10 Best Tire Inflators of 2022 | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

We never know what goes wrong with our vehicle when we are out on a long drive, do we? It is simple, the world is full of myriad possibilities, and the biggest of them is a flat tire.

This could be because of excessive heat, or the tire having been worn out due to prolonged use, making the tube inside the tire unable to hold pressure for too long.

A flat tire or an underinflated one fails the efficiency of the vehicle. Because the engine has to consume more energy, in terms of the fuel, to push the vehicle at the same speed.

Thus, it is very important to carry a handy tire compressor in your car at all times, these are great for pumping up bike tires, footballs, and basketballs.

Science is both a boon and a bane, and what you need in such situations, where you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, a little bit of science can rescue you.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled this list of the best tire inflators currently available in the market. These are easy to use, portable, and not too heavy on the pocket either.

So, without much ado, here is our list of the 10 best tire inflators.

Best Tire Inflator

Best tire inflators 2

1. P.I. Auto Store 12V Portable Tire Inflator

P.I. Auto Store – Premium 12V DC Tire Air Compressor Pump, Portable Digital Auto Tire Inflator is an inexpensive, but good quality 12-volt tire inflation compressor. This is one of the top quality ones, on our list today. It has a very compact, efficient design, with space to store the air hose, as well as the 12-volt power cord.

12V Air Compressor, PI Store Tire Inflator, Portable Tire Pump,...
  • 【Fast inflate】Skip the gas station - this...
  • 【Simple use】Our car tire pump is easy to use;...

The power cord is long enough for you to be able to carry it around all times, but one would suggest buying an extension wire as well.

The unit has a digital display for adjusting and gauging the tire pressure in multiple units of measure, most importantly the PSI measure. It is powerful enough to inflate all types of tires, including the SUV ones.

A little issue could be that pressure escapes each time you would remove the inflator pipe from the tire. However, this could be avoided if you simply have to unscrew it without any delay.

In summary, if you are looking for a great tire inflator, at a reasonable price, then do not hesitate to buy this product.

  • The unit monitors and adjusts pressure and stops at the set pressure to avoid over-inflation
  • LED spotlight enables you to see the functioning in the dark as well
  • Cables and hose can be neatly stored in the compartment, at the back
  • The package includes adapters for sports equipment and Presta valve adapter for bikes as well
  • A 13-ft cord could seem short for some people, especially for large vehicles like mini-trucks or XUVs
  • Some pressure escapes as you remove the hose from the tire’s inflation point

2. Viair 00088 88P 12V Portable Tire Inflator

The Viair 00088 88P 12V Portable Tire Inflator 88P is a brand new model which can inflate up to 33-inch tires. This time, we’re looking at onboard and portable 12V air compressors. Viair 88P is considered the best value added product on the market. Standing at $58 this is a great bargain.

VIAIR 88P - 00088 Portable Compressor Kit with Alligator Clamps, Tire...
  • Quick Tire Inflation: Fill a 225/60/18 tire from...
  • Consistently rated as one of the best 12-Volt...

We went out to the shop to unbox and test the compressor, after having received the product two days later. The design and materials used in this compressor are impressive.

Plus, the hose of the inflator is heavier than one could expect and the brass screw on the valve provides a positive seal, preventing leakage and eliminates the need to be too cautious while using it. The alligator clips provide a solid electrical connection and are well constructed.


And the best part, the test usage took 1 minute and 29 seconds. There was very little vibration from the compression, and the noise level was much lower than we expected.

Moreover, the only negative we could notice is that the power indicator light is at the back of the unit and the built-in gauge is at the top, which is highly inconvenient. Using the gauge in the dark, or at night for instance, could be very difficult.

Don’t let the compactness or the low cost of this unit keep you from considering it!

  • Features a durable battery that can clamp attach to the vehicle’s battery
  • The gauge is just at the top of the device, so it requires little effort to check the pressure in the tires
  • It’s compact and quick
  • Overheating could be an issue
  • The power light indicator is at the back of the unit, which could create inconvenience when using in the dark

3. Helteko Portable 12V Tire Inflator

This portable air compressor pump is made with durable ABS plastic and stainless steel. It allows a user to use the unit for a prolonged time.

On top of that, it does not require much supervision, as it automatically shuts off when the unit is done inflating the tire. To help you calculate the required values of pressure in PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM² LCD, the portable air compressor is equipped with bright and high-precision display.

Helteko Air Compressor Tire Inflator DC 12V, Portable Car Tire Pump...
  • High-Quality Materials - We used durable ABS...
  • Powerful & Multi-Purpose - Our auto air compressor...

The auto air compressor inflates a standard midsize car tire in 3-5 min. In addition the spare tire inflator has a Long Cable 3.5M to inflate the wheels of car, bike, motorcycle and SUV’s.

Besides, the unit is gifted with an 18 months warranty, which is rare for a unit at this price. The LCD display is a huge plus point, making it easier to operate the machine in the night as well.

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It has a flow of 35L/min, which is enough to inflate a normal wheel, within 3-5 minutes. The unit comes with three more nozzles, for you to be able to inflate flat tires of bicycles, motorcycles, and even basketballs.

This unit inflates 75 PSI, but one should be careful not to let it operate for more than 10 minutes of continuous usage. Letting it rest and cooling for some time is advisable.

  • CD Display illuminates the working area
  • 11.5 ft cable easily connects to a 12V cigarette lighter
  • Max pressure is 150 PSI
  • Portable design
  • Overheating after prolonged use could be problematic
  • It does not run on a battery

4. EPAuto 12V Portable Tire Inflator

Its full name is EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire Inflator by 100 PSI. The EPAuto is one of the most popular tire inflators, plugs directly into your vehicle cigarette lighter socket. I’m a car guy and have dozens of these things.

epauto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire Inflator
  • Convenience: Plug directly into Cigarette Lighter...
  • Multiple Uses: Inflate tires on cars, bikes, sedan...

We tend to review stuff we really like or really dislike. This, we like!

It is heavier and quieter than most pumps – almost too quiet. We also loved the auto pressure button! You can work on other parts of the car while the tires are inflating and it will stop on the pre-selected PSI. The cord wraps up neater than most others and has quick connecting clips to keep them snug!


Moreover, it comes with a handy storage bag, we heard someone complain about the quality of the bag but we think it is perfect and easily stores the device. Cord length is good, which is a handy feature, and it has an easy to read display. But one new feature for us is the screw that is used for attaching the unit to the valve.

As we suspected, though, we did lose 1/2 to 1 psi when disconnecting it. Even if we just add 1 psi to selector – it is still quick and easy to connect and disconnect.

  • It has four display units: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM
  • Possesses LED flashlight for vision in low-light conditions
  • Automatically turns off when it reaches the desired tire pressure
  • Overheat protection turns the device off automatically when overloading
  • The screw on the valve is problematic, as it could lead to you losing some pressure from the tire, causing wastage

5. Oasser Portable Rechargeable 12V Tire Inflator

Oasser Portable Rechargeable 12V Tire Inflator is cordless, flexible and easy to use. The pump works great and is very lightweight and convenient. It looks mainly like it is designed as an emergency pump for a personal vehicle. For a bicycle with 20″ tires, the unit does the job quickly and easily – once you manage to get the hose screwed on.

Oasser Air Compressor Tire Inflator Bicycle Pump Electric Handheld Air...
  • 🚓Large 3*2200mAh Lithium Battery: When fully...
  • 🏍️Free Gift: Oasser tire inflator offers:...

The battery runs just fine, and the hose does not overheat even with prolonged use. It is not as strong and efficient or powerful as a plug-in air compressor, but it is easier to use. And you don’t have to find an outlet for a power cord. The general engineering or the design of the unit could have been slightly better, but you will nonetheless be happy with the purchase.

Furthermore, the battery is 2200mAh, which is great enough for it to complete 4 rounds of all the tires of a vehicle, with utmost ease. It is also somewhat fashionable and portable as the pump with LED light is uniquely pistol-shaped and portable to use in the daytime or nighttime.

  • The unit is compact and has a lightweight design
  • The LCD displays power and pressure in three units: PSI, BAR and Kg/cm²
  • Unit is not as powerful as a plug-in inflator, although it is perfect for bicycles

6. FORTEM Portable 12V Tire Inflator

FORTEM Portable 12V Tire Inflator has a maximum pressure of 150PSI and works off your car’s 12V power outlet. The inflator will disengage the moment the pressure reaches the preset level. On top of that, the unit also supports multiple usage, as the tire inflator comes with extra sundry nozzles, making it useful for almost anything that can be inflated!

The product has been built with your safety in mind, so it features an LED flashlight, which illuminates the surrounding while operating the device. It also comes with a useful carrying kit, making it portable and easy to store. And the resilient hose is designed to withstand high pressures while allowing for peak flow of pressure to the tires.


It has a maximum pressure value of 150 PSI, which is great for a variety of vehicles, from light ones to heavy SUVs or mini-trucks.

It weighs around 1.2 pounds, which is great for a heavy-duty device like this. The construction of the body looks elegant, as it is made from extremely durable, lightweight plastic. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there is little you need to worry about.

  • Can work on DC-12V power output, a heavy, powerful pressure inflator
  • LED flashlight will be useful in emergencies
  • Extended power cord, which is absent in most other products
  • Comes with three more nozzles
  • Overheating could be noted after prolonged usage of the unit

7. AstroAI Portable 12V Tire Inflator

AstroAI’s latest tire inflator lets you easily set the pressure to be inflated in the tire, therefore letting you prevent over-inflation. It comes with an integrated in-line fuse to prevent overloading the unit, which keeps you from electrical hazards. The accuracy of the pressure gauge is highly remarkable, with merely 1% of error, in most instances.

AstroAI Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire Inflator 12V DC...
  • INCREASED SAFETY: Properly inflated tires provide...
  • ADVANCED ACCURACY: Professionally calibrated to...

Accurately measures and inflates from 0-100 PSI; The final inflation value will be 0. 5-1. 5 PSI higher than the desired value. When inflation is finished, it perfectly solves the problem of reduced pressure after removing the valve connector. Thus, it makes the inflation process more accurate.

It is easy and quick to operate, just turn your vehicle on, plug in the air compressor, and inflate. And the best part, it inflates up to 35 liters per minute, within 2-4 minutes.


Overheat protection is another major asset of this unit, as it shuts off the moment the temperature of the unit reaches 110 degrees. It can function continuously for not more than 30 minutes.

The LED backlit screen features measurements in PSI, KPA, Bar, while most other products display the pressure in various other units as well. Moreover, the panel also includes a needle, two cone adapters, spare fuse, valve caps, and a built-in LED flashlight.

Nevertheless, the unit is ideal for bikes, cushions, mattresses, cars, basketballs, etc. AstroAl provides 3 years of warranty with the product.

  • Inflates tires with up to 35 L/Min
  • Overheating protection is a special feature
  • 30 minute maximum continuous operating time; 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • There are better products for bigger vehicles like SUVs, RVs, mini-trucks, etc
  • This one is a little heavy on the pocket

8. TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator

This unit is one of the most technically advanced units, with a heavy focus on energy efficiency, high output, and stability.

TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator-Heavy Duty Double Cylinders Direct Drive...
  • FAST INFLATION: maximum pressure 150PSI (Maximum...
  • STABILITY TECHNOLOGY: fuselage with four-rod...

With a double cylinder air compressor you can very efficiently inflate your car tires when the tire pressure is insufficient. This unit utilizes a direct drive motor for the tough double cylinder, so it has a low rotating speed and high efficiency pump. It’s sophisticated machinery is something that isn’t found in most of such pressure inflators.

This can meet the needs of most types of car tires, but we don’t know whether it’s suitable for truck tires or not.


It has a cigarette lighter which features a 15A fuse, 11.5ft cigarette lighter power cord, which is slightly shorter than usual, and a 1.8ft inflation tube. Plus, the high-quality screw connector can be tightly connected to the tire gas mouth that inflates a normal automobile tire in 2 minutes, which is deemed to be impressive.

A sponge wrapped handle is also an added feature, accessories such as- battery clamp and 3 additional attachments for bicycles, balls, pool toys, sporting equipment, etc. It also comes with a fancy Oxford bag for easy storage.

  • Comes with a cigarette lighter
  • Inflates the standard vehicle tire in approximately two minutes
  • Comes with an oxford bag to carry the unit with considerable ease
  • Expensive
  • Overheating could be an issue for some users, after prolonged usage of the unit

9. JACO SmartPro 2.0 AC/DC 12V Tire Inflator

This inflator is designed to accurately maintain the air pressure in the tires, including the donuts spares, while not being too heavy on the pocket at the same time.

JACO SmartPro 2.0 AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator Pump - Automatic...
  • SmartPressure Technology: simply pre-set the...
  • High accuracy built-in digital air gauge measures...

It has a SmartPressure Technology which means you can use the digital gauge to set the desired pressure and it disengages automatically when that pressure is reached. This one is perfect to inflate cars, trucks, & SUVs up to 65 PSI & bikes up to 100 PSI. ±1 PSI is the accuracy of the digital gauge, something that is uncommon amongst similar products.

The panel is lit by LCD, which is better than LED in the dark. It features a long, durable 24” air hose, and an integrated air bleeder valve for reducing pressure in overinflated tires (something much needed in tire inflators to avoid wastage). And it also includes a heavy-duty brass nozzle for a safe & easy seal to the valve stem.

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It’s a quick and effective air compressor. Most users claim that this unit is convenient and accessible – equipped with a 10-foot long 12V DC cord that allows you to reach each tire without much hassle, and if DC doesn’t suit you, you can use the 6-foot 120V AC power cord; use with residential/commercial/industrial power outlets.

The manufacturer also provides a 100% lifetime guarantee, which is simply amazing, and a benefit that is absent with any other product like this one.

  • Airflow rate of 30L/min inflates an average car tire in under three minutes, thus making it highly efficient
  • Shuts off automatically, after the preset pressure is reached
  • Bright LED safety light also doubles up as an SOS light
  • Manufacturer provides 100% lifetime guarantee on the satisfaction with the product
  • Some users have complained about excessive vibration on usage

10. VIAIR 90P Portable 12V Tire Inflator

VIAIR 90P Portable 12V Tire Inflator has a maximum working pressure of 120 PSI. It offers tire inflation of up to 31-inch tires at a spontaneous rate. And operates at about 150 PSI for a maximum of 10 minutes at a stretch. After which it requires at least 40 minutes for the unit to cool down and to be able to operate again efficiently.

ViAir 90P - 00093 Portable Compressor Kit With Alligator Clamps, Tire...
  • 12 VOLT - 120 PSI Maximum Working Pressure.
  • 1.21CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI

It includes a 120 PSI pressure gauge and comes with an open-ended pressure hose. So, you don’t need to stop at the gas station to check the pressure in your tires, the next time.

You can simply use the pressure gauge of the unit, after turning off the compressor. A bleeder valve is in-built with the tire chuck for small amounts of air pressure to escape deliberately, to attain the desired tire pressure.


The unit runs on the main current supply and requires about 12V power, for which there is a cord attached with the unit along with alligator clamps.

Additional parts provided include an inline fuse holder, a 12′ power cable, a heavy-duty sand tray with vibration isolators, a fancy carry bag, a three-piece inflation tip kit, a 120 PSI air pressure gauge and a 5′ air hose with an open-ended air outlet.

  • The bleeder valve is inbuilt with the tire-end of the hose to remove small amounts of air pressure to attain desired tire pressure
  • Heavy-duty sand tray with vibration isolators, something uncommon amongst similar products
  • Includes a fancy zippered soft carry case
  • Overheating is an issue with this one
  • A 12’ power cable might not be sufficient for flexible use, especially with bigger vehicles, so you might need an extension

Final words 

Thus, with this, we come to the end of our list, where we reviewed the 10 best tire inflators on the market currently, and which one should win your money. We tried all of these units ourselves and reviewed each of them from an objective point of view, something which is supposed to help you make the correct decision about your pressure inflator.

We hope the list helped you make an informed choice.

Thank you, and happy shopping!

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