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Casa b-14  / vértice arquitectos s. A. C

The project is located in plot B-14 in Las Lomas del Mar beach, Km. 120, south from Lima. The land´s area is of 312.28 m². The house has two façades orientated to the west and to the east, with a difference of 3m between one and the other. To the north we find a house adjusted to fit the topography of the land and an empty plot to the south.

Casa b-14  / vértice arquitectos s. A. C

The house´s design, to start with, suggested two spaces which were to arrange the different spaces, to articulate and relate them. This was done though two voids in the form of courtyards: a central courtyard and a lateral one. The central courtyard, more private and smaller, is conceived as a water mirror which brings light to the more private spaces. The one on the side, larger in size, is a more public space. This courtyard lights social spaces, separating the house from the neighbour’s plot and conforms the third façade.

Casa b-14  / vértice arquitectos s. A. C

Parallel to the positioning of the spaces we define the main entrance, which is located in the back façade, orientated to the east. The entrance consists in a foyer divided by a wooden lattice. In this foyer, once we cross the door, the sight is direct towards the sea trough the visual line, which is made up of the exposed concrete wall and the house itself. The visual line passes through the side courtyard, the swimming pool and beyond this, ends in the beach and the sea.

Casa b-14  / vértice arquitectos s. A. C

The house´s volume, from its front façade and expanding to the west, has three well defined parts: the first floor which works as the house´s base, taking up the plot; the second floor, where the social spaces are located, virtually defined through a metallic structure and the tempered glass closing; and the third floor which is a more compact and floating volume, plastered and painted in white. It is opened to the west and has along all of its front façade balconies to watch the beach, the sea and the swimming pool at the lower level. The rear façade, to the west, is more closed due to a wooden lattice.

Casa b-14  / vértice arquitectos s. A. C

To the interior, social spaces are continuous, visually integrated and organized in hierarchy according to their importance by means of floor to ceiling heights. All levels are communicated through a metallic stair, painted in white, with shihuahuaco wood treads and tempered glass stair rail. The staircase communicates the livings located in the third and first floor.

Finally the main bedroom is located on the house´s highest level in order to provide it with the best view of the beach and the secondary bedrooms are located on the rear part of the house, protected from sight of the entrance trough wooden lattice painted in white.

Project Details:
Location: Playa Las Lomas del Mar, Cañete, Perú
Type: ResidentialHouses
Date: 2012-2013
Land area: 312.00 m2
Built area: 485.0
Team: Hernani Canessa Lohmann, Sandro Moro Miranda, Luis Miguel Becerra de la Fuente


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