Cloud Cast: The cooling cloud that follows you as you walk

Cloud Cast: The cooling cloud that follows you as you walk

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Cloud cast: the cooling cloud that follows you as you walk

We may all feel like we’re under a cloud from time to time, but in hot and dry climates having your own personal misting cloud is as uplifting as it can get.

In Dubai, the Gulf State mega-city situated in one of the hottest parts of the world, the benefits of evaporative cooling have long been known.

Neighboring Saudi Arabia is already one of the world’s largest dairy producers and its massive indoor herds are kept at an even 21 and 23 degrees Celsius with gigantic misters.

Now one group of designers is reinventing the technology for human beings, devising a system that uses motion tracking and ceiling-mounted misters to provide each pedestrian with their own cooling spray.

Ultrasonic sensors embedded in the canopy structure recognize visitors and send data to a control system that activates hydro-pumps and LED lights in their proximity.

“If you create a more responsive climate around people, you can save a lot of energy by creating just a bubble of heat or a bubble of cool in which they can travel,” Professor Carlo Ratti, the head of the team at Carlo Ratti Associati from Turin, Italy, that developed the Cloud Cast technology, told CNN. ….

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