What to Consider before Buying a Freestanding Bath

What to consider before buying a freestanding bath
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Freestanding baths are the best bath option if you are particular about making a fabulous design statement in your bathroom. With the variety of choices available these days, they can suit classic or contemporary bathroom styles. They are available in a range of sizes, depths and materials, and come with a wide range of tapware. It would be helpful to go over your choices to be sure you are buying the best one for your home. The following are the most important factors to consider before buying a freestanding bath.


The material of your choice will likely determine your tub. The first freestanding baths were made of copper, but today, they can be made of acrylic, composite materials such as resin and ground stone and steel. Acrylic is a commonly used material because it is affordable, light and easy to maintain. It can also absorb and retain heat easily. Acrylic baths come in a variety of designs as well. Composite baths on the other hand are often a combination of resin and ground quartz or granite. They can be in uniform colour or have a natural stone appearance. Steel baths are like the modern version of cast iron baths. Unlike cast iron, they are lighter because they use a porcelain enamel coating. However, cast iron can retain heat better than a steel bath.


The size of the bath you will choose depends on the size of the bathroom where you intend to place it. Think about how you want to use the bath since you have to consider your comfort if you wish to use it for longer soaks. Will you need a long, wide or deeper bath since you will be using it with your kids or partner? You might need to measure the space or area where the bath is supposed to be installed.


You can certainly find the right style of freestanding bath that will complement the look of your bathroom. There are many choices available now in terms of style. There are baths with plinths or pedestals that raise them slightly off the floor while adding a decorative touch. Choose between slipper and soaking tubs. Soaking tubs are for longer bathing and are found in various lengths and widths. Slipper tubs are designed for resting comfortably because one end is higher. Most freestanding baths are white, but they also come in various colours. Feel free to be more adventurous and go for a different colour that will match a modern theme.


You might also want to check if the freestanding bath can be plumbed where you want it if you do not want to spend more on the cost of additional pipework or labour. Some are available pre-drilled while others are drilled upon purchase. Traditional roll top models, with legs, show the waste, but this can be hidden with a bateau bath with sides reaching the floor. Taps may be mounted on stylish floor standing pipes, on the wall, or on the bath itself.

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