Endesa World Fab Condenser – Construction Process

Endesa World Fab Condenser - Construction Process

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The Endesa World Fab Condenser is a thermodynamic prototype — a bioclimatic dome installed at the fast-changing Plaça de Glories, within the framework of the BCN FAB10 Congress (the 10th international congress on digital fabrication).

The prototype explores connections between parametric design, passive environmental strategies, and local digital fabrication. It was designed globally (Margen-Lab in collaboration with IAAC the Fab Lab Network), sourced locally (using only local organic materials grown with the sun, linen, and wood), and produced in proximity industries and Barcelona laboratories.

The prototype was designed (or coded) in 2 months, fabricated in 5 days, and assembled in 4 days with the help of volunteers coming from Fab Labs all over the world.


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