Calls for London-wide approach to new towers affecting capital skyline

Calls for london-wide approach to new towers affecting capital skyline
© Jason Hawkes/Barcroft Media

Historic England wants more people to be consulted on tall building proposals after poll suggests negative impact on city views

Almost half of Londoners think hundreds of new towers planned for the capital will have a negative effect on the city’s skyline, a poll suggests.

Polling for the government’s heritage body, Historic England, found that 48% felt this way, compared with 34% who thought the tall buildings would have a positive effect on the skyline.

Heritage experts are calling for a London-wide approach to buildings that affect views of the city after a recent assessment showed 436 towers of 20 or more storeys are in the pipeline for the capital.

Historic England has said limits on who is consulted on tall building proposals need to be reviewed and that a pan-London approach to the skyline is also needed. Currently is normally only people in the immediate area who are consulted.

Its suggestions appear to be backed by the poll of 1,011 adults by YouGov, which found 60% of those questioned believed people across the city should have a say if a tall building was proposed for an area of historical importance. […]