Drawing Architecture by Phaidon | Architecture Ideas and Concepts Illustrated

Imagine that you would have direct access into the mind engaged in the search of incredible, access to part of the thought process of extraordinary artists, beautifully illustrated on paper, memories printed on splendid uncoated paper with deckled edges.

Upon touching, this particular paper gives the effect of same craft feel used by the artists to sketch on, all this magic has a name now; entitled “Drawing Architecture” the new book brought forward by Phaidon boosts an extraordinarily elegant presentation of no less than 250 inspiring architectural drawings ranging from antiquity to the present day; from the first architectural blueprint carved to Michelangelo, to Frank Gehry, Louise Bourgeois to Tadao Ando, B.V. Doshi to Zaha Hadid and beyond.

An inspiring well-designed and definitely thought-provoking tome meant to feed the imagination of architects, designers and art lovers alike just as much as any individual engaged in visual culture and history.

Renzo piano, the shard, 2004, felt-tip pen on paper
Renzo Piano, The Shard, 2004, felt-tip pen on paper

It goes without saying that tailoring a book to serve the architecture sphere is no easy feat, architects being without a doubt one for the most critical thinkers of our society. The best architecture books in this world make a statement, they propagate an idea, they portray an extraordinarily important chain of thought and for many people out of there, this book may do none of the above.


Unless one takes the time to understand that these deckled edges are boundaries to the ideas of what the entire globe perceives as the greatest architect minds that ever lived, a compilation of extraordinarily different time frames, perspectives and contexts that bring forward the extraordinary diversity of our world, a collection that illustrates insanely clearly that things are not black in white.

For no one.

Things are not in black on the white in this book either, on the contrary, in “Drawing Architecture” the white is only there where the architect envisioned it in the process itself, the blank of the page will not serve the author if it was not part of initial chain of thought.

In Drawing Architecture Phaidon manages to bring forward the search of incredible of great minds, that were commonly accepted by their societies as great, to feed our architect minds, to nurture it towards greatness through simple searches, simple instinctual drawings with powerful idea backing each stroke, each pixel.

237 venturi scott brown
Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, I am a Monument, 1972, ink on paper. Picture credit: Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania | Venturi, Scott Brown Collection
114 hadid 1
Hadid, Zaha M. (1950-2016): The Peak Project, Hong Kong, China (Exterior perspective), 1991 New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Drawing architecture, helen thomas, phaidon, open at pages 300-301, showing 2nd and 3rd pages of the timeline (c. 1550-1866)
Drawing Architecture, Helen Thomas, Phaidon, open at pages 300-301, showing 2nd and 3rd pages of the timeline (c.1550-1866)

A splendid tome it is, one that would make an extraordinary gift for architects and designers and creatives everywhere, definitely an honorable mention as one of best architecture books.

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