Coconut-nume House / NPDA

Coconut-nume House / NPDA

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Coconut-nume house / npda

Among the coconut trees on a tranquil beach of Phagnan Island, Thailand located a small resort in harmony with nature. The place is served as a sanctuary for travelers who want to take a break from their busy lives in the city.

By taking advantage of the much preserved environment of the coconut fields, the combination of the man made form and the color of the context, the resort is designed to secretly and humbly lie within its surrounding.

Coconut-nume house / npda

The main material used in the project is polished concrete. Not only, the dark gray tone of the bare concrete can blend the buildings to the surrounding coconut trunks, it can also give travelers more insight of the local people as polished concrete is also commonly used in local housing.

Wood and bamboo decoration around the building help erase the differences of the geometry man-made form and the nature, while black painted PVC pipes are used in shower area to allow user to take advantage of the view outside but yet still provide privacy for the user.

Coconut-nume house / npda

The flat slab roof is designed to take benefit of the higher view of the sea. It can also be a perfect place to spend a night under the starlight and, at the same time, be a strong protection from a falling coconut.

The resort consists of 4 small buildings. Each unit is designed and positioned to ensure the best view of the sea, the coconut field and the sky.

Coconut-nume house / npda

However, even if the project is designed with the harmony with nature in mind, it also sneaks in a little fun by adding the vivid color of the curtain and interior decorations. The idea is to represent the famous party in which Phagnan Island is well-known for. When staying here, the visitors can feel peaceful and relax with the nature, but at the same time, be the part of the party as well.

Project Details:
Location: Thong Sala, Phagan Island, Thailand
Type: Residential
Project year: 2011
Project Area: 434 sqm
Architects: NPDA studio / Nutthawut Piriyaprakob
Photos: NPDA studio


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