Everything You Need to Know about Homeowner’s Association Rehabilitation Projects


The name might sound fancy and formal, but a homeowner’s association, or HOA for short, is simply an establishment that governs an area consisting of buildings developed by the same real estate company. The company holds private ownership over the area and then, after a certain number of houses are sold, the reins to the homeowner’s association are transferred to the actual homeowners. After all the lots have been sold to their respective owners, it’s the association’s task to ensure that the housing complex runs smoothly and is well-maintained.

Everything you need to know about homeowner’s association rehabilitation projects

As with any building or lot of buildings, some professional maintenance is needed every now and then. Thus, HOA rehabilitation projects are a necessary endeavor every now and then, if you want everything in the community to run smoothly, and the residents to be satisfied with their standards of living. Such a project usually covers repairs for:

  • Homes;
  • Streets;
  • Electrical ;
  • Water network;
  • Parks, playgrounds and any other recreational facilities;
  • Etc.

Hiring Private Contractors

Due to the fact that the HOA is governed by homeowners, these repairs will be most likely performed by a team of hired private contractors. For example, such a team might be hired to fix some minor oddities in the structures of the homes, or work on the electrical mainframe of the neighborhood. Other teams can be hired to take care of parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities.

Or, in other cases, if the rehabilitation project covers areas such as the streets and sidewalks, which will generally crack over time no matter how well they are taken care of, the association will hire a private HOA paving contractor to re-pave the streets and sidewalks. The team will then take care of milling and grading operations, as well as the drainage flow of the parking lots, for example. It will also tear out and rebuild the gutters, making for a better degree of sanitation for the whole neighborhood.

The Benefits of Private HOA Contractors

Hiring a team of private contractors to take care of any HOA rehabilitation projects you might have is always a good idea, because it comes with a whole lot of amazing benefits. The process will thus be:

  • Cost-effective;
  • Fast and fuss-free;
  • Professionally executed;
  • Well-managed;
  • Resource-effective;
  • And many others!

What is more, the resulting repairs will look fantastic, and will improve the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood. Constantly taking care of such maintenance issues provides the entire community with better homes and more pleasant surroundings. The health benefits are also many, and very important, because taking care of the area you live in makes for better sanitation and even cleaner air. Both children and adults can benefit from such improvements, and the entire neighborhood will be happier than before.