Elevate – Bringing Urban Spaces to Life

Elevate Bringing Urban Spaces to Life

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Technology has miraculously enabled people to stay connected, informed, and entertained, from every street and corner. It is usual for someone to stare at their screens despite being surrounded by people in public spaces that are designed to offer respite from the constant hubbub of urban life and engage people in interactions.

Elevate – Bringing Urban Spaces to Life

Social interaction is a way to communicate ideas, meet new people and share conversations in a social setting. However, this definition is changing with the introduction of new companions in the form of devices that accompany people. This raises the question of whether we have surrendered ourselves to devices that in turn isolate us from those around?

Or conversely, is the real world not interesting enough?



The hyper-productivity mindset with passing time has eventually made humans more dissatisfied and caught up with things in the name of efficiency. And our feelings for the role of public spaces, in general, are no different from this fundamental idea. It’s this similar mindset that propels the civic planners to squeeze in an extra office block, or a housing unit, or a road for quick mobility – instead of creating actual quality public space for plenty reasons – but mostly in the name of ‘efficient’ and ’cost effective’ city planning.

Does this mean our devices are getting better but our public spaces are not?

What can we do for these outdated poorly performing public spaces/streets suffering from this quality crisis and outdated design? If we can’t break this connectivity continuum, how can we break the screen time for a short while to disconnect and reconnect, even for a few seconds? If not possible to break the screen time then how can we use these devices in our hands to make our public spaces relevant again?

Design challenge: The design challenge is to create an installation in the public realm, that has the ability elevate its people from these busy streams of thought / break their long screen time / introduce an element of play in their busy urban lives.




To be announced.


Launch May 03, 2021

Seed Registration closes: May 18, 2021

Standard Registration closes: September 30, 2021

Submission Deadline: October 10, 2021

Public Voting Begins: October 11, 2021

Public Voting ends: November 11, 2021

Result Announcement: November 21, 2021

For fees and Full registration details visit http: http://competitions.uni.xyz/elevate


Prize pool of worth 15000$

First Prize: 5000$

1st Runner up: 1500$

2nd Runner up: 1500$

3rd Runner up: 1500$

People’s Choice: 1st Most appreciated project: 500$

People’s Choice: 2nd Most appreciated project:500$

People’s Choice: 3rd Most appreciated project:500$

People’s Choice: 4th Most appreciated project:500$

14 Honorable mentions for the best-received projects: 250$ x14 Each

Learn about all the prize details on: http://competitions.uni.xyz/elevate

More competitions here: http://competitions.uni.xyz


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