Creative DIY Ideas to Hide the Wires in the Wall Room

Life can be difficult with appliances. Whether it is your desktop computer, home theatre system or any other appliance, it is almost impossible to live without them. But wires and cables in plain sight can be an eyesore. How would you tackle the mess without causing any inconvenience to your daily life?

Creative diy ideas to hide the wires in the wall room

There are numerous simple ways in which you can handle the wiring mess and turn them into decorative elements to enhance the aesthetics of the room. Here are some tips.

Turn Wires into Wall Art

Seems tough? Not at all! It is the simplest thing you can do. For instance, if you have a lamp in your living room with a large cord, secure it to the wall in shape of a branch or stem with help of cable clips or hooks. Cut out a bird shape and some leaves from colourful papers and stick it to the wire. Make sure the wire is not broken or damaged at any point.

If that does not go with the decor of your home, create scenery (whatever comes to your mind) with the wires. This will not only help you fill up an empty wall but will also create a focal point without you having to buy an expensive artwork.

Conceal the Wires

Concealing the wires with help of trunking or raceway is another great way of hiding the mess. Installing the trunking or raceway is not very tough, so you can get it done yourself or you can also consider hiring an electrical contractor. Create some geometric form or create panel like structure on the wall to blend the new addition into the home decor.

Hide Behind Large Objects

If you have large decorative pieces in your room, you can use them to guard the mess. Place the large objects strategically so that they do not create an imbalance within the room, yet hide the wires and cabling. Large flower vases, book shelves or other elements can hide the mess if arranged properly.

Get Creative with Wires

It’s not always necessary to hide the wires, instead get creative with them. For instance, if you have a hanging lamp, it might be difficult to hide the wires behind any decorative piece so you can create wall art out of it. Consider decorating the wires with some colourful and oversized beads. Pass the wire through the beads and result is an ornamental creation.

Try these tips and let the wires blend in with your room’s décor without hurting its aesthetics.

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