Call for Submission – Marché de Montmartre: Abbesses and Chateau Rouge Markets

Call for submission - marché de montmartre: abbesses and chateau rouge markets

Abbesses and Chateau Rouge are demonstrative of the great socio-economic divide currently installed in Paris. Only a few hundred metres apart, the difference between plush ‘bobo’ Abbesses and relatively deprived Chateau Rouge could not be more distinct. They both share a common urban element, the market. This competition proposes the design of a small intervention in either or both sites to further support these social infrastructures.

But through a collective architectural response, could these two sites be brought closer together?

The competition proposes the design of 1 or 2 new markets on either site with a construction cost of no more than €100,000 including tax.


These two markets hosts a number of bric-a-brac sellers and some hot food retailers but could expand to include other participants.

  1. The new market scheme should include the following:
  2. A new market ‘infrastructure’ that is capable of being stored, packed away, other otherwise hidden during the periods in which the market is not in use.
  3. A canopy to protect from the weather
  4. Sufficient space for 50 individual traders (on each site)
  5. Be able to support the (considerably larger) Christmas Market (currently in existence in Abbesses)
  6. Be constructed for a budget of no more than €100,000 including tax.


The site includes all of Place des Abbesses, and the nearby section of rue des Abbesses westwards. This is an important transit point for locals and tourists alike, and is the signed metro for Montmartre. The Place includes the following important landmarks square Jehan-Rictus, La Fontaine Wallace, Le Mur des je t’aime, on square Jehan-Rictus, and La bouche de métro Abbesses an important last example of Art Nouveau on the metro system.

The site includes all of rue Dejean, the site of the existing market at Chateau Rouge. This is a place typified by high crime rates and a highly diverse population.


  • Competition Launch: Monday 4th July
  • Q&A Period Ends: Friday 29th July
  • Guided Site Visits (Not Obligatory): Friday 15th July & Friday 22nd July
  • Submissions: Midday – Friday 2nd September
  • Jury: Saturday 3rd September
  • Shortlist and Winner Announced: Monday 5th September


The winning entry will be awarded £5000 and invited to present their scheme to the local mayor to discuss procurement options.

The winning and shortlisted entries will be published in the September issue of RE: and in a variety of online publications, as well as being exhibited in the Abbesses gallery.

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