Building for outer space: felix.’s Craig McCormack talks space architecture


Building for outer space: felix. 's craig mccormack talks space architecture

Craig McCormack, director at felix., is currently completing a PhD theorising the relationship between space architecture produced within the space program and science fiction, and the broader discipline of architecture. He holds degrees in art, music and architecture, and has exhibited in the Formations – New Practices in Australian Architecture at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia.

Can you tell A&D about your PhD and the work you’re doing?

The history and theory of space architecture is a topic that has received, to date, very little academic research. Until recently, space architecture has not been recognised as a valid extension of its larger architectural family tree, but seen only as a feat of engineering and an acme of technical achievement.

My work intends to address this lack of theoretical research within the discipline of space architecture by theorising its own historiography and how it relates to the broader discipline of architecture. There is also a lack of research surrounding the theoretical trajectory of space architecture and how popular culture in the form of science fiction has played a pivotal part in defining its history. You could say I am interested in limits – the limits of architecture.