2 Best Poseable Artist Mannequins for Artists Right Now

Artists don’t have it half as easy as people think they do.

An artist spends years perfecting his craft, spending countless hours sketching, discarding those sketches, making more sketches; not to mention the inordinate levels of coffee they guzzle to function.

No wonder the stereotypical artist looks disheveled, they don’t have time!

But, technology has been a boon for humanity in general, and, inevitably, its benefits have trickled down to artists as well.

From VR-based 3D drawing to capable CAD tablets to poseable mannequins, being an artist is much easier today.

Speaking of poseable mannequins, they’re great pieces of equipment that help artists judge the proportions, shadows, lighting, etc. of a human body correctly.

However, it can be tough to pick the right one for yourself, especially when the market is flooded with tons of them.

But, fret not, for we’re featuring the best four poseable mannequins on the market today to narrow your choice down to the cream of the crop.

So let’s get started!

Best Poseable Artist Mannequin

Best poseable artist mannequins
  1. ROXYDISPLAY Mannequin

We’re kicking this list off with the ROXY DISPLAY mannequin.

It is a male mannequin and thus, possesses distinctly masculine features (save for the face, which seems to be going through an identity crisis), so those looking for a gender-neutral mannequin may want to look elsewhere.

The mannequin is 6 inches tall, its feet measure 10.5 inches, it features 38-inch hips, a waist measuring 32 inches and the chest measuring 36 inches round.

The mannequin also features support for make-up, with a mustache shade. It comes in a single flesh-tone color but does not include any costumes, wigs, or accessories.

(MZ-FM01-S) ROXYDISPLAY Female Mannequin, Flexible Head, arms and Legs...
  • MZ-FM01--S Female mannequin, flexible head, arms...
  • Size: Shoulder 17'' Chest:33.5'' Waist 26" Hip 35"...

It features calf, foot, and general muscle support for better stability and more precise dosing. The joints for the arms are copper units, affording the arms maximum flexibility. They have sturdy metal hinges which do not flex much once set into place.

While the arms are sturdy, the same cannot be said for the hands. They are slightly flimsy at best and care should be taken that the hands, elbows, and biceps are correctly assembled and tightened before getting it to pose.

The same goes for the legs. While they don’t move flimsily once locked, if, by chance, they are posed when unlocked, they might snap.

The mannequin features a chrome steel base, which looks attractive and keeps the mannequin in place.

Of course, it does not come pre-assembled (as is the norm with poseable mannequins), so you will have to assemble it yourself. That should not prove to be a problem as the assembly is fairly easy and despite the mannequin’s heft and mass, assembly should not take more than 15 minutes.

As far as application goes, artists looking for a mannequin that features a generic male shape will find this one to be suitable for their purposes. The joints feature a wide range of motion and can be twisted into many positions to suit your artistic needs. The face is suitable only for generic drawings as it is not very detailed.

It can also be used as a display item. While we do not recommend this for commercial use, it can be used for festivities, plays, or other situations which require one-time use.

  1. Unisex Alvin Wooden Human Mannequin

The second item on our list is the Alvin Wooden Human Mannequin.

It is a unisex mannequin, so if you’re looking for a generic human-shaped model, this one’s for you. But, if you’re looking for a distinctly male or female model, you’re better off with another model.

It is a rather tiny model, measuring around 12 inches in height, so it’s not suitable for applications that require a life-sized mannequin. However, it is perfect if you’re making quick sketches on, say, A4 paper and need an on-hand model on your desk.

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Given its minuscule stature, the mannequin does not weigh much, naturally. It weighs approximately 0.7 pounds, which means it’s not too heavy to carry on (think of this as a portable mannequin).

The model is made out of carved hardwood, and we found the workmanship to be top-class. Imperfections are minimal, and it looks smooth and sculpted.

The model is also proportioned very accurately and resembles the average human body (though the shape does have a distinctly male bias, despite its being unisex).

It comes with a tiny base (which looks like a huge pill) that is circular and does an excellent job of keeping the mannequin stable, even during posing sessions.

Now, onto the crux of the matter, which is, how good a contortionist is little Alvin? We’re glad to report that it is very flexible and can bend itself in a number of directions and positions.

It can also handle the wear and tear of its contortionism and posing as it is made of durable material. Moreover, as the joints feature springs, they can resist cracking and premature wear. But, the inclusion of springs does come with a downside; namely, they limit the range of motion the model’s joints can travel to.

The mannequin is claimed to either be manufactured in the U.S.A. or ‘imported.’ While American manufacturing is reassuring, we’re unsure of what the brand means by ‘imported.’

To conclude, this mannequin is excellent if you’re still learning to sketch and need a portable model to take to class. It also costs approximately 15 (!) times less than full-blown models, making this an excellent choice for students.

Best poseable artist mannequins


It has been rightly said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and the creators of beauty, artists, deserve all the help technology can offer.

The mannequins we’ve featured here will help them while creating human-shaped sketches and are great for reference.

The miniature ones are great for carrying to class or keeping on your desk, whereas the life-sized ones are for professionals and can be used for other applications as well.

Happy sketching!

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