Design Trust and Staten Island Arts are partnering to create a cultural plan for Staten Island’s North Shore

Design trust and staten island arts are partnering to create a cultural plan for staten island's north shore
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The multi-year project, entitled Future Culture: Connecting Staten Island’s Waterfront, will experiment with ways for engaging local artists and community members, area developers, and city agencies in planning the borough’s rapidly expanding downtown in the North Shore waterfront together.

Seeking to ensure the social, ethnic, and economic diversity of the community for years to come, the selected Fellows will produce design and planning ideas, and create policy recommendations. They will test new ideas through public art pilots, which will inform long-term strategies for neighborhood revitalization, sustainability, and equitable economic development.

Future Culture has the participation and support of NYC Economic Development Corporation and developers including BFC Partners, Ironstate, New York Wheel, and Triangle Equities.

Participatory Art Fellow
The Participatory Art Fellow will serve as the lead Fellow and will be responsible for community organizing and engagement, and the visioning process for how art and other cultural practices can enrich the public realm of the area and express the unique conditions of its waterfront.

Urban Design Fellow
The Urban Design Fellow will be responsible for the physical documentation and analysis of the area, identification of key sites, and recommendations for effectively facilitating and integrating public art and cultural activities into the built environment.

Policy Fellow
The Policy Fellow will be responsible for assessing the structural and systemic challenges of the area’s public- and privately-controlled ‘public realm’, opportunities associated with the way artists, arts organizations, cultural groups, and informal practitioners present and produce work in the area, and how these issues should be addressed to define the character of public space and grow the cultural community in this time of transformation.

Graphic Design Fellow
The Graphic Design Fellow will be responsible for developing the identity and graphic system for the project to effectively communicate and deploy design-thinking with diverse audiences throughout the Future Culture process.