Everything you need to know about townhouse living in NYC

Everything you need to know about townhouse living in nyc

Townhouses in New York City may be among the most extraordinary real estate in the city, but owning one is more than the sum of the width and height and outdoor area. It’s buying into a lifestyle—privacy, space, numerous bedrooms, gardens, and often landmark historical details.

“Townhouses are the pinnacle of what a lot of people consider the very finest thing they can buy in New York City after they’ve already bought their condos with the view on a high floor,” says Dexter Guerrieri, founder, co-owner, and president of Vandenberg, Inc.—The Townhouse Experts. “At some point, they want to be near the earth, and they want to live in these historic buildings where they can control their own destiny with their own construction and their own front door. We call it the townhouse lifestyle.”

Privacy and vertical living characterize the lifestyle. “The townhouse is really the only way to live self-sufficiently in the city,” S. Christopher Halstead, executive vice president of Halstead, told the New York Observer. “As a result, the way of life is very attractive to some buyers, and equally unattractive to others.” You’re responsible for salting your icy stoop, taking the garbage to the curb, and maintaining the boiler and HVAC. But on the other end, you don’t need board approval for renovations, and you won’t have to worry about a downstairs neighbor complaining about how much noise you’re making. […]

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