, it is highly durable as the light lasts for over 50,000 hours, 40 hours at a stretch every time you turn it on. It also has a 1-meter fall protection which saves it from small bumps and accidents.

It’s modern design and outlook makes it a perfect decor- friendly piece to your setting. The ability to adjust the lighting according to the mood is like icing on the cake. 

  • Extremely adjustable touch technology makes it a perfect mood-setter for any time of the day because of its 6-level brightness adjuster and 3 levels of mode
  • Chargeable through its USB portal, which makes it a travel-friendly investment
  • Sensitive to the eye because of its receptibility and because the LED does not emit any harmful UV rays
  • Can be operated for up to 40 hours at a stretch
  • USB charging portal is only meant for charging the device
  • Due to the presence of so many features, the product is on the expensive side

13. TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp

This LED metal desk lamp is extremely flexible and it is made up of durable plastic and aluminum alloy. Since Aluminium is a good material for durability in lighting products, the TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp becomes a sound form of investment.

It has a flexible head which can be rotated in any direction and is not prone to any kind of damage due to its aluminum composition. It is flicker-free and does not irritate the eye during its usage, unlike other desk lamps. The lamp is made up of a metal base that does not let it topple over while it is switched on.


This super saving-lamp uses up to 75% less of the energy used by other incandescent lamps, with the same level of brightness. So, it is a super energy saver that is required in today’s environment.

The light is photo-sensitive and does not flicker while using it, which helps to prevent any damage to the cornea. And the lamp is slightly on the inexpensive side.

You can expect a higher sense of readability with these metal desk lamps. It is the perfect blend of traditional and modern features that means it can fit into an antique set-up as well as a modern set-up. 

  • A great conserver of energy as it uses 75% less energy than other lamps using the same brightness level
  • The metal alloy made up of aluminum makes it a very durable product
  • Does not have too many features involved which helps enhance its durability
  • Not transportable, unlike other desk lamps

14. Fugetek FT L798 Desk Lamp

This exclusive model has recessed LEDs which is only exclusive to this brand. Nowhere else in the market will you come across this feature in desk lamps. The Fugetek desk lamp comes with a smartphone charging USB port through which you can charge your smartphones, even while using the lamp to read, or for doing any other work. 

Fugetek LED Desk Office Lamp, Exclusive: 27 Eye-Caring Recessed LEDs,...
  • RECESSED EYE SAVING LED LAMP (Fugetek Exclusive):...
  • LONGEST LIFE LED BULB: Never Replace A Bulb. Our...


It is sensitive to the eye because of its LED technology which does not flicker even after long hours of usage. And the best part, it does not emit harmful UV rays which can be fatal to your sight after long durations of usage. 

The durability of this desk lamp is commendable due to its super-sustainable feature of 25 years under normal everyday usage. It also comes with a UL certified power adapter which is economical.

These lamps are a reliable source of technology and since it is LED, a lot more energy is saved. 


Moreover, the lighting adjustability feature is commendable because of its touch-sensitive dimmer, and its mode of adjusting the light according to your mood and ambiance. It has 4 modes and 5 levels of brightness which makes it your perfect lighting partner. 

However, the auto-saving mode which goes off after one hour is not very economical.

  • Comes with a chargeable USB portal through which you can charge your smartphone while using the lamp
  • Eco-friendly and easy to use
  • Several modes and brightness levels for you to adjust it according to your mood 
  • Cannot be used for charging tablets, only smartphones

15. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

This basic LED lighting with a fully-rotatable neck is what you need on your desk for the perfect lighting partner. It indicates that the head of the lamp is made up of a  bendable material that can be twisted and bent in every direction, which makes it a great adjustable feature. 

No products found.


The adjustability feature is unique as it comes in 4 different modes like sleeping, relaxing, reading and studying. A perfect partner for every mood. 

It has a one-hour timer after which it turns off automatically. This makes it a great energy-saving incentive. To activate the one-hour timer, hold down the power button till it activates. 

The lamp has a strong metal design unlike other lamps in the market, which implies that it is a durable product and can be used for a very long time. A heavy base is added to the lamp so that it stays in place.

It is cornea-friendly because of its LED light technology which cuts off the glare coming from the lamp. This makes it a good reading light partner. But the one-hour timer will not activate on its own. Thus, it needs to be activated manually.

  • Comes with a USB portal through which you can charge your phone throughout the night
  • Sensitive to the eye and can be used for a long period of time
  • Several modes set the right tone for the right ambiance 
  • Only smartphones can be charged on this device

16. Brightech – Circle LED Desk Lamp

The Brightech Circle LED Desk Lamp comes with next to zero assemblies required. This beautifully designed product has a color temperature rising up to 3000 Kelvin and a whooping 1330 Lumens. All left for the customer to do is to plug in and play. 


The lamp has three different settings of brightness modes. On pressing the power button once, it illuminates the whole circle and its super bright, enough to make do with in order to read. 

In the second set, the light reduces to a more soothing level, which can be brought about by re-pressing the power button. Finally, on the third set, again by pressing the power button for the third time, the lamplight dims to the lowest level. 

This gives the customer a choice to choose between levels of brightness. The bulb used inside the lamp is a 12-watt built-in LED that consumes very little power and never has to be replaced. 

The perfect circular shape of the lamp implies that it is a very trendy product of its type and will suit customers who are looking for a fancy lamp to decorate their house or office. Overall, a very good product and its recommended for house decor more than the office space.

  • Energy-efficient and saves a lot of current/electricity as it accommodates an LED tube light inside
  • It has three levels of brightness through which the customer can choose his/her most appropriate setting
  • Size makes it cumbersome to transfer or move it from one place to another

17. Tomons Wood Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp

The Tomons Wood Swing Arm Desk Lamp is a product that accommodates and supports 110-240V power LED lights that come with a reliable circuit system. A design made entirely out of natural wood comprises a lighting technology that has been tested by experts. It’s also made of top notch quality materials.


Due to the convenience of dismantling the lamp, it makes the product easy to store and use with a ease of portability

The amazing design of the lamp makes it a must want as the Scandinavian style given to it makes it perfect to be placed anywhere. You can have it placed in the study, living room, office or any other corporate atmosphere making it extremely blendable with its surroundings.

A much-recommended lamp considering its overall quality, durability, and reasonable price tag. The swinging arm of the lamp makes it extremely convenient for the customer to adjust the direction of light in whichever angle he or she pleases.

But unlike other modern age and state of the art technology lamps, this one is relatively simple and it does not accommodate fancy switches or buttons.

  • Immensely durable material facilitates daily and frequent use without wearing out
  • Micro-serrated edge cuts cleanly through tougher materials
  • Interlock screw adjusts tension for desired preferences
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Could be a pretty expensive buy


  • The swinging arm gives it much flexibility to complement its structure 
  • Its big shed for the light helps in distributing the light over a large surface 


  • The lamp does not accommodate fancy switches, buttons or looks

18. Newhouse LED Desk Lamp

In need of a unique structure for a lamp? We are offered exactly what we are looking for. The Newhouse LED Desk Lamp is a very well designed and modern looking lamp without any modern generation technology supporting its functionality. 

The LED accommodated within the lamp provides a soft and warm color temperature of about 3000K brightness and has a run time of about 35,000 hours.

Newhouse Lighting DLST01-B Energy-Efficient 5-watt Architect LED Desk...
  • The highest quality energy saving LEDS provide...
  • Energy-Efficient LED lighting. Replace old CFL or...


In order to show more concern for our environment, we must all opt for using LEDs rather than CFL or Halogen lights as they consume a lot more energy. By investing and using products such as this lamp, we show our support as well as reduce energy consumption.

The adjustable arm of the lamp makes it extremely flexible and the rotating base contributes to this cause as well. These features are beneficial for the customer who can adjust the lamp as per their own preference.


Moreover, the design is well made and has a little vintage look to it making it compatible with any environment whether at office or at home, the lamp proves to be a good buy either way. The arm is adjustable much like the other lamps and it also comprises a rotating base that makes it really convenient for the customer to adjust it to his or her liking.

  • The use of an LED makes the lamp very energy efficient and encourages people to change from CFL and halogens to LEDs
  • The traditional functionality of a lamp is maintained and it has no modern-day technology to offer

19. Oak Leaf Desk Lamp

Are you a student looking for a study lamp to place at your desk? We have the best lamp available for your requirements. The Oak Leaf Desk Lamp is the Best Student Design Lamp voted in the year 2016. 

The luxury chic design of the lamp makes it fit in any environment with ease, be it in the living room, bedroom, study room or in a corporate environment, it blends in everywhere and anywhere. 


The adjustable arm of the lamp, as well as the base, makes it extremely flexible for regular use. And the lamp includes an LED bulb that need not be replaced for more than a decade as it can last over 25 years if used appropriately and with care.

It is eco-friendly and economical as it reduces our bill down considerably thus contributing to the environment and being pocket-friendly at the same time. 

Moreover, the light from the lamp can be adjusted and dimmed according to the customer’s preference. Thus making the brightness adjustability feature suitable for each customer in order to satisfy their eyesight and provide suitable protection.

It includes a smart technology panel that is one touch and can be operated conveniently by customer’s especially students.

The Oak Leaf Desk Lamp has a beautiful and one of the most sophisticated design compared to its competitors. Its design is suited to blend into any surroundings and works very efficiently throughout its lifetime.

  • Durability and lifespan speak volumes on the price tag as it proves to be an economic bargain
  • State of the art, first-touch technology that gives it a modern look and approach 
  • Must be taken care of and not manhandled for it is fancy and needs special care to last a lifetime

20. Verilux Swan LED Desk Lamp

Looking for an unorthodox look for your lamp? We have a swan-shaped lamp made available to us by Verilux. The Verilux Swan LED Lamp is designed like a swan and uses energy-efficient LEDs that are 64 hours long-lasting and provides three dynamic temperatures of colors. Its output is that of 600, 580 and 450 lumens. 

Verilux Swan Natural Spectrum LED Desk Lamp with 3 Color Modes, 7...
  • 64 long-lasting, energy efficient LEDs provide...
  • 450, 580, 600 Lumens Output


This lamp comprises a USB port that makes it extremely convenient for the customer to charge their electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. The user has the freedom to choose among seven different intensities for each temperature of color. 

However, the durability of the product justifies the nominal cost of the product and its flexibility. Plus, the gooseneck feature provides the customer with the ability to turn the neck in whichever direction he or she feels comfortable in.

Its sleek body makes it a desirable product and also easy to move around. Though it looks simple but it is a very efficient and energy-saving product, it does not falter in its performance and can be very useful to students as well. Overall a much sort after desk lamp and should be for it is a value for money product at the end of the day.

  • Comes with a USB port which gives an edge to this lamp over its competitors
  • The flexibility of the neck and the lightweight design makes adjustments easy
  • It does not comprise of any latest technology to make it more appealing

21. Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This lamp is the perfect combination of classy and preppy. It is made of fine polished wood as well as metal, giving it a perfect support system. The bottom part of the lamp is made up of metal to prevent it from toppling over, thereby saving it from any kind of damage which could have been inflicted upon it.

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp, Wood LED Table Lamp, Reading Lights for...
  • Nature Wood Frame: The body is made of solid wood,...
  • Modern Style: Classic Solid wood meets iron,...


It is a designer lampshade and can be used in several places. This modern-day designer lamp fulfills all the basic needs that you can procure from a lamp.

And the best part, its a lamp which you can use in your office for those long hours of work and as a bedside lamp for your perfect reading partner at night when all the main lights are off. 

Plus, it comes in various classic, yet sultry designs and out of the many choices that you will come across, at least one will camouflage with your home decor and theme. 


It is a very simple lamp which means that you do not have to fish out designs that will fit your home decor.

Since these lamps have a really elegant and sultry look, it will go with any basic set up at your home. 

  • Not an expensive investment
  • Considerably durable because of the top-class material it is made up of 
  • Does not have LED lighting which is environmentally friendly

22. BenQ LED Desk Lamp

This is the World’s First Desk Lamp for monitors. Don’t get us wrong. You can use it for other purposes as well. It just specifies its use as a monitor lamp. It has twice as much power and sustainability as any other lamp. 

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp/Swing Arm/Eye-Caring Table/Office...
  • 35” WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: featuring advanced...


It is made of proper sensor technology which implies that the light from the lamp’s sensor detects the lighting around it and adjusts its brightness accordingly. However, you too can change the brightness levels according to your mood by just adjusting the knob that is fixed at the bottom of the lamp.

The LED light provided by the lamp is cornea-sensitive, which means that it does not emit any glare to your eyes. It is environment-friendly and is an energy conserver. And its anticipated life-span is to provide you with maximum LED lighting for 8 hours every single day for the next 17 years.

We can easily set the mood according to our convenience, be it a relaxing mood or a warm one. It has a 150% wider lighting coverage than any other LED lamps and this factor again makes it a very good investment.

  • Has perfect LED lighting with mood-setting functions which can be adjusted to any ambience
  • Contains a light sensor that detects the temperature around it and adjusts the brightness accordingly
  • Comes with an extremely flexible head which can be twisted in any angle for a better view
  • It is slightly on the expensive side due to a large number of features it entails

23. Koncept Equo Desk Lamp

We have a 6 watt/12V desk lamp with a white LED which does not give out a sharp glare. If the light is too sharp, it might severely affect the reader’s eyes. 

Koncept Equo lamp is environment-friendly and does not cause any kind of harm to your cornea, so you can work for hours at a stretch without worrying about buying a pair of glasses.

Koncept ELX-A-C-BLK-DSK Equo LED Desk Lamp, Cool Light, Black
  • 6 watt/12V desk lamp with 4500K cool white LED and...
  • Aluminum housing for light weight and resistance...


The intensity of the light which is being emitted from the lamp can be increased or decreased according to your convenience. This is possible through the self-dimmer which is present on the lamp itself with several levels of brightness and moods, so you can adjust the dimmer according to the ambiance and mood.

Moreoevr, this lightweight and corrosion-resistant desk lamp is something you would surely like to get your hands on.

It is made up of aluminum, which is a good conductor of heat and has a lightweight feature. This means that it is easily portable and can be transferred from one place to another.


It comes with a 10-inch cord and a transformer to make sure that there is proper resistance to high voltage. This transformer is like a safety net to you, which allows you to be completely care-free about your usage of the lamp.

  • High voltage supportive system in the form of a transformer which is your safety net
  •  Flexible desk lamp that can be rotated in every direction and is made up of aluminum that is really lightweight and easy to carry around 
  • It is not made of LED lighting, which makes it harmful for the environment as well as your eyes

24. Saicoo LED Desk Lamp

This wide-paneled LED Desk lamp is a sight to behold because of its classy and modern look. It can fit anywhere in your home or office and can revamp the look of the entire place. Make sure the furniture goes well with the lamp because any basic setting will camouflage the classy vibe of this lamp.

Saicoo LED Desktop Lamp with Large LED Panel, Seamless Dimming-Control...
  • Apply to All Scenes: Seamless Mode Control:...
  • Special Eye-Care LED: Large-sized LED panel (7.4...


It has a large LED panel which means that the light coming out of the lamp has a wider coverage. This implies that it can be used for other forms of lighting as well. 

Not just for reading books, we can use it as a form of floor lighting which really tends to brighten up the place. The large LED panel also ensures that our eyes are not affected by the wide-stance lighting as compared to a more focused form of lighting.

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It is made up of an easy touch technology that comes with a dimmer. This allows you to adjust its lighting and brightness.

There are several moods and levels of brightness that we can choose from. It has 5 angular adjustable points, making it a very flexible lamp that can be adjusted according to our convenience and position.

  • The lamp has a dimmer which allows you to adjust the brightness level of the light
  • It has a wide paneled lighting, which means that it is cornea-sensitive and it comes with a USB charging portal
  • The lamp featured here is slightly on the expensive side

25. Newhouse LED Desk Lamp

This 5-watt designer LED desk lamp is a total charmer because of the basic vibe that it gives out. It is the highest quality energy-saving lamps that you can get in the market. And provides you with special protection for your eyes, being a non-flickering light.

Newhouse Lighting 5W Designer LED Desk Lamp w/Brightness Dimmer and...
  • The highest quality energy saving LEDS provide...
  • Convenient 2.1A USB Charging Station Hub for...


The Newhouse LED desk lamp adjusts the color according to the temperature outside. This means that it will emit bluish undertones if it is cold outside and yellow undertones if it is bright.

It makes a great product for college and university rooms because of the basic design it entails. And the life span of this desk lamp is 22 years! 

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The emission of the light is smooth and controlled, so you will have no difficulty in using it for hours. But since it comes with so many features, it stands within an expensive price range.

It has convenient USB charging portals with which you can charge your smartphones, laptops or any other device.

  • LED desk lamp has a life-span of 22.8 years which makes it a stable and preferred form of investment
  • Light is automatically controlled through the sensor which changes color according to the temperature
  • Comes with a USB port through which you can charge any device 
  • It is not travel-friendly


Most of these lamps we’ve selected aim to be better in every way possible – from their price to their ability to conserve energy. We selected only the best-rated desk lamps with great quality to ensure that we find the optimal option for you. 

And with that, we’ll wrap up today’s guide and hope to see you again soon!  

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