CBS Is Developing A Show About A Badass Architect

Cbs is developing a show about a badass architect

Television has plenty of cops, firefighters, and doctors. But architects? About as common as a T square in a contemporary practice. (Unless you’re talking about romantic comedies.) But the drought is soon to end. According to a Variety report, CBS is developing new drama loosely based on the non-fiction architecture and urban design book A Burglar’s Guide to the City (FSG, 2016).

A Burglar’s Guide to the City follows a team of modern-day Robin Hoods, led by a brilliant architect with a troubled past, that uses their unique skills to gain access to any stronghold in order to steal from rich criminals and give to those that have been wronged by a corrupt system,” the Variety story reads.

Geoff Manaugh—the book’s author, founder of BLDGBLOG, and occasional Co.Design contributor—will serve as a consulting producer on the show; Paul Grellong is the show’s writer. So far, CBS has agreed to a pilot episode.

If the Variety description holds true, A Burglar’s Guide’s protagonist might go down as one of the most badass architects in TV history (second only to Elyse Keaton of Family Ties, the first fictional female architect to hit the small screen). So far, the field is represented by mopey beta male Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother; upstanding family man Mike Brady on the Brady Bunch; and he of questionable credentials, George Costanza on Seinfeld. A clever marauding architect who negotiates the underbelly of a city bucks the stereotype of a mild-mannered—and likely depressed—bespectacled desk jockey agonizing about joint details in Revit. Here’s hoping A Burglar’s Guide makes it past the pilot stage. […]

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  1. dont forget the first TV architect, the inimitable (and aptly named) Wilber Post, who had Mr. Ed as his design muse

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