The 3 Best Table Lamps of 2023

A table lamp can be a great addition to your room, both look and functionality-wise!

Whether you’re a scholar, a writer, a student or a bookworm, a table lamp plays a more important role in your lives than you think. The lamp that you use to read and write by is definitely essential.

A good table lamp ought to be bright, but not so much that it hurts your eyes. It should be a focused light source which can illuminate your work surface, and it should be affordable.

You’d be surprised at the variety of lamps that possess all these three qualities. But the options available in the market can become overwhelming, so we narrowed it down for you.

Here are some of the best table lamps available in the market right now. 

Best Table Lamps

Dr. Fasting 1 112, black
Eufy Lumos E1 LED Desk Lamp
10 W
Light Source Type
4.6 pounds
Dr. Fasting 1 112, black
Eufy Lumos E1 LED Desk Lamp
10 W
Light Source Type
4.6 pounds

1. Eufy Lumos E1 LED Desk Lamp

Dr.fasting 1 112, Black
  • Infinitely Adjustable: 5 color modes, each with 6...
  • Eco-Friendly Lighting: High-efficiency LEDs use...

As far as desk lamps go, this one sure is popular among its customers. Gone are the days when desk lamps only used to be sources of light. This lamp does that and more. It has two fast-charging USB ports which you can use to charge your mobile devices.

The light it provides is also not ordinary. The lamp comes in five color modes and 6 dimming levels altogether, so you can customize the lighting according to your mood. The energy-efficient LEDs used in the lamp are covered with a light diffuser that protects the user’s eyes from glare and strain.

Eufy lumos e1 table lamp

The dual hinges in the arm of the lamp, combined with the actual LED panel that swivels, and a base that rotates. makes it a breeze to change the angle of the lamp.

  • Equipped with two USB charging ports
  • The color modes and dimming settings provide a range of lights for every mood
  • Eye-Care Tech used in the diffuser provides light without flicker and glare 
  • It comes with an 18-month warranty
  • The touch-sensitive panel has been criticised by users. In order to turn on the lamp, one needs to touch and hold the button for longer than expected.

2. TaoTronics Stylish Metal Design Table Lamp

No products found.

TaoTronics’ lamp is high in quality and thus, justifies the price. Its full metal body made out of aluminum makes for a balanced product that is durable. Its design is minimalistic and sleek, with a base that is heavy. This makes sure that it doesn’t tip over easily as most table lamps tend to do.

This lamp too, like the one mentioned above, comes with five color modes and six dimming levels. You can adjust the lighting from yellow to white with utmost ease.

Taotronics stylish metal led desk table lamp

Perhaps the most attractive part apart from the look of this lamp is the light guide panel that comes with the lamp. As the panel transmits light sideways, it provides light that is without glare and doesn’t cause eye strain.

  • Memory function ensures that the lamp can return to the setting it was last switched on in
  • The 60-minute timer makes it an ideal light to have on the nightstand
  • Comes with a favorite setting which allows you to fix your preferred color mode and brightness
  • The lamp’s power light is too bright when it’s pitch dark as it doesn’t have a light sensitivity feature

3. FORSA Work Lamp with LED Bulb and Nickel Plating

No products found.

Classic and chic, this is the lamp for all seasons! Its rounds features make it look like a vintage piece but don’t be fooled by it. Made out of steel and plated with nickel, this lamp by Forsa grabs your attention immediately. It’s ideal for work and reading, but like most lamps, can be used as a bedside lamp too.

It comes with an LED bulb, whose light is ideal for reading. The lamp’s head and arm are both adjustable, thus allowing you to direct the light wherever you want it easily. The product requires assembly, but comes with an information booklet which will guide you through the self-assembling process.

Forsa ikea table desk lamp

There are many lamps in the market that sport the ‘Classic’ steel body look right now. This one, however, is priced lower than most of them.

  • The Nickel plating and steel body makes for a classic looking lamp set of 15 consisting of a wide range of brushes
  • It is cheaper than most lamps in its category
  • Like most IKEA products, it requires assembly
  • It doesn’t come with multiple color modes or dimming feature
  • Like most IKEA products, it requires assembly

How do you choose the best study/ table lamp?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a lamp for your study or reading table. A good lamp should possess at least some of the qualities mentioned below when you purchase it.


Chances are, if you’re looking to purchase a study or table lamp, you are someone who works after the sun has gone down or have a dark office. This may seem obvious, but it is important to consider how many features a table lamp has these days, withits primary feature still being the provision of light.

Whether it provides good light or not has to be the basic feature we must focus on, not the number of modes it comes with or if it can charge a phone, or switch off on its own after a timer. Those are perks that come along, and can be wonderful additions when using a lamp. But they cannot be the reason a lamp is purchased.

The base

The main complaint most customers have with table lamps is that they topple over at the slightest touch. Even a lamp with a sturdy looking metal body can tumble if the base isn’t well designed.

A strong base that isn’t too heavy is ideal when looking for a table lamp. It also should not be too broad as it could occupy too much of your work surface.


While a portable lamp is useful as it can double as a lamp anywhere and not just where the plugs are, it is, however, advisable that your table lamp isn’t portable. Portable lights work on batteries that eventually drain and die one day.

The light of portable lamps is also affected by the battery level. A lamp that is plugged into a port allows you to use it for as long as you want without compromising on the quality of the light.


A table lamp requires hinges that can allow at least the head of the lamp to be moved. It is a product that is meant to enhance and support your working or leisure activities.

If you have to move and position yourself according to the way the light falls on the surface because the lamp’s head is fixed, then it fails to enhance your activity. It instead becomes laborious. A free and adjustable head on a lamp is always a better choice.


Incandescent light bulbs are easily available all over the world and are cheaper than most light sources in the market. However, they require five times more energy to produce the same amount of light an LED light bulb can produce today.

LED light bulbs used to be small and not bright enough until a few years ago, but today they provide light that is just as much, if not brighter, than incandescent light bulbs. They also come in multiple color tones these days.

Considering a table lamp, especially one that comes equipped with a light ought to ideally have an LED bulb as a light source. Some companies provide the LED bulb separately while some have inbuilt LED panels in the body of the lamp already.

This makes the lamp not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective in the longer run. The LED light bulb on a slightly more expensive side costs less to use and lasts longer than an ordinary incandescent bulb.

Protection against eye strain and fatigue

Most lamps come with a dimmer these days. However a dimmer might not always be enough. A properly designed light diffuser or anything that protects the eyes from straining due to the light should ideally be present in a good table lamp.  

Some lamps have a light that flickers and have the positioning of the bulb in such a way that the glare can hurt the eyes. This can cause strain, fatigue, and irritation. In the longer run, this can also damage one’s eyesight.

Luckily, a few technological and design solutions have been found for this problem in the recent times. Whether it is the diffuser or design that causes the light to fall at a different angle, table lamps produced this way made life easy for the users.

This might not have been considered if you were buying a lamp a few decades ago, but the research on the effects of light flickering and glare have been quite clear This eventually led them to consider more advanced and safe table lamp designs..


Buying a simple table lamp is not so simple after all. Apart from the scientific and technological brilliance in the way they are produced today, table lamps also signify a sociological phenomenon.

In the age where ebooks and digital data are becoming the norm, with screens that do not need an external light source, table lamps still remain relevant, not only because people keep going back to paper whether it is in reading or writing, but also because as small and handy as they are, these lamps often become more than just lamps to study by.

They are used in the nightstand, by the make-up table, in the office, and even in the kitchen. That’s probably why, enough research must be done before buying a light that will illuminate more than just a small space.

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  1. They are used in the nightstand, by the make-up table, in the office, and even in the kitchen – That’s so true. I have a generic-branded one as my nightlight and it uses a low-energy bulb. I’ve had it for a couple of years now, bulb is still working fine. I haven’t changed it for a new one yet.

  2. The Eufy Lumos E1 LED Desk Lamp is indeed a full package in itself. I like the dimming level options and also the fact that it has USB ports. Anybody who sits with this lamp is saved from the hassle of finding sockets to charge with their phone.

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