Can micro-homes solve London’s housing crisis?

Can micro-homes solve London's housing crisis?

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Can micro-homes solve london's housing crisis?

These days, finding somewhere to live in London is one of the city’s biggest challenges.

The Greater London Authority estimates that 49,000 new homes are required in the UK capital every year to cope with its burgeoning population.

In 2013, just under 20,000 new properties were built.

With space tight and increasingly expensive, some are predicting micro-living — residency in compact homes and apartments strategically designed to maximize usable space — could become a common theme in the coming years.

“There’s huge housing pressure,” said Lucien Smithers, sales and marketing manager at Pocket, a micro-home developer.

“The last five years have seen a real population growth in London. We’ve just crossed 8.6 million and by 2030 we’re going to be knocking on 10 million.” ….

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