Family house, C/Cocó / noname 29

This pavilion-house is an exercise in agreement between a soft topography and a living space.
A patch of concrete that runs throughout the plot from the lowest point to the top.

A loop. Curved shapes to circumvent the trees and the swimming-pool of a grove-garden carefuly looked after for many years.

Family house, c/cocó / noname 29
© David Frutos
Family house, c/cocó / noname 29
© David Frutos

The interior is organized by a threaded wall that relates the spaces and builds a circular space.

An entirely concrete construction: floor, walls, ceiling,… only the glass makes it a “bubble” and some steel tubes run weightlessly throughout and lend support for objets, books,pictures,clothes,…

The rest will be up to the couple that live in the house and their guests.

Family house, c/cocó / noname 29
© David Frutos
Family house, c/cocó / noname 29
© David Frutos

Project Details:

Location: Alicante, Spain
Architect, principal – in – charge: noname 29 (Alfredo Payá Benedito) –
Collaborators: Arturo Calero Hombre. Arquitecto.; Sonia Miralles Mud. Arquitecta. ; Vicente Pascual Fuentes. Arquitecto. ; Beatriz Vera Payá. Interiorista. ; Natalia Velasco Velázquez y Gerardo Bernal Castell. Arquitectos Técnicos.
Construction: 2008 – 2009
Site area: 240 m2
Client: Maestre Ruiz
Photographer: David Frutos. Los Meroños 112 – 113. Torre Pacheco, 30700 Murcia.
General contractor: Construcciones Borondo – Castellet 2. 03690 San Vicente, Alicante.

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