De Passerel, Caring & Housing Project / JDWA

De Passerel, Caring & Housing Project / JDWA

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De passerel, caring & housing project / jdwa

The Southern Canal Area in Apeldoorn will be redeveloped into a vibrant district on the canal where a number of monumental buildings remain iconic for the area. Amidst some working-class houses JDWA designed twelve apartments and eight homes for people with a mental disability, in a scaled up house near the canal.

De passerel, caring & housing project / jdwa

De Passerel House includes twelve group homes for people with a mental disability. The smaller barns around the vegetable garden are home to eight compact dwellings for the same target group.

The group homes line the street just like any other ordinary house. The brick facade and tile roof confirm this image. The garden side of the house is identical to the front yet mirrored and lifted, creating space for the transparent shared living room. Thus the hood, that points to the inner garden, obtains character and expression. The smaller barns have a one-sided orientation: direction garden. The garden facade is maximum transparent, with closed parts in wood. Each resident has a private piece of pavement, but the playground and vegetable garden are their actual garden. The steel profiled shed roofs and back facades face the adjacent plots. Here the barns present themselves as outbuildings on the backyard of these properties.

De passerel, caring & housing project / jdwa

The project marks the informal route that crosses the whole neighbourhood; the homes may become an exception. In the garden there is place for vegetable gardens used by the new residents. There is also space for informal interaction with the local residents and a playground for the smallest children of the area.

Project Details:
Location: Aalscholverweg, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Type: HousingResidential
Program: Care and housing for twenty people with a mental disability
Architects: JDWA – Johan De Wachter Architects
Design Team: Johan De Wachter, Marieke van Hensbergen, Kim van Den Hoven, Patricia Mata, Tiago Pinto de Carvalho
Photographs: JDWA


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