Contrapunto Restaurant / JanfriDesign + gglab

Contrapunto Restaurant / JanfriDesign + gglab

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Contrapunto restaurant / janfridesign + gglab

Contrapunto Restaurant is located in the Salón del Túria room, in the ground floor of the Palau de Les Arts, under the cantilever generated by the theater lobby of the Opera House and with views towards the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, a space which is strongly marked by Calatrava’s architecture.

Contrapunto restaurant / janfridesign + gglab

The design is the result of the collaboration with JanfriDesign studio and gglab. The interior space is organized around a micro architecture which dominates and articulates the room. It is a structure-sculpture made of wood stripes, with a dual function:

On one hand it repeats the outdoor space experience, concluding a sequence of cascade-like spaces, and creates a spatial continuity between inside and outside.

Contrapunto restaurant / janfridesign + gglab

On the other hand it improves the acoustics of the room and creates an attraction focus which can be seen from the outside. The wooden structure has been made both with digital design and fabrication techniques, by gglab, and traditional woodwork techniques by the fallas craftmant Manolo García.

Project Details:
Location: Valencia, Spain
Type: Restaurants
Client: Gourmet Catering Espacios Valencia
Architects: JanfriDesign + gglab
Designers in charge: Janfri Vázquez, Jose Ramon Tramoyeres
Design Team: Nuria Olcina y Jaume Verdeguer


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