Creativity in the Face of Tragedy | Visions of Notre-Dame on Kickstarter

On April 15th, 2022 the world held its breath as Notre-Dame was engulfed in flames.


It took hours for the the legendary icon to be gain the secure status but that also meant that the severe damage was not clear, ready to be assessed and fully aknowledged.

It was surreal.

The world wondered; what now?

How do we fix this?

Immense international debate arose as the fate of a world renown heritage icon’s ashes were blowing in the wind.

GoArchitect organized a democratic design competition to celebrate this debate and over 200 designers from 56 countries submitted designs. In July, over 30,000 people signed up and voted for their favorite designs.

But this, happily, isn’t the end of the story.

We are bringing all 226 designs together into a gorgeous coffee table book that commends the hard work of each designer and reminds us that creativity, in the face of tragedy, is precious.

Visions of Notre-Dame is a balanced collection of images from the design entries, the story of the competition, and text from the designers themselves. This book is easy to flip through if you’re simply searching for ideas but it also has moments of real depth as you read and analyze the designers’ intentions.

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