Best Multimeters: 13 Best Multimeters For Electronics Technicians In 2022

Electronics technicians have to deal with power-sensitive components on a daily basis. And naturally, they never leave home without their multimeters.

Technicians who work with electronic devices have to measure multiple device parameters during their course of operation. This means they require separate instruments to measure resistance, current, inductance, etc.

However, carrying separate devices for individual measurements is simply not possible in most situations.

QUICK COMPARISON: Our Top 3 Picks for Multimeter for Electronics Technician

  • Simple design that’s easy to use
  • Fast and accurate functions
  • Combo kit with advanced troubleshooting functions
  • Multi-parameter measurement capability
  • Data logging and data export features
  • Conforms to the latest safety standards
  • Multi-parameter measurements
  • Large LED-backlit display
  • CAT III 600V safety rated

The only solution in this respect is to use high-quality multimeters that combine all these functions under the same hood. The trouble is, there are a large variety of instruments to choose from. Naturally, users are often left in the lurch with a faulty device.

But you don’t have to worry about anything! Today, we are going to provide you with complete information regarding the best multimeters of 2022. And to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes when choosing one, we’ve gone ahead and created a comprehensive buyers’ guide that’ll allow you to make the right choice.

Let’s get measuring.

Best Multimeter For Electronics Technicians

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Fluke 287 Digital Multimeter
  • Multi-parameter measurement capability
  • Data logging and data export features
  • Conforms to the latest safety standards
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Fluke 179 Industrial Electronics Multimeter
  • Simple design that’s easy to use
  • Fast and accurate functions
  • Combo kit with advanced troubleshooting functions
Fluke 115 Compact True RMS Digital Multimeter
  • Multi-parameter measurements
  • Large LED-backlit display
  • CAT III 600V safety rated
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Klien Tools MM700 Multimeter
  • Increased Accuracy
  • CAT IV 600V Safety Rating
  • Sturdy and durable build
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Amprobe AM-530 Multimeter
  • Measures both AC and DC parameters
  • True-RMS feature enables accurate measurement
  • Diode test capability
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Innova 3340 Multimeter
  • Safety certified product
  • Tests multiple electronic and electrical components
  • Includes lead holders for hands-free protection
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Etekcity MSR-C600 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
  • Perfect measurements
  • Jaw clamp feature
  • Large LCD display
Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter
  • Non-contact AC voltage detector
  • Auto-ranging function
  • Built-in thermometer
Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
  • Rubberized corner guards
  • UL certified product
  • Auto-ranging feature
61dwbqtt2el. Sl300
Amprobe 30XR-A Digital Multimeter
  • Simple operation
  • Comes with a magnetic strap
  • Non-contact voltage testing
81rwljriygl. Sl300
TekPower TP9605BT True RMS Multimeter
  • True RMS multimeter with intelligent connections
  • Dedicated Android and iOS app
  • K-Type thermal probe included
718xzreo85l. Sl300
AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000
  • Auto-ranging capability
  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Three years company warranty
71e1gqwl1el. Sl300
Tekpower Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter
  • Diode and circuit continuity testing
  • LED as well as audio warning
  • Auto-off capability

Electrician engineer work tester measuring voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

  1. Fluke 287 Digital Multimeter

Multimeters are precision instruments that need to deliver impeccable performance while not compromising on the safety factor. And the Fluke 287 digital multimeter boasts of excellent measurement capabilities, all the while ensuring the safety of the user. Just take a look below and judge for yourselves.

Fluke 287 True-RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter
  • Auto and manual ranging, datalogging digital...
  • True RMS meter provides accurate readings when...

Why Did We Like It?

Most multimeters allow the user to measure only the basic electrical parameters such as resistance, current, and voltage. However, electronic devices require the measurement of other factors such as inductance, capacitance, and conductance, to name a few.

And this is where the Fluke 287 won our hearts over. This nifty device allows the users to take all the required readings with utmost accuracy. It even incorporates data logging features and supports data export to computers.

Furthermore, this unit is a true RMS meter that provides accurate readings for both linear as well as non-linear loads, and supports sinusoidal as well as non-sinusoidal voltages. What’s more, the backlit LCD display allows detection of signal anomalies over time.


As regards the safety features, the device conforms to all essential security and safety standards, and even incorporates on-board help screens for measurement functions. And the interface is multilingual, so anybody can use it with ease.

What Could’ve Been Better

While we do acknowledge that this device is an all-rounder, still, the price tag is a little too high for our liking. For professionals, however, shelling out a few extra bucks is justified given the feature-set on offer.

  • Highly accurate multi-function measurement
  • Durable build quality that lasts longer
  • Data logging features
  • Multilingual interface
  • Rather expensive price tag
  1. Fluke 179 Industrial Electronics Multimeter

Another quality product from the house of Fluke, the 179 industrial electronics multimeter is one of the best that money can buy. With a unique design that is the envy of many competing brands, this is one product that truly has a ton of exciting functions.

Fluke 179/EDA2 6-Piece Industrial Electronics Multimeter Combo Kit
  • 6 piece industrial thermometer combo kit
  • Full featured DMM with advanced electronic...

Why Did We Like It? 

If reliability and precision are your topmost priorities, then this is the perfect device for your needs. The Fluke 179 is the best solution for professional technicians anywhere and is built to operate flawlessly in harsh industrial environments.

The device comes equipped with a combo kit that includes multiple probes for industrial testing, as well as a soft carry-case and batteries. This ensures that the meter can be used in any situation and for any electronic detection function.

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In situations that involve electronics and electricals, there always remains a potential for power hazards. However, with this device, you don’t need to be worried about safety. The Fluke 179 conforms with all the required safety standards, which means no user has to worry about electrical injuries while on the job.

Finally, we’d like to mention that the Fluke 179 comes with a lifetime warranty, which simply translates to complete peace of mind.

What Could’ve Been Better?

To be frank, we couldn’t find anything wrong with the product itself. The only pain point that we have with this product is that the device does not come with a hanging strap, which means you’ll always have to use a hand to carry it. But we expect the world from Fluke, and this might just come across as asking for too much!

  • Advanced safety features
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multiple industrial probes
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Doesn’t come with a hanging strap
  1. Fluke 115 Compact True RMS Digital Multimeter

As you might have already guessed, Fluke is one of the undisputed leaders of the multimeter world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the brand occupies three mentions on our list. And with the Fluke 115, the company has delivered another winner.

Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter, Measures AC/DC Voltage To 600 V and...
  • True-rms for accurate measurements on non-linear...
  • safety rated

Why Did We Like It?

The Fluke 115 Compact multimeter is an excellent device, and we don’t say this lightly at all. The true RMS function offers perfect measurements, even on non-linear loads, and has been rated CAT III 600V safe.

Another interesting feature of this device is that it comes with an LED backlight display that ensures perfect visibility in any lighting condition. This is a significant improvement over displays that often show angular distortion, which may lead to faulty readings.

Fluke devices are always built with industrial use in mind, and true to the brand philosophy, this device operates flawlessly in industrial environments, even under extreme temperatures. This makes it one of the most rugged multimeters on the market.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While our tests found the multimeter to be useful for multiple industrial applications, sadly, the absence of milli- and micro-ampere readings means it can’t be used for computer system repairs. This somewhat limits its usability in our opinion.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Accurate operation
  • Adequate safety features
  • Comes with batteries installed
  • Not suitable for computer repairs
  1. Klien Tools MM700 Multimeter

Fluke is no doubt the premium player when it comes to multimeters, but not everyone has the budget to get an expensive device. And that’s where Klien comes to the rescue with its quality products that are also affordable. Don’t believe us? Just read on to know more.

Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter, Electrical Tester is Autoranging, for...
  • Multimeter with automatic ranging true root mean...
  • Tester measures up to 1000V AC/DC voltage, 10A...

Why Did We Like It?

During all our years of testing multimeters, we’ve seen many products. And usually, budget options don’t really live up to all that they promise. So imagine our pleasant surprise when we tested out the MM700.

The device is a truly automatic TMRS multimeter and measures both alternating and direct currents and voltages. Apart from the above, the device can also measure capacitance, temperature, diode parameters, and circuit continuity.

We were particularly impressed by the product’s measurement ranges, which allow up to 1000V AC/DC voltage measurement, among other things. Plus, the device comes with a CAT IV 600 safety rating, which means users don’t have to worry about mishaps during use.

The device is rugged enough to withstand rough handling and can be used in residential as well as business and industrial locations. The low battery indicator serves to warn of depleting power levels, and the low impedance mode helps to identify stray voltages. Overall, one of the best devices at its price range.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite the rather impressive feature-set, we were a little disappointed with the speed with which the device takes readings. Frankly, in critical, time-sensitive situations, this can prove to be a significant hindrance. That apart, this is an excellent device at low prices.

  • True-Auto TMRS technology for better accuracy
  • Large measurement capacity for both AC and DC
  • Low impedance mode for identifying stray voltages
  • Rugged design for resilient operation
  • Slow reading speeds
  1. Amprobe AM-530 Multimeter

The AM-530 model from Amprobe is another excellent budget multimeter that gets the job done wonderfully. Packed with excellent features at this price range, this cost-effective device is perfect for professional as well as home use.

Amprobe AM-530 True-RMS Electrical Contractor Multimeter with...
  • Voltage up too 600V AC/DC, AC/DC current,...
  • True-rms feature to accurately measure voltage and...

Why Did We Like It?

The AM-530 stands apart from the crowd in its ability to detect voltages without contact. This non-contact voltage detector capability makes sure that the user doesn’t have to face any risk while taking measurements.

Another aspect of the device which impressed us was the true RMS feature that allows for accurate measurements to be taken under all conditions. The device even works well in noisy industrial environments that are affected by harmonic frequencies. 

Apart from the above, the device can also measure capacitance, current, resistance, and frequency. This makes the device a true multimeter that’s perfect for any kind of electronic troubleshooting operation.


Finally, we’d like to mention that the device comes with a built-in flashlight, which goes to show the foresight of the manufacturers. Often, technicians have to work under devices and in dark corners where it can be difficult to take precise readings. The presence of the flashlight solves this problem wonderfully. We like it.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite the rather impressive operational capacity of the device, there was one thing that really had us miffed. We’d expected the remote voltage detection capability to actually indicate the sensed voltage. What it does instead is merely indicate the presence of a voltage with a beep. This makes the measurements a tad inaccurate.

  • Multi-function device ensures versatile usability
  • Works well for electrical as well as electronic devices
  • Enhanced safety
  • Carrying case with strap
  • Non-contact voltage detection leaves something to be desired
  1. Innova 3340 Multimeter

The 3340 model from Innova is a professional automotive multimeter that is specifically designed to weed out engine problems. Nevertheless, it can also be used in general electronic as well as electrical troubleshooting. Preferred by the pros, this is one of the better ones. Just check out its details below.

Innova 3340 Professional Automotive Digital Multimeter
  • Designed to pinpoint engine problems; tests...
  • Features auto-ranging, auto shut-off and over-load...

Why Did We Like It?

Accurate multimeters are very hard to come by at reasonable prices. Either one has to shell out for a premium brand or be satisfied with a less-than-ideal option. However, the 3340 from Innova strikes the perfect balance between both worlds.

First off, we must mention the auto-ranging feature of the product that ensures that measurements are taken accurately. Along with that, the device also comes with an auto-shutdown feature. This guarantees that your device doesn’t waste any power when it’s not in use. Not only does this make it cost-effective, but it also reduces its carbon footprint.

Secondly, the device comes with a handy temperature probe that can take readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. And all measurements are made easy with the large screen display that clearly outputs all the readings taken.


Finally, we were really pleased to see that this device is a UL certified product; also, the fact that it comes with an easy-carry case lends to the portability of the device. In short, this is an accurate, precise, and affordable product that any technician would be proud to have as a primary or spare multimeter.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There are two things that we’d like to point out about this device. Despite giving accurate readings while in operation, the device has been known to flash false readings even when it’s not connected to any system. This might make it somewhat unreliable in high precision situations.

  • Overload protection against power surges
  • Multiple test modes including temperature testing
  • Comes with a convenient carry case
  • UL certified product
  • Somewhat unreliable
  1. Etekcity MSR-C600 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

We’ve already listed some of the best affordable multimeters on the market. But if you are looking for a really low-budget option that suits your needs, this is the one. The MSR-C600 from Etekcity is an excellent option among clamp multimeters and is best suited for household work. Following are some of its details.

Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter AC Current and AC/DC Voltage...
  • Accurately Measures: AC/DC voltage, only for AC...
  • Jaw Opening: the Clamp measures the AC current in...

Why Did We Like It?

Frankly speaking, we’re more than pleasantly surprised to find so many features and functions at such a low price. Not only does the device excel at accurately measuring AC as well as DC parameters, but it also has provisions for diode and circuit-continuity tests.

What’s more, the product comes with a jaw clamp that allows the user to measure alternating currents in a conductor, that too without interrupting the circuit. This helps to take live measurements in systems and identify faults.

As regards safety, the device has you covered there as well. The multimeter comes with insulated test probes and plastic gripping that makes for safer operation during measuring and troubleshooting.

Finally, even in such a low-cost device, the manufacturers have included an auto-sleep mode after fifteen minutes of inactivity. This helps to conserve battery power. Affordable, safe, and perfect for general use, this is one device that has the ability to suit beginners and pros alike.

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Despite being such an excellent product, the non-contact jaw clamp can only measure currents and not voltages. To measure voltages, one needs to use the probes on a physical connection. This limits the usability of the device somewhat.

  • Accurately measures both AC as well as DC parameters
  • Comes with a handy carry case
  • Auto-sleep mode for power saving
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Jaw clamps can’t measure voltages
  1. Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter

Another low budget option, the EX330 from Extech is a compact device that packs a real punch. Perfect for any kind of electronics and home electricals testing, this digital multimeter is feature-rich, convenient, and above all, affordable.

Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with NCV and Type K...
  • Built in non-contact AC voltage detector (NCV)
  • Transmitter and Receiver snap together for easy...

Why Did We Like It?

First off, the convenience: this device is one of the best multimeters that we’ve come across at this price range. The device is simple to handle and incorporates multiple functions under the hood. 

This product includes two meters in one: a fully digital multimeter, together with a non-contact voltage detector. The device can measure AC as well as DC voltages with a 0.5 percent accuracy, which is rather impressive considering the price of the device.


This product can also measure AC/DC currents up to 10 amperes. But wait! It doesn’t stop there. The EX330 also has the capability to perform diode tests, measure resistance, and even perform circuit continuity tests. 

Add to that the large LED display, built-in thermometer, and type K temperature probe, and you’ve got the perfect device for any electronic or electrical work.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We realize this is a budget option and hence we can’t expect much from it. Nonetheless, we think it prudent to mention that the hold function on this product is rather basic. In fact, for more complicated operations, technicians might want to go for a higher priced model.

  • Auto-shutdown feature for power saving
  • Measures frequency, as well as capacitance
  • Relative function for reference comparison
  • Large LED display
  • Hold function is very basic
  1. Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

For every electronics technician, there comes a time when their primary multimeter gives out. This can be due to prolonged use or circuit faults. To tackle such situations, it pays to keep a spare handy. And the Innova 3320 has the potential to serve as your backup.

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
  • UL certified product designed to safely and...
  • Auto-ranging scales automatically selects correct...

Why Did We Like It?

Perfect for beginners in multimeter use, the Innova 3320 includes all the essential functions that are needed for carrying out basic electronic and electrical work. With a hands-free design, this device can safely troubleshoot most household and automotive problems.

As you’ve noticed above, one of the standout features of this device is its auto-ranging technology. This function allows the device to be used without the need to dial-in the correct range, thus making measurements more fluid and error-free.

Apart from that, the device boasts of a single-setting resistance function for AC as well as DC voltages. This adds to the versatility of the product.

Further, the manufacturers of the product have also taken care of usability factors. The device features a large digital display that allows the user to view readings correctly and take measurements. It even comes with color-coded LEDs that indicate the battery levels.

And the icing on the cake comes in the form of the rubberized corner guards that protect the device against accidental drops. Considering that all this comes at a truly modest price, this device is a steal-deal any day.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Being on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, this device cannot be effectively used to handle higher currents and voltages. It’s only CAT II certified, and this limits its usability to household electronics and the like.

  • Single setting resistance function
  • Rubber corners for drop protection
  • Prominent display
  • Durable build
  • Not suitable for industrial applications
  1. Amprobe 30XR-A Digital Multimeter

We’ve already included an Amprobe device earlier in the list, but this product impressed us with its excellent quality and impeccable value for money. So much so that we reckon it deserves mention among our budget buys.

Amprobe 30XR-A Prof DMM with Non-Contact Volt Tester
  • Non-Contact Voltage Tester To 600V AC
  • Magne-Grip Holster With Magnetic Hanging Strap

Why Did We Like It?

If we had to choose the one defining factor for this device, it has to be the non-contact voltage testing function, which allows readings of up to 600V AC. To be frank, we didn’t expect such excellent functionality in a device that’s priced so modestly.

Users have reported that the device is reliable, sturdy, and above all, simple to use. This makes it the best fit for beginners who are just starting to get used to multimeters. Another feature that can help novices is the magnetic grip holster that makes carrying the device around a breeze.


Suitable for all kinds of repair work at home or in the office, the 30XR-A promises precise operation in all situations. The device also takes care of the safety factor by ensuring that every unit is tested rigorously using state of the art technology.

Durable, affordable, and versatile, this is one product that can serve you under any condition. What else could you ask for?

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only bit of concern we found in this product was regarding the continuity check, which is really slow. Even when you bring the two probes in contact, the signaling beep takes a rather long time to sound. That apart, we’re satisfied with the product.

  • Fully safety fused
  • Magnetic grip holster
  • Non-contact voltage testing
  • Safe, rugged, and reliable
  • Continuity function is very slow
  1. TekPower TP9605BT True RMS Multimeter

Usually, we labor under the presumption that pricier must necessarily be better. But at times, a product comes along which offers the features of a premium brand, at a quarter of the cost. This is true for the TP9605BT from TekPower; with impressive features at a reasonable price tag, this is one device that gets full marks from us. Why? Just read on to find out.

TekPower TP9605BT Auto Ranging Digital True RMS Smart Multimeter with...
  • Full Function 6000 Counts True RMS Multimeter with...
  • World First Cellphone Connected Multimeter,...

Why Did We Like It?

We live in a world where everything is connected to our cell phones, so why shouldn’t a multimeter be as well? This particular model caught our eye by virtue of coming with a dedicated app that allows the device to be connected with any smartphone.

What’s more, the device is a full-function multimeter that operates up to 6000 counts and comes with USB capability. This means it can even be connected with your computer for advanced usage.

But that’s not all. Apart from measuring the usual electrical parameters like current and voltage, the device also acts as a thermometer. It even comes with a K-type thermal probe to enable temperature measurement.


And to make things even sweeter, the device has the capability to enable data sharing over social platforms, email and even allows the user to save data as CSV files. Now, if that’s not advanced, we don’t know what is.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Our prime point of concern with this product is that the associated software for the device comes on a CD! With most laptops doing away with optical drives, this has become a big issue for us. We’d urge the manufacturers to make the software downloadable, please.

  • Fully compatible with smartphones and computers
  • Package includes a K-Type thermal probe
  • Auto-ranging, true RMS feature
  • High accuracy multi-function meter
  • Software not downloadable
  1. AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000

For any technicians worth their salt, value for money is one of the biggest concerns. And the AstroAI TRMS 6000 offers just that. Available at an affordable rate, this digital multimeter can measure all essential electronic and electrical parameters. What more, you ask? Then find the answers below.

AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Ohmmeter...
  • Versatile Digital Multimeter - Accurately measures...
  • Thoughtful Design - Support Data Hold, Large LCD...

Why Did We Like It?

To be honest, we were somewhat surprised, and pleasantly so, to find such a professional level device with this price tag. Technicians can look forward to employing this device for a wide range of tests. 

Apart from the usual trio of current, voltage, and resistance, the AstroAI 6000 can measure frequency, continuity, capacitance, and a plethora of other electrical and electronic factors. It even has a built-in thermometer for measuring temperature.


The auto-ranging capability of the device makes it suitable for professionals who would be using it for precise measurements. This makes it particularly suitable for industrial environments.

Also, we were impressed by the other convenient features of the device, including the large LCD backlit screen, auto-shutoff capability, and overload protection. In short, a complete winner, in our opinion.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we are impressed by the performance of the product, there is one point where the device has room to improve. The transistor current gain test function operates for very low levels of current and voltages. This makes the multimeter unsuitable for testing all kinds of transistors.

  • Wide range of testing capability
  • Professional-level features
  • Ideal for commercial settings
  • Built-in safety features
  • Not suitable for transistor testing
  1. Tekpower Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter

We are finally at the last item on our list, and we’ve decided to round things off with one of the most affordable multimeters around. Although not much on the precision side, the MS8268 is durable enough to get the job done.

Tekpower Mastech MS8268 Digital AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital...
  • AC/DC 1000V/10A 200KHz 200uF 40Mohm Relative...
  • LED / Sound Warning when incorrect banana jacks...

Why Did We Like It?

There are situations when you must have only the premium instruments. And then there are those times when the basic device will do. This product is meant for the latter use. The device is perfect to act as a spare that’ll serve you in times of emergency.

The product comes with auto as well as manual ranging capabilities, with relative measurement for all ranges except frequency. The auto-shutoff feature is a surprise in a device that’s so modestly priced.


The LCD display is backlit, and this, in our opinion, is another plus. But the defining feature of this device lies in its build quality. For the price, it’s got a surprisingly durable body that is good enough to handle industrial use. What’s more, it even comes with molded lead holders at the back, which is a bonus.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We faced significant problems during lengthy debugging sessions with the device as the auto-shutoff time cannot be adjusted from the default fifteen minutes. The device kept shutting off, and we had to restart it repeatedly to get the job done.

  • AC/DC dual measuring capability
  • Both auto as well as manual ranging
  • All range fused
  • One year company warranty
  • Auto-shutoff time cannot be altered

Best multimeters for electronics technicians

Top Multimeters for Electronic Technicians Buyers’ Guide

We’re sure that by now, you are convinced that you know enough about multimeters to go out and buy one. However, we’d encourage you to take a breather and stick with us for some moments more.

Buying a multimeter is a highly technical task that involves the careful weighing of multiple factors. If you’ve gone carefully through the above list, then you know that there are a wide range of different and intricately connected aspects that you must keep in mind while buying one.

So to help you navigate these choppy waters, we’ve compiled a list of the essential factors you need to keep in mind while buying a multimeter. Coupled with the list above, this buyers’ guide can be your perfect resource for choosing multimeters.

Type Of Use

Before buying a multimeter, stop to think about why you need one. Are you a professional who will be using the device regularly? Or are you a DIY enthusiast who likes to take things apart and handle troubleshooting on your own?

Whatever your answer is, the choice of multimeter depends on that. If you are a professional using the device in an industrial setting, then you need to consider several factors such as interference, vibration susceptibility, and electromagnetic resistance. Which means you might have to go for a costlier variety.

For home or occasional use, however, you can easily settle for a cheaper model that doesn’t hurt your pocket but gets the job done. So the kind of use you put the device through will primarily determine the one you choose.

Digital Or Analog

The choice here is a no brainer, of course. Digital multimeters are much more sensitive, accurate, and provide better readings than analog ones. Also, digital multimeters offer the users a large number of features that analog ones cannot. For that reason, our list only features digital devices. But analogs are also available in case you want to test them out.

Device Resolution

After usage, the resolution is the one factor that needs your undivided attention. High-resolution devices can detect the smallest of changes in the input signal, and hence are a lot more sensitive than devices with lower resolution.

The resolution of a digital multimeter is expressed by the number of digits that it can display. So it doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a professional, you are going to need a device with sufficient resolution to succeed. Usually, the more extensive the range of the multimeter, the better the resolution.

Multimeters Accuracy

For a multimeter, accuracy is often defined as the maximum allowed error limit in one reading. And the higher the accuracy of the device, the better. Multimeter readings will always fluctuate within a certain tolerance level. And while for home use, a low accuracy device may suffice, industrial settings will require higher levels of accuracy.

So be advised: high accuracy devices cost accordingly, and you need to carefully assess the level of accuracy you require before settling on a device. Otherwise, you risk paying more for a piece of equipment you don’t really need.

True RMS Feature

True RMS technology handles alternating currents and voltages. And as most devices run on AC, you’d best choose a multimeter that incorporates this feature. True RMS may seem a somewhat esoteric technology, it’s actually a rather simple concept.

AC signals are like waveforms, and the true RMS technology is used to measure the effectiveness of any AC wave signal. AC waves tend to be sinusoidal, though non-sinusoidal waves are also possible.

An advanced digital multimeter with true RMS should be able to measure both waveforms with equal precision. In recent years, true RMS has become an actual necessity. With more and more devices using short signal pulses (such as computers), it’s best you buy a multimeter with this feature included.

Multimeters Auto-ranging

This is yet another feature that must be present in a multimeter. Usually, auto ranging is available in higher-end devices, though some budget devices also incorporate it at times. This feature enables the multimeter to settle on the right measurement range.

The user only needs to select the required parameter (AC/DC/Ohms/Volts, etc.), and the meter adjusts itself accordingly. This can come in handy when you’re taking a large number of measurements.

Safety Ratings of Multimeters 

Finally, you need to consider the safety aspect of the device you are buying. Digital multimeters operate in electrical environments, and the devices are rated according to the safety levels they operate in. 

This is done by taking into account the working voltage and resilience of the device to peak transience. So before buying a digital multimeter, make sure you have taken the careful cognizance of the safety levels required for the task you will be performing.

Best multimeters for electronics technicians

Best Multimeters for Electronic Technicians Verdict

And there you have it! Our recommendations for the top multimeters available for electronics technicians. We hope you can now make the right decision regarding which multimeter to buy. Before we leave, however, we are going to reiterate our top recommendations.

And you’ve already guessed where we are heading, haven’t you? That’s right, for those of you professionals out there, we recommend going with the premium Fluke products, especially the 287 Model.

And if you’re looking for budget options, then we recommend you go with the TekPower TP9605BT for premium operation at optimal cost. And if you’re looking for a still lower range, consider going with the MS8268.

Whichever way you decide, be sure to go through the buyers’ guide before you make the right decision. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know. 

Till then, happy tinkering!

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Aida has been part of Architecture Lab ever since 2011 when she started ghost writing for the website on art and design topics, today she is our veteran design contributor, covering a wide array of topics that fuel her creativity.
Aida Vasquez
Aida Vasquez
Aida has been part of Architecture Lab ever since 2011 when she started ghost writing for the website on art and design topics, today she is our veteran design contributor, covering a wide array of topics that fuel her creativity. Highlights Aida is the first design contributor of Architecture Lab since 2011 She surges writing inspiration from real life as an avid architecture-art seeker always on the move She reviews and writes about products that she deems "cool enough" Experience Aida has been writing for Architecture Lab for almost 12 years now, writing about anything and everything in the art and design niche, every piece she writes she aces with extraordinary attention to detail and a mountain of research to back it up. When asked what drives her curiosity in realm of design Aida replied that: " Every object is the thought process of its creator at a given point in time, often the result of a years struggle that we get to enjoy so casually, we should never overlook the effort our fellow peers, even if it comes in absolutely stupidly mediocre design." Education Aida is a graduate of ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Porto
TITLE | Design Contribuitor at Architecture Lab
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