Different Types of Architectural Styled Houses

Architectural Style house plans have a variety of designs made by some famous designers and architects. They have a broad range of designs from traditional era to modern times. If you wish to build a house for yourself, you should contact such architects who can help you with architectural house designs. As you will start viewing the list of houses, you will find the house of your dreams. All house styles mentioned below are built through architectural plans.

Different types of architectural styled houses
Cape Cod style house

Types of Architectural Style Houses

Cape Cod
These houses can be found in one story or two story buildings. These are simple houses. Their design is such that it seems symmetrical. It contains dormer windows and gabled roofs which come down to first floor’s ceiling. A unique part of this house is that it has no porch in front or back. Cape Cod homes were first built in 1600s.

Craftsman Style homes
These houses encourage more artwork. Their exterior and interior contains handcrafted objects. Furthermore, they tend to use materials which are naturally found. They have wide porches and low pitched roofs. These houses are made in a way that they give a cozy feeling. Brick and stonework is encouraged in this house style.

Contemporary house
These houses got famous after 1950s. They are small homes with fine structure. They have simple features; nothing extraordinary is added to it. It has big windows.

Colonial Homes
These homes were designed when Americans colonies were merged together. They have windows of regular shape and size. They are mostly seen in two or three story buildings.

Greek Revival style house
These houses have architecture inspired by Greeks. You can recognize Greek Revival style houses by their tall columns. This type of architecture is mostly found in public buildings. It has a bold design.

Mediterranean style house
This style is very popular among Americans. It has big balconies and red tiled roofs. It has wooden doors and bigger windows for ventilation. These houses have a slight touch of Spanish architecture.

Pueblo revival style house
Pueblo Revival style house

Pueblo Revival style house
It is also known as Southwest style house. It contains low pitched roofs and stucco walls. There is more stonework found in this type of house style. Sometimes, you may also notice rounded exterior in it.

Tudor style house
These houses promote American architecture. It includes almost all features of English houses. Its exterior is entirely made of stucco textures. It contains massive chimneys and steep gabled rooftops. It has arched wooden doors with usual windows. These houses became famous in 20th century.

Spanish homes
These houses include Mediterranean architecture in it. They acquire stucco exterior. Its low-pitched roof is made from clay tiles. It has ached entries as well as some wrought iron details to complete the design.

Cottage homes
Cottage homes have simple architecture. It is entirely made of wood from the interior to exterior. They are specially made for small families.

All these homes are supported by famous architects which give an elegant look on the inside and outside.

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