Duality in WH Residence Tailored by M3 Architects in Odessa

Duality in WH Residence Tailored by M3 Architects in Odessa

The beautiful Black Sea coastal area received yet another architectural gem as M3 Architects have recently unveiled the WH Residence, a home located in the outskirts of Arcadia, renown resort in Ukraine for its clubbing center.

Two L-shaped volumes construct a private courtyard to which two mirrored homes open up towards their own private pool, two structures containing the same functions, tailored to form a homogeneous composition in which privacy is key.

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The first floor unveils common areas, an entrance, a cloakroom, living room and kitchen are served through an open plan layout that opens up towards the recreation area that includes the swimming pool, terrace and spa zone.

A simple composition defines the ground floor and inner courtyard, light and shadow are animating this zone creating depth throughout the day before a warm light starts to shine from within in the evening.

More from the architects, after the break.

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The open transparent volume of a staircase leads to the second and third floors which are performed like the private area. The bedrooms are established like separate units with bathrooms and wardrobes. Each bedroom has an exit to the terrace with a view to the courtyard.

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“The key factor for architectural solutions for the residence was to create the most open, but private space of two separate symmetrical volumes in conditions of a dense urban environment.”


Title: WH Residence

M3 architects (www.m3arch.com)

Principal architect – Illia Temnov

Photographer – Antony Garets

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Total area: 740 sq.m.

Structure: reinforced concrete frame with walls’ foam blocks filling


Aluminium windows – Reynaers Aluminum CS86HI (www.reynaers.com)

Tile – Porcelaingres  (www.porcelaingres.com)

Electric furniture – Gira

E2 (www.gira.com)

Lighting systems – Delta light  (http://www.deltalight.com)

Doors  and  bed –  design by M3 architects (www.m3arch.com)

Bathroom  – Laufen  (www.laufen.com)


flooring – tile, parquet;

stairs,  bathrooms, countertops, window sills – quartz;

walls– travertine, 3d panels.

Equipment: exterior windows and doors – Reynaers Aluminum;

the buildings are equipped with solar collectors that are dumping energy for heating pools, backup boilers, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Furniture: beds, doors are designed by Architects M3

What do you think about the WH Residence ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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