David Rockwell’s Nobu


Today, Nobu is a household name in the dining world, with the first one having opened in New York in 1994. For its architect David Rockwell it was about trying to extract the story and adding design features that reflect the food, but ultimately have everything fade away once getting to the table.

Nobu in Tribeca was both Rockwell’s first steps into the world of food and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s opening act on the NY restaurant scene. It can be considered the foundation of his current japanese food empire.

To create the right experience for the guests, Rockwell spent an huge amount of time with Nobu, learning about his personal history.

Just like the chef steered away from traditional Japanese cusine, the architect has mirrored this approach in the design.

Now 20 years on, the restaurant is preparing to leave its Tribeca location for a bigger space in the Wall Street area in 2017, and who better to take on the design part than the architect, who has been with Nobu for the past two decades.

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